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Who Is This Resource For?


While the needs and issues of different populations on campus may be unique, the resources, support, policy, and procedure apply to all Boston College students. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a graduate student, identify as LGBTQ or cisgender or straight, you receive the same dedicated support and services at Boston College. Emotional support, counseling regarding options, medical treatment, and academic assistance are all available. 

FOR LGBTQ STUDENTS | In addition to the complex thoughts and feelings common to many survivors of sexual assault, members of LGBTQ communities may have special concerns. The sexual assault may have happened as part of a hate crime if you were targeted because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. If you have experienced intolerance, hate, or other violence at an earlier time in your life, a sexual assault can add to the pain of the past. You may be worried that the assault will “out” you if you talk about it or report it to the police. You may feel like people who are supposed to help you will judge you instead. You may fear that if you reach out for help you will be rejected or misunderstood, which could make the hurt worse. 

The Boston College Community understands these concerns and offers many ways to support you on your healing journey. You can call the SANet Hotline 617—552—2211 any time to talk about your concerns and questions as well as explore any of the resources listed in this guide.

FOR MEN | Sexual violence can be devastating to all victims, and reactions are often shared by survivors of all genders. You may feel anger, guilt, fear, distrust, loss of control, and symptoms of physical illness. However, there are special issues that may be different for you, such as questions about your sexuality, shame, stigma related to masculinity, or reluctance to be examined for medical procedures. You may hesitate to report the act of sexual violence to the police for fear that they will not believe you. Please know that at no point and under no circumstances does anyone have the right to violate or control another. Please consider contacting on- or off-campus resources to address any of the concerns you might have in order to take care of yourself.

Sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and harassment of any kind, is prohibited by Boston College and will be responded to accordingly. Boston College strives at all times to maintain a safe environment that supports its educational mission and is free from exploitation and intimidation and discrimination based upon gender.