The goal of the BC Postdoctoral Research Grants program is to fund research and educational opportunities so that postdocs at BC have an opportunity to gain skills and experience important for their overall goals in their postdoctoral training. Travel funding for conferences is specifically excluded from this program. There are two areas of funding:

  1. Research: Funding may be used to support the postdoc’s own research, meaning it cannot be put toward their PI’s lab’s general project budget. It also cannot be used toward salary. The postdoc may use the funding to purchase software or equipment specific to their independent work, to compensate research participants, to pay a stipend to a graduate or undergraduate research assistant, or to support an entire study on which the postdoc is the lead researcher. It may also be used to collect pilot data that the postdoc plans to use in a future grant application. A budget of no more than $2,500 can be requested for research.

  2. Training: While these grants cannot be used for conference travel, they can be used toward travel for (1) training opportunities (such as a workshop to learn a methodology or instrument) or (2) to visit another lab at a different institution. A budget of no more than $1,500 can be requested for travel. 



Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted until October 16, 2023.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted via online form.

All applications must be submitted through Google Forms. Please review the “Description” tab to be sure you are selecting the correct application. 

Research Application

Training Application



All postdocs across the university may apply.

Amount and Conditions of Awards

A budget of no more than $2,500 may be submitted for research grants, and a budget of no more than $1,500 may be submitted for training grants. Funds must specifically support the postdoc’s work, and may not be used toward general expenses for their PI’s lab. 

Re-application is always possible and failure to gain support in one grant period does not prejudice an applicant’s chances for an award in subsequent grant periods. An applicant whose request is rejected must wait until the subsequent award period to reapply.

Funds will not be granted retroactively for research expenses already incurred prior to the application deadline.

Expenditure of Funds

All funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year, with receipts submitted for reimbursement to Joanne Nesdekidis in the Center for Centers no later than May 15, 2024.

Selection Process

The following criteria will be taken into consideration when evaluating applications:

  • Clarity and persuasiveness with which the applicant outlines the proposed research or training
  • Likelihood that the applicant will complete the research or training proposed within the fiscal year
  • The relationship of the proposed project or training to the postdoc’s overall training goals
  • Likelihood of the research or training to be useful in securing future extramural funding

A committee within the VPR Office will review the proposals, and subject-matter experts, including faculty, will be asked to provide feedback on the proposed research or training.