"Inverted Map" by Joaquín Torres García (1874-1949)

Latin America is a region of wealth and poverty, democracy and repression, literary genius and illiteracy, modernity and tradition. It is a region with more people than Europe; a larger economy than China; and a history deeply intertwined with the history of Spain, Portugal, other European nations, and the United States in particular. Latin American Studies (LAS) will challenge your preconceptions, enrich your imagination, and deepen your understanding of the world.

(Right) "Inverted Map" by Joaquín Torres García (1874-1949)

Faculty and Courses

Latin American Studies is a multi-disciplinary program involving more than a dozen full-time faculty from various University departments.

Study Abroad

Boston College sponsors university‐based exchange programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador, and maintains affiliations with external programs in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.