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Latrica E. Best

Associate Professor



Select Publications

Rajack-Talley, Theresa, Siobhan Smith, Latrica E. Best, Lindsay Della, Margaret D’Silva, Deborah Potter, & Quaniqua Carthan*. (2017). Epistemological inclusiveness in researching the African American community. International Journal of Social Science Methodology, 20(4), 411-423.

Byrd, W. Carson & Latrica E. Best.  (2016). Between (racial) groups and a hard place:  An exploration of social science approaches to race and genetics, 2000-2014. Biodemography and Social Biology, 62(3), 281-299.

Della, Lindsay, Margaret D’Silva, Latrica E. Best, Siobhan Smith, Quaniqua Carthan*, and Theresa Rajack-Talley. (2016). Modeling message preferences: An adaptive conjoint analysis of persuasive messaging to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 9(3), 164-177.

D’Silva, Margaret, Siobhan Smith, Lindsay Della, Deborah Potter, Theresa Rajack-Talley, & Latrica E. Best. (2016). Reflexivity and positionality in researching African American communities: Lessons from the field.  Intercultural Communication Studies, 25(1), 94-109

Potter, Deborah, Lisa Markowitz, Theresa Rajack-Talley, Siobhan Smith, Margaret D’Silva, Lindsay Della, Latrica E. Best, & Quaniqua Carthan*. (2016). Healthicization and lay knowledge about eating practices in two African American communities. Qualitative Health Research, 26(14), 1961-1974.

Best, Latrica E. & W. Carson Byrd. (2014). Methods beyond methods: A model for Africana graduate methods training. Journal of Pan-African Studies,7(1), 61-73.

Best, Latrica E. & John Chenault* (2014). Rethinking bioethics: The implication of biological markers in health research in the African diaspora. Journal of Pan-African Studies, 7(1), 74-98.

Della, Lindsay, Siobhan Smith, Latrica E. Best, & Margaret D’Silva. (2014). What’s Hoppin’ in hoptown? Examining fruit and vegetable consumption among Hopkinsville’s African American community. Kentucky Journal of Communication, 33(2), 5-24.  

Wray, Linda, Duane Alwin, Ryan McCammon, Tim Manning, & Latrica E. Best. (2006). Social status, risky health behaviors, and diabetes in middle-aged and older adults. The Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 61(6), S290-S298.

Best, Latrica E., Mark D. Hayward, & Mira M. Hidajat. (2005). Life course pathways to adult-onset diabetes. Social Biology, 52(3-4), 94-111.