Women's and Gender Studies Program Minor

The Women's and Gender Studies Program is an interdisciplinary forum for the study of women's past and present position in society. The concept of gender relations is considered a primary factor in our understanding of women's roles in various institutions and societies. The Program analyzes the similarities and differences among women as a result of such factors as race, class, religion, and sexuality.

Boston College students may decide to minor in Women's and Gender Studies at any time prior to graduation, provided that the requisite scope and number of courses have been completed with satisfaction.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses

  • ENGL 2125 Introduction to Feminisms
    Cross-listed with HIST 2502, SOCY 2225. Minors are encouraged to take Introduction to Feminisms prior to taking other WGS electives. 
  • SOCY 5593 or COMM 4941 Advanced Topics 
    Always taken as a Senior during Spring semester


Four electives (12 or more credits) from a variety of departments are required and can be tailored to your own interests.


  • No more than two electives (6 credits) can be courses within the same department.

Note: Many courses that count for the minor are cross-listed with other departments. To avoid having to select an alternative course, you can select the department from which you wish to register the course. For example, if you have three additional courses from the Sociology department, one may be cross-referenced with the Communications department; therefore, you would register for it as a COMM course rather than an SOCY course.

  • Only one course can "double count" toward the WGS minor and another requirement (ex: core, major, or another minor). Five of the six courses, or 15 out of 18 credits, must only count toward the WGS minor. The Women's and Gender Studies program does not guarantee that one of our courses will satisfy any major/minor requirements in other departments. You are responsible for knowing whether or not your respective department will accept a WGS elective for major credit. Please contact gender@bc.edu if you have any questions or concerns.