Course Descriptions for Relevant Courses

MT210 Linear Algebra (Fall/Spring: 3)
Prerequisite: MT101 Calculus II or equivalent.

This course is an introduction to the techniques of linear algebra in Euclidean space. Topics covered include matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations, vectors in n-dimensional space, complex numbers, and eigenvalues. The course is required of mathematics majors and minors, but is also suitable for students in the social sciences, natural sciences, and management.

MT216 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (Fall/Spring: 3)
This course is designed to develop the student's ability to do abstract mathematics through the presentation and development of the basic notions of logic and proof. Topics include elementary set theory, mappings, integers, rings, complex numbers, and polynomials.

Note. This course is usually restricted to Math majors only until the completion of registration. Math minors may register only after all majors have had the opportunity to enroll in this class.

MT235 Mathematics for Management Science (Fall/Spring: 3)
Note: MT235 is no longer offered by the Mathematics Department.  Mathematics for Management Science is now listed as MD235 and is offered by the Department of Operations and Strategic Management in the Carroll School of Management.

MT245 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Offered Occasionally)
Not open to students who have completed MT445, MC248, or CS245. Cannot be used for Major credit.

This course is intended for computer science majors and introduces the student to the fundamental notions of discrete mathematics, with an emphasis on graph theory and applications.

Topics include the basic notions of set theory and logic, graphs, equivalence relations and partial orderings, basic counting techniques, finite probability, propositional logic, induction, graphs and trees, paths, circuits and cycles, recursion and recurrence relations, and Boolean algebra.

MT290 Number Theory for Teachers (Biennially, Spring: 3)
Prerequisites: MT190 and MT191.

This course is intended to focus on the wealth of topics that relate specifically to the natural numbers. These will be treated as motivational problems to be used in an activity-oriented approach to mathematics in grades K-9. The course will demonstrate effective ways to use the calculator and computer in mathematics education. Topics include prime number facts and conjectures, magic squares, Pascal's triangle, Fibonacci numbers, modular arithmetic, and mathematical art.

MT291 Geometry for Teachers (Biennially, Spring: 3)
Prerequisites: MT190 and MT191.

This course is intended to fill a basic need of all teachers of grades K-9. Geometry now occupies a significant role in the elementary mathematics curriculum. The course will treat content, but ideas for presenting geometry as an activity-based program will also be stressed. Topics to be covered include the geoboard and other key manipulatives, elements of motion and Euclidean geometry, and suggestions for using Logo as a tool to enhance teaching geometry.