For Faculty

Faculty Lab Policies

Faculty should observe the Language Lab's general Policies and Procedures (including its Duplication Policy) and should convey these policies and procedures to their sutdents. Language faculty are invited to use lab resources (portable equipment and media) in their classrooms or during class sessions in the lab. Advance reservations are required. More...

Faculty Resources

The Language Lab's collection of pedagogical materials includes, among many other items, books on language acquisition and teaching, clocks, Cuisenaire rods, flash cards, games, maps, portable whiteboards, and realia. More...

Online Reservation Form

Attention language faculty: Use this online form to reserve portable equipment (e.g. laptop, display adapter, digital voice recorder, CD player, cassette recorder) and/or an array of media for classroom use.

Online Acquisitions Form

Faculty are encouraged to use this online form to recommend that the Language Lab purchase media products intended for use with specific language/literature/culture courses and/or research projects.