Beginning Chinese
De Francis
CH 1.007

Beyond the Basics
Bai et al.
CH 1.030

Chinese Dialogues
CH 1.022

Chinese Odyssey Volume 1
Wang, Chi, & Feng
CH 1.040

Chinese Odyssey Volume 2
Wang, Chi, & Feng
CH 1.042

Chinese Primer
Ch'en, Link, Tai, Tang
CH 1.020

Classical Chinese Primer
Wang, Wu, Jiang, & Hsueh
CH 1.048

College Chinese
CH 1.010/CH 1.023

Integrated Chinese Level 1, Part 1
Yao & Liu
CH 1.032

Integrated Chinese Level 1, Part 2
Yao & Liu
CH 1.033

Integrated Chinese Level 2
Liu & Yao
CH 1.034

Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese
Chih-p'ing Chou, Der-lin Chao
CH 1.028

Mandarin Chinese — Language/30
Educational Services
CH 1.009

A New China
Chou, Chiang, & Eagar
CH 1.036

New Practical Chinese Reader Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Textbook and Workbook
Beijing Language and Culture University
CH 1.043, CH 1.044, CH 1.045, CH 1.046, CH 1.047

New Practical Chinese Reader 2nd Edition, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
mp3 CDs to accompany corresponding Textbook material
Multimedia Press China Central Radio & TV University
CH 1.049, CH 1.051, CH 1.052, CH 1.053

Pimsleur: Chinese (Mandarin): Comprehensive Course I 
Lessons 1–30
CH 1.054

Pimsleur: Chinese (Mandarin): Comprehensive Course II 
Lessons 1–30
CH 1.055

Pimsleur: Chinese (Mandarin): Comprehensive Course III 
Lessons 1–30
CH 1.056

Pimsleur: Conversational Mandarin Chinese 
Lessons 1–16
CH 1.050

Practical Chinese Reader Books 1, 2, 3
Beijing Language Institute
CH 1.025, CH 1.026, CH 1.027

Read Chinese Book II
CH 1.021

The Sounds of Chinese
from Beginning Chinese by De Francis

Speaking Chinese About China
Beijing Press
CH 1.019

A Trip to China
Chou, Chao
CH 1.035


*Also available are textbooks and audio programs used in past Boston College language courses.

Annotated Chinese Proverbs
Eight lessons
CH 1.018

Elements of News Broadcasts in Chinese
Three cassettes; for intermediate students
2 hours 44 minutes
CH 1.011

The Lady in the Painting
Two cassettes of well-known Chinese folktale retold in simple Chinese, using the 300 characters introduced in Read Chinese, Book One by Fred Wang; pronunciation of all new words is given in both Yale and Pinyin romanization; characters are printed in traditional form.
73 minutes
CH 1.015

A New Text for a Modern China
Liu with Xiaoqi
CH 1.041

Speaking Chinese in China
for use in a second-year conversational course; the focus is on using (not just constructing) sentences, and on using Chinese inside China; the program should lead to an understanding of simplified characters and of pinyin transcription as used in China.
Average lesson: 12-14 minutes
Total time: 5 hours
CH 1.014

Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture
For use with intermediate-advanced students; a series of lectures each focusing on one aspect of Chinese culture; designed to increase proficiency in Chinese and to introduce the student to certain cultural insights; text includes vocabulary, romanized text, and character text for each lecture.
CH 4.001


Best of China and Japan
Music from China and Japan
MISC-CD 3.004

Chinese Violin Concerto
This work is based on the Chinese folktale "Leung and Tseuk," in which a young couple is denied permission to be married by their respective family traditions; finally they take their lives. The story goes on to tell that they are transformed into two butterflies and live happily ever after.
CH 3.001

Dadawa Voices from the Sky
Contemporary Chinese music inspired by Dadawa's experience of Tibetan culture
CH-CD 3.001

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Ang Lee (2000)
Winner of 4 Academy Awards in 2000, including “Best Foreign Language Film,” Ang Lee’s film weaves exquisite fight scenes with breathtaking landscapes; it explores the interwoven destinies of two couples whose paths cross through the theft of a sword; it also explores their desire for emotional freedom; special features include theatrical trailers, Making of Special: Unleashing the Dragon, director’s commentary, and interviews with the cast.
In Mandarin, English, or French with the option of English or French subtitles
2 hours

New Practical Chinese Reader Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
DVDs to accompany corresponding Textbook material
Multimedia Press China Central Radio & TV University
CH 1.043 DVD, CH 1.044 DVD, CH 1.045 DVD, CH 1.046 DVD, CH 1.047 DVD

Not One Less
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Zhang Yimou (1999)
A young woman is placed as a substitute teacher in rural China. However, she is unprepared for her students’ lack of willingness and the town’s overwhelming poverty. As committed as she is stubborn, the teacher strives to keep students engaged and learns life lessons herself.
1 hour 46 minutes

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Xuehua Yu Mushan)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Wayne Wang (2011)
Since they were children, Nina and Sophia were deemed “lao tongs,” meaning they will have sisterhood forever. As Nina and Sophia grow close in adolescence, their bond seems unbreakable. However, the two become distant as they become adults. Nina finds a successful career, and when she is about to move to New York for business expansion, she receives word that Sophia got into a car accident. Suddenly, the two find their lives intertwined once again.
In Mandarin Chinese or English with optional French, Spanish or English subtitles for the hearing impaired
1 hour 44 minutes


Endless Love
Yibai Zhang
Complete Chinese "soap opera" recorded on 20 Video CDs
Five college students quickly befriend each other. It is not before long that love triangles start to appear. While struggling to follow one’s feelings and to respect the wants of another, these young people must make decisions that will ultimately break hearts.
In Chinese without subtitles

Happiness / New Year Sacrifice
Set prior to the Xinhai Revolution, Lady Xianglin runs away from home in order to escape her step-mother. She wishes to set her own path by working as a servant in the house of Lord-Lu. Life in the house is also difficult and full of loss. However, her past finds itself to the present and Lady Xianglin struggles to piece together her two lives.
In Chinese without subtitles
1 Hour 25 Minutes

The Lin Family Shop / Lin’s Store 
After Japanese invasion, a town in southern China deals with the political dealings of imported Japanese goods. Shopkeeper Lin, a determined businessman who sees the worth of the imports, does all he can to create a monopoly on these goods. Nevertheless, this has dire consequences on his family. With a growing sentiment against Japanese goods and increasing government involvement, the Lin family struggle to keep their business profitable
In Chinese without subtitles
1 Hour 25 Minutes

The Red Detachment of Women 
Set in a revolutionary China, a group of women fight alongside their nation against the opposition. The women risk their lives to protect communism and their way of life. The members of the female detachment of the Red Army also seek to fulfill personal vendettas against the Nationalists.
In Chinese without subtitles


Chinese Primer
1/2" VHS color videocassette of lessons from units 1–8 of the text Chinese Primer
Approx. 2 hours

Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese
1/2" VHS color videocassette produced by the Chinese Linguistics Project at Princeton University; dramatization of scenes related to chapters 3, 4, 11, and 12 of the text Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese.
25 minutes

Practical Chinese Reader Elementary Course: Book I
1/2" VHS color videocassette to accompany the text Practical Chinese Reader, Book I by the Beijing Language Institute; situations center around two foreign students who are studying Chinese; emphasizes everyday expressions concerning clothing, food, housing, communication, entertainment, social skills, etc.
Approx. 45 minutes

51 Languages of the World
Dual-platform CD-ROM featuring 51 languages from all over the world; allows the user to speak with native speakers; interactive dialogues and conversation practice aid the user in learning and understanding more advanced speech, while games and quizzes make learning the language fun and interactive.

Talking Chinese Dictionary and Instant Translator 
Compatibility: Windows XP/2000/ME/98
Program accompanies Oxford Chinese Dictionary. Includes audio entries for characters, online dictionary searchable via Chinese, Pinyin, or English, and a host of other resources. 

Central Asia Phrasebook
Justin Jon Rudelson
Hawthorn, Australia: Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. © 1998
ISBN: 0-86442-419-1

English Grammar for Students of Chinese
Matthew B. Christensen
The Olivia and Hill Press © 2011, Jacqueline Morton

Masterworks Chinese Companion
Qin-Hong Anderson
Boston, MA: Cheng & Tsui Company © 2004

Oxford Chinese Dictionary English–Chinese/Chinese–English
Hong Kong: Oxford University Press © 2003

Word by Word English/Chinese Picture Dictionary
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss, & Jung Pao
White Plains, NY: Pearson Education © 1996