StaffResponsibility & Oversight

N. Gail Hall

Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Carney Hall 406

EHS Administration, Air Permitting and Reporting, Industrial Waste Water Permitting and Reporting, Biosafety Program, Laboratory Waste Management, Indoor Air Quality, Emergency Planning and Response

Eric Johnson

Associate Director for Laboratory Safety
Carney Hall 421

Asbestos Management, Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene, Radiation Program, Laser Safety Program

Kathy Stone

Senior Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Carney Hall 418

Hazardous Waste Program, OSHA Programs and Training, Construction Safety, Spill Control Program, Storm Water Protection Program

Anthony Greeley

Fire Safety Manager
Carney Hall 424A

Fire Safety Programs and Training, Inspections, Fire Drills, Permits, Fire Extinguisher Replacements

Kevin Rooney

Fire Safety Officer
Carney Hall 424A

Fire Safety Programs and Training, Inspections, Fire Drills, Permits,  Fire Extinguisher Replacements