Students living off campus are part of the Boston College and neighborhood community. Boston College strives to build and maintain positive relationships between the University and our neighbors in Boston, Newton, Dover, and Brookline. The Office of the Dean of Students and Government & Community Affairs works collaboratively to preserve and enhance the relationship between Boston College's on- and off-campus students and the greater community. The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students regardless of if they are on or off campus. 

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Community Liaison

Student behavior off campus is monitored and addressed through the Community Assistance Program (CAP), overseen by the Office of Government & Community Affairs. The Off-Campus Student Community Liaison leads the CAP by responding to concerns and complaints in the community to help maintain a safe, respectful neighborhood. Though not a law enforcement official, the Liaison is a University official who responds to disturbance calls and works closely with the Boston Police, Newton Police, and the Boston College Police Department (BCPD). The Liaison observes the off-campus community on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and holidays, and other high activity dates, particularly in areas where many off-campus students reside. The Liaison submits reports to the Office of the Dean of Students for review, follow-up, and possible University conduct action.

Local Police Detail

The Boston Police Department or other local police departments may also address off-campus student behavior. The police, in their discretion, may write and submit reports to Boston College and pursue the complaint through the court process. Whether or not alleged misconduct constitutes a violation of criminal law, students may receive sanctions for violations of the Student Code of Conduct. It is important to note that University proceedings are independent of district court proceedings and may occur before or after the district court has made a judgment.

Student Expectations

Students living off-campus are responsible for the conduct and activities occurring at their residences at all times, including the conduct and activities of guests, whether or not the students are active hosts or direct participants in the conduct or activity. Students must comply with the requests and directives of University officials, law enforcement, and other public officials. Students must also submit their local (off-campus) addresses to Boston College and attend mandatory meetings.