Our formative programs are designed to hold students accountable for their behavior while providing a venue for educationfollow-up conversations, reflections, and meaningful contributions to the greater community.

Conversation Project

The Conversation Project is an effort to organize and systematize how students meet with faculty and professional staff to have informal, meaningful conversations. The Conversation Project gives students an opportunity to share in a safe environment, reflect upon their experiences, and identify pathways to foster future success.

Student Conduct Board

The Student Conduct Board (SCB) is composed of student members and chairpersons who hear conduct cases, determine responsibility, and recommend sanctions. Students are selected for the SCB through an application and interview process by the Office of Student Conduct.

Administrative Hearing Board

The Administrative Hearing Board (AHB) is composed of university administrators, faculty, and staff. All board members are trained by the Office of Student Conduct. Chairpersons for the Administrative Hearing Board are designated by the Office of Student Conduct and receive additional training.

Alcohol and Drug Education Programs

Alcohol and Drug Education Programs provide opportunities for students to receive appropriate support, reflect on current choices, and learn about strategies for making lower-risk choices around substance use at Boston College.

Roads Retreat

The Roads Retreat encourages students to think about ways in which their behavior may be inconsistent with their core values. The retreat includes talks from BC alums, small group peer discussions, a panel of staff members sharing their experiences from college, time for reflection and journaling, and an opportunity to speak with a conversation partner.

Breakfast Club

This neighborhood clean-up event takes place each Sunday of home football game weekends. Student participants clean up the local off-campus community for about an hour before getting breakfast at a nearby restaurant. The Breakfast Club often serves as a community restitution sanction for students found responsible for conduct violations that negatively impacted the off-campus community.

Friday Night Heights

A collaborative workshop that promotes citizenship, civility, and responsibility by educating students on their civic responsibilities, the risks and consequences of underage drinking, and how to prevent problematic behavior off campus.