What is 48hours?

48hours is a weekend experience open to all first-year students who are interested in taking advantage of BC's intellectual, social, and spiritual resources. Step off campus for a weekend, hear from juniors and seniors about their experiences transitioning to BC, and gain a fuller understanding of the possibilities and challenges of a Jesuit education.

Your First Year

Try to imagine what your first semester of college is like. Just a short summer removed from high school, you arrive on campus elated, yet scared; exhilarated, but a bit unsure of yourself. Like many of your classmates you wonder:

  • Will I make friends easily?
  • Can I do the work?
  • Will I find opportunities to be involved?

To help you negotiate this important crossroad, Boston College has established 48hours as a first-year enhancement program. Every year, almost 1,000 first-year students participate in a 48hours weekend. Their overwhelming assessment is that it gives them a realistic and candid look at both the possibilities and challenges that Boston College poses for its newest members.

As a 48hours participant, you will hear senior and junior student leaders speak personally about their own college experiences, focusing particularly on their first-year ups and downs. You will also have a chance to discuss important issues such as:

  • How do I deal with unexpected social pressures that come my way?
  • What kinds of friends and relationships do I want at college?
  • How do I succeed in the classroom?

48hours will offer you opportunities to:

  • Reflect on your college experience
  • Determine new ways to maximize your college experience
  • Meet new friends and mentors
  • Relax and have fun away from campus

Where is 48Hours held?

48hours is held at an off-campus location full of New England charm. You will be with 100 of your classmates from both Newton and Upper campuses.


register for 48hours

Weekend Dates:
October 25-27th, 2019
November 15-17th, 2019
November 22-24th, 2019
January 31-February 2nd, 2020
February 21-23rd, 2020

  • 48hours has a $160 nonrefundable fee which goes toward deferring the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation for the 3 day, 2 night experience.
  • Unfortunately, we have reached our capacity for financial assistance this year and will no longer be able to provide additional aid in meeting the program fee at this time. However, if the fee of the program prohibits you from participating, please email 48hours@bc.edu to be placed on a wait list and you will be notified if additional assistance becomes available.
  • It is possible to switch to a different trip weekend after registering, but only until one month prior to your scheduled 48hours weekend. If you are not able to attend 48hours after registering and you do not notify FYE at least one month to your trip departure date, you will not be eligible to attend another weekend nor receive a refund.
  • Once you submit your registration form, you will be taken to the secure payment page where you will be prompted to pay the $160 fee. Your registration WILL NOT COMPLETED and your spot on 48hours will not be held until you finish the payment process on the next page.

What is a 48hours Leader?

On each 48hours weekend, approximately 12 upperclassmen join the team as Leaders to assist the FYE staff in bringing the retreat to fruition. Each Leader is assigned a group of first-year students and by engaging in personal discussions, they share the advice and wisdom they have collected over their years at BC.

Working with members of the FYE team, Leaders will also prepare and present talks to those in attendance about their own experiences as first year students and their transition to BC. These personal narratives are presented either individually to the retreat audience or as part of a panel made up of other members of the Leader team.

Leaders are encouraged to keep in touch with their groups following the weekend, helping provide valuable advice and friendship based on a mentoring relationship that 48hours initiates.

What do I need to become a Leader?

  • 48hours Leaders must be members of the junior or senior class—juniors selected to lead are not guaranteed the position if they choose to re-apply during their Senior year.
  • 48hours Leaders must be interested in mentoring first-year students and be willing to share their own transition experiences.
  • 48hours Leaders must be willing to prioritize the Leader training meetings and retreat preparation over other non-academic commitments in the month leading up to the retreat weekend.

What is the 48hours Council?

Formerly known as Point Guards, the 48hours Council is a 15-member supervisory group made up of students in their sophomore year, which meets weekly for both semesters of the academic school year. The Council works closely with FYE staff in the designing, publicizing, and operating of the 48hours program.

In addition to attending weekly meetings, Council members are also responsible for strategizing and organizing a series of outreach efforts to promote the 48hours program to the members of the first year class. This facet of the position requires council members to act in a consulting role, along with FYE staff, and relies on marketing, field organizing, and advertising skills.

Lastly, each 48hours Council member will participate in one 48hours retreat weekend in the role formerly known as Point Guard. Their role assists in making sure the program runs smoothly, from organizing the bus trip on Friday evening to taking the group picture on Sunday morning. They work with the directors of the program to anticipate all logistical needs and help maintain morale and enthusiasm throughout the weekend.

What do I need to become a 48hours Council member?

  • Council members must be in their sophomore year.
  • Council members must have a great attitude—positive, enthusiastic, cooperative, and willing to work very hard.
  • Council members are not required to have participated in the 48hours program during their first year in order to apply for this role.

Perspective Gained

Every year, almost 1,000 first-year students participate in a 48hours weekend. Many say the experience gives them a realistic and candid look at both the possibilities and challenges that Boston College poses for its newest members.