Business Continuity is the term used for the process of keeping critical functions operational during an emergency and/or restoring them quickly after an emergency to minimize disruption to teaching, research and serving the BC community. This process involves planning for, mitigating against, responding to and recovering from all types of hazards that could adversely affect the University, regardless of the nature of the hazard.

A major storm, earthquake, power failure, water main break, hazardous materials accident, structural failure or fire could damage buildings and/or campus for days, weeks or months which would interrupt activities of those in the affected departments. A disease outbreak could also impact employees and their ability to conduct business.

Boston College has a group of Department Business Continuity Planners responsible for the development, training, testing and maintenance of department’s business continuity plans.

Business Continuity is a continual process as emergencies can and do happen anytime and anywhere, hazards constantly change and personnel come and go over time. In order to maintain a successful Business Continuity Program, it is imperative to review, update and practice plans so they are fresh and ready to go at any time.

Departments with well-developed, up-to-date and practiced Business Continuity Plans strengthen the overall University’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and emergency preparedness by contributing to the safety of employees and students and building resilience for the University in the event of an emergency.

To assist with the Business Continuity mission, Boston College has developed an online application to help Department Business Continuity Planners develop and update their plans. If you are a Business Continuity Planner for your department, you can access the application by visiting If you have questions about the Business Continuity Program, need access to the system or need help developing or testing plans, please contact John Tommaney at


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For other independent study courses on continuity planning and emergency preparedness in general, visit: the FEMA Emergency Management Institute website at