We have a distinguished faculty with a commitment to world-class research, teaching, and service. Many hold leadership positions in various professional associations. We embrace methodological pluralism. Our faculty members publish widely in major sociological journals and multidisciplinary journals, and many write influential books.

Their teaching and mentoring is reflected in our award winning students and alumni. Students work closely with faculty on research and publication projects and we have many examples of co-authored publications between faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate. We encourage a very broad interdisciplinary approach to sociological inquiry and a collaborative, flexible learning environment in which students can achieve their full potential.

The Faculty Clusters page is intended to help graduate students form committees for their M.A. theses, area exams, and dissertations. Keep in mind when viewing it that we do have faculty in specialty areas not included on the clusters page, and that students are also free to solicit faculty from other departments within BC and from other universities to serve on their committees.