Advanced Placement

In May of each year, the College Board administers Advanced Placement tests in calculus at two different levels:

  1. The Calculus AB Advanced Placement Examination covers the topics of differential and integral Calculus.
  2. The Calculus BC Advanced Placement Examination includes the topics of the AB Advanced Placement Examination as well as additional material on infinite series.

Only results from these two exams affect whether a student may or may not be exempted from The University Core Curriculum requirement in mathematics, and what, if any, mathematics corequisites may be omitted in a student's major program. In particular, note that results achieved in the Statistics AP Placement Examination have no impact with regards to mathematics requirements.

About Calculus

Students pursuing or likely to pursue majors in Mathematics, Chemistry, Geophysics, Geology-Geophysics, or Physics, or following the B.S. program in Computer Science, should take one of the Calculus courses required by their major in the first Fall semester. You will choose from the following:

  • MT102 Calculus I - Math & Science Major
  • MT105 Calculus II-AP - Math & Science Major
  • MT202 Multivariable Calculus

These Calculus courses are also open to, and recommended for, students in other majors who are mathematically inclined and highly motivated.

Students pursuing majors in the Social Sciences, Biology, Geology (excluding Geology-Geophysics), Environmental Sciences, or following the Pre-medical or Pre-dental or Pre-veterinary Programs, and all students in the Carroll School of Management, will usually take their first Mathematics course at Boston College from among the following:

Two Curricula for Single Variable Calculus

Our Calculus offerings very much mirror the familiar "AB" and "BC" Advanced Placement curricula.

  • We offer the MT100 - MT101 Calculus sequence mostly for majors in the Social Sciences, Biology and Geology majors, students in pre-Medical/pre-Dental/pre-Veterinary programs, and students in the Carroll School of Management. The topics covered in these two courses are almost identical to the Calculus AB curriculum.
  • We offer the MT102 - MT103 Calculus sequence for Math and Science majors, as well as for students looking for a more challenging alternative to the MT100-MT101 sequence. The topics covered in these two courses are almost identical to the Calculus BC curriculum.