The University Research Council (URC) advises the Vice Provost for Research and the Provost about issues that affect the research success of our students, faculty, and staff.  The VPR appoints faculty members for a three-year term.


  1. Assess current research strengths and weaknesses, and identify new and emergingresearch areas and best practices.
  2. Increase the impact and visibility of research within and beyond BC.
  3. Facilitate research collaborations across the different departments and units of theUniversity.



Thomas C. Chiles
Vice Provost for Research and Academic Planning

Laura J. Steinberg
Seidner Executive Director of Schiller Institute


Eranthie Weerapana
Chemistry Department, MCAS

Mary Crane
English Department, Director, ILA

Ronnie Sadka
Senior Associate Dean, CSOM

Bumin Yenmez
Economics Department, MCAS

Glenn Gaudette
Chair Engineering Department, MCAS

Christopher Lee
 Associate Dean for Research, CSON






Kirsten Davison
Associate Dean for Research, SSW

Brian Smith
Associate Dean for Research, LSOEHD

Ex-Officio Administrators

Bill Nunez
Exec. Director, Research Administration

Erin Sibley
Director, Research Protections, Education, & Postdoctoral Affairs