TAM Grants Description


Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Grants, each worth up to $15,000, are available annually on a competitive basis. The project must be initiated during the summer months, but the project period may continue through the following academic year. TAM Grants support teaching or advising projects carried out directly by the faculty applicant. Joint applications from more than one faculty member are also encouraged. Except for rare circumstances, TAM grants will not be awarded to a faculty member more than once in three years.

The University Council on Teaching (UCT) invites creative and innovative proposals for the teaching, advising, and mentoring of students at Boston College. The UCT favors proposals that go beyond the normal preparation of courses expected of faculty. Proposals involving teams of faculty are particularly encouraged, as are assessment-related proposals, which should focus on student learning and curriculum planning with the aim of using outcomes evidence in decisions about program improvement. Requests to develop new courses should be designed so as to have an impact beyond a single course and be sustainable within the curriculum of a given department or school. Almost any expense can be covered by a grant, including up to a total of $5,000 of summer stipend per award (i.e., maximum of $5,000 for one faculty member, $2,500 each for two if split equally, etc.). The maximum amount of a grant is $15,000, although proposals seeking less funding are encouraged and may be more competitive. At the conclusion of the project, a brief summary of the project outcome should be submitted to the Office of the Provost no later than April 14, 2025.


All full-time faculty are eligible for the grants, subject to the conditions set forth herein:

  • online applications¬†should be submitted by March 11, 2024;
  • chairs and division directors submit completed applications, along with evaluations, to the dean by March 18, 2024;
  • deans should submit the applications with their evaluations to the Office of the Provost by March 25, 2024;

The applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the University Council on Teaching under the direction of the Office of the Provost. Awardees will be notified in April 2024.