The Boston area is home to a number of companies and organizations that include environmental as a focus or important component of their work. Many of these organizations offer internships for college students.

Internships for Environmental Studies Course Credit

For students who wish to incorporate an internship directly into their Environmental Studies major or minor, we now offer the possibility of an ENVS Internship (1 credit).

An Environmental Studies Internship is an experiential learning experience where students can apply theoretical and technical classroom information by working directly with an organization in an environmental field. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students are expected to spend 50 hours throughout the semester working on a defined project with an approved outside agency, which may include educational, non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations. Through journal writing, a midterm check-in with the faculty advisor, and a final paper, the Environmental Studies Internship combines work experience with reflection and critical analysis, providing students an opportunity to gain valuable insights on potential career pathways. To register and apply the 1-credit to their degree, students must submit an internship approval form with faculty sponsorship and approval from the Associate Director of Environmental Studies to the Environmental Studies Program.