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In a world that is getting more complex and global, it is important to step aside and look at our everyday life from an entirely new perspective. Developing questions about our lives that we never had time to ask, trying to find answers to those questions, and sharing the new discoveries (both theoretical and empirical) are what SocialEyes aims to do. We do not require expertise in Sociological theories or research methods, but we require your sociological imagination.

SocialEyes publish one issue every end of the academic year and it gets read by all students and professors in Sociology department, deans and provosts in Arts & Science school, and globally. As our issues get published online as in print, some of our articles get translated for undergraduate journals of other universities.

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Call for Submissions

SocialEyes is accepting submissions from undergraduate students for Issue 9. We will accept submissions until January 22nd. Acceptable submissions are as follows:

  • Papers and assignments completed for a course
  • Informal free writes
  • Research works (both theoretical and empirical)
  • Reflections
  • Photography / Illustrations

All submissions should have sociological themes. The submission process is entirely online. Follow the submission guidelines below and email all submissions to

Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting submissions to SocialEyes for Issue 9 until January 22nd. Please make sure to include the following in your submission:

  • Your contact information: email address and phone number (optional)
  • If you are studying abroad in the spring
  • Date of submission
  • Your paper (with an appropriate title)
  • References  

All text should be sent in .doc Word format, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. Any citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago) is allowed for submission, but please note that all papers will be converted to APA format during the editing process prior to publication. Sociology courses are preferred, but not a requirement.

All submissions are anonymously reviewed by our editorial board. Our managing editor, Cristina Zubizarreta, will contact you once your submission has been reviewed by the first week of December. All submissions and inquiries should be sent to

Become a Part of SocialEyes

SocialEyes is seeking dedicated undergraduates to help with the editing and publishing of our ninth issue.

As an editor, you will be assigned to edit one (or two) of the submissions selected for publication by the e-board. It is the editor’s main responsibility to collaborate with the author through a series of editing rounds to get that piece ready for publication. However, editing workshops and additional help and supervision will be provided by the e-board and Graduate Student Assistant to ensure that the workload is manageable and worthwhile. Becoming an editor for SocialEyes is a great opportunity to refine your sociological imagination, practice academic writing, and to work in a collaborative environment. Additionally, editors will have the opportunity to join the e-board the following year.

The journal will be released in April 2018, at which point all editors will be invited to attend a launch party with faculty and students to celebrate the publication of the ninth issue of SocialEyes.

If you are interested in becoming an editor for the journal, please fill out the following Google form: or email SocialEyes editor-in-chief, Kara Murdock, at

SocialEyes Staff

Kara Murdock - Editor in Chief,

Cristina Zubizarreta - Managing Editor,

Juliana Hillis - Associate Editor,

Ashbrook Gwinn - Associate Editor & Head of Social Marketing & Media,

Deniz Ryan - Graduate Assistant, Proofreader, and Fact Checker,

Charles Derber - Faculty Moderator,