French Resources

Les 500 Exercices de Phonétique
Fr 1.099

A l'oeuvre! 5th Edition
FR 1.081

Autour de la littérature 2nd/3rd Editions
Schofer, Rice
FR 1.064/FR 1.075

Débuts 3rd Edition
Siskin, Williams, Field
FR 1.092

Les difficultés phonétiques du français
FR 1.008

Exercises in French Phonics
FR 1.027

French in Action 2nd Edition
FR 1.072

French Phonetics
FR 1.085

Nouvelles lectures libres
FR 1.079

Pimsleur: Conversational French
Lessons 1–16
FR 1.097

Quant à moi 5th Edition
Bragger, Rice
FR 1.095


*Also available are textbooks and audio programs used in past Boston College language courses.


A vous la France

FR 1.046
Designed to give beginning students of French a basic introduction to the language within its cultural context; based on conversations recorded in France, this program exposes students to the daily life and everyday spoken language of the French; the cassettes include pronunciation sections, a selection of the basic conversations printed in the accompanying book, at least 2 oral exercises per chapter that can be used to practice taking part in complete conversations in real-life situations; teacher’s guide and “notes for teachers” also available.
Average chapter: 12 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Allez France!
FR 1.037
real-life conversations/interviews recorded in Paris, Reims, Puylaroque (southwest France), Belgium and West Africa; reviews and develops structures of beginning French used in everyday situations; text and teacher’s guide available; for intermediate students.
Average episode 10–14 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 44 minutess

Alors pourquoi?
FR 1.034
A collection of pop songs written for learners of French by Anne Gruneberg, a young French songwriter, actress and teacher. She wrote them for her highly successful French Teaching Theatre, a group which tours schools and colleges giving performances in which her audiences participate. The songs are not only fun to listen to — their styles range from folk through country and blues to rock — but also give useful language practice in a number of carefully chosen points at an elementary level, within a limited vocabulary.
34 minutes

Amélioration de la prononciation
FR 1.069
Series of four audiocassettes designed to develop skill in understanding and producing the sounds, rhythm and intonation of French.
Cassette #1 Initiation àlalphabet phonétique du français is designed to be used as a self-study aid to recognize and make use of the International Phonetic Alphabet as it applies to the pronunciation of French; exercises presented in four stages — discovery, perception, discrimination, production; accompanying workbook contains exercises, tapescript and answer keys.
Cassettes #2–4 Les voyelles orales, divided into five parts, include exercises of discovery, perception, discrimination, repetition and production to help the student improve his/her pronunciation of the oral vowel sounds of French; pronunciation model = correct Canadian French; accompanying book contains explanations, exercises, transcriptions, answer sheets and answer keys; separate feuilles-réponses booklet suitable for photocopying (permission granted by publisher) also available.
Cassette #1: total time, 37 minutes 41 seconds
Cassettes #2–4: total time, approx. 3 hours

Brezhoneg...buan hag aes (Le cours de breton pour tous)
BRT 1.001
Beginning-level program for the study of the Breton language; 255-page text by Pierre Denis (© 1972 Sirs Omnivox Paris and Per Denez) divided into 25 lessons consisting of vocabulary lists, dialogues, questions and answers, grammar explanations; booklet containing French translation of the dialogues and answer key to the exercises also available; accompanying audiocassettes feature recordings of the dialogues and of the phonetic symbols charts.
Total time: 2 hours 42 minutes

Cantiques, rhythmes et rimes
FR 1.070
Program of chants, rhythms and rhymes designed to help students learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax and the basic flow of the language; includes four types of chants, rhythms, rhymes: thematic, grammatical, general and traditional; two recordings:
(1) one by native speakers who chant/recite accompanied by rhythms provided by various percussion and string instruments including special Caribbean and Cajun instruments
(2) one of the rhythms alone, without voices, to be used for original chants; accompanying book contains scripts of all cantiques and various related exercises.
41 minutes

FR 1.061 (1992/1993)
FR 1.077 (1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1999/2000, 2000/2001)
A monthly “audiomagazine” designed for use by intermediate to advanced students of French. Each month’s radio program (on audiocassette) is filled with news, feature stories, interviews, music, segments on books, movies, art exhibits, and special events happening in France. Included with each audiocassette is the full text of the tape’s contents, all song lyrics, an extensive French–English glossary and cultural notes. An accompanying study supplement features pre-listening and post-listening exercises (with answer key).
Each cassette: 60 minutes

Chanson française
FR 3.147
Three cassettes representing the history of French music from its origins to the present day; beautifully illustrated color text containing lyrics of some of the selections.

Chemins dangereux
FR 1.017
Program takes beginning-intermediate students from the alleys of Paris to the jungles of the Yucatan in an international tale of intrigue; 20 short, suspenseful episodes with recorded listening comprehension tests; illustrated book contains story, review questions and a vocabulary list.
Average episode: 16 minutes
Total time: 5 hours 45 minutes

FR 1.071
Collection of 47 diverse activities (graduated in difficulty at the intermediate level) designed to help students “use French appropriately, correctly and spontaneously in a variety of contexts and settings;” designed to supplement any French text; majority of activities focus on message rather than form; 11 listening comprehension activities recorded on cassette; accompanying workbook includes related print material for listening comprehension activities as well as activities for speaking, reading and writing (not recorded); instructor’s manual containing pedagogical suggestions and transcript/answer key of listening activities available.
Audiocassette: 19 minutes

FR 1.025
Eleven approximately 30-minute audiocassettes designed to teach French phonetics and pronunciation at the intermediate and advanced college levels; approximately fifty percent of exercises printed in accompanying textbook are recorded; exercises available on cassette are preceded by one or two asterisks before the exercise number in the text.
Total time: approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

Du tac au tac
FR 1.049
For second or third-year students; emphasizes interactional strategies for communication: how to initiate, maintain and close a conversation; how to communicate and respond to needs, problems, feelings, plans, opinions; how to tell stories; how to behave appropriately in face-to face interaction; native speakers on tape interact much in the manner of improvisational theater.
Total time: approx. 41 minutes

Femmes et métiers
FR 1.023
Recordings (interview, vocabulary and grammar exercises) of unrehearsed interviews with French women about their careers; designed for intermediate-advanced students; accompanying written material includes: 1) Introduction to the type of work done by the interviewee; 2) Portrait of interviewee; 3) Vocabulary; 4) Tape transcript; 5) Structural exercises; 6) Comprehension questions; 7) Suggested discussion topics and improvisations; 8) Related text from a French newspaper, magazine, novel or government document.


001 Corinne Monod, secrétaire [32.16]
002 Danielle Delfour, dentiste [41.50]
003 Jacqueline Pelleport, médecin [32.58]
004 Ann-Marie Bailly, infirmière [35.06]
005 Jeanine Clisson, pharmacienne [33.05]
006 Annette Vincent, gardienne [30.52]
007 Betty Baëd, coiffeuse [26.50]
008 Josette Benoîte, femme politique [33.28]
009 Elizabeth Hoche, ingénieur [31.06]
010 Dominique Dupuis, directrice commerciale [25.40]
011 Marie-Claire Bulté, professeur [29.24]
012 Simone Truchon, fonctionnaire [33.10]


Le français commercial
FR 1.044
Series of three audiocassettes designed to help familiarize the student with the vocabulary, protocol, etc. of business French and to review French grammar in general; accompanying text (2 copies) contains 27 dossiers composed of dialogues (recorded on cassette) and explanatory notes, documents, exercises with answer keys and grammatical index.
Total time: approx. 3 hours

Le français des affaires
FR 1.033
Spontaneous conversations with French businessmen recorded on four cassettes; Series I presents various topics related to business in France; Series II discusses the organization of a French company through interviews with the managers of the personnel, marketing and other departments of a large corporation; includes transcripts of interviews, plus a case study to accompany the cassettes of Series II; for advanced students.
Average cassette: 50–60 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 24 minutes



La banque en France
Des conseils aux Américains qui veulent travailler en France
La lutte des classes
Les nationalisations
Le travail d’un consultant indépendent
Le service des relations extérieures
Le service “gestion”
Le service du personnel
Le service du marketing
Le prix de revient
La publicité


Français pour tous — savoir écouter
FR 1.059.001–.055
55 audiocassettes of brief (30 seconds – 6 minutes) messages, consignes, interviews, bulletins dinformation on a wide variety of subjects intended to develop listening comprehension skills; accompanying booklets contain (1) explanations and activities to guide listening, (2) script of recorded passages, (3) answer key to activities; for beginning through advanced levels; table of contents of entire series available.

France Extra!
FR 1.047
Designed for people who already speak some French; a follow-up course to A vous la France;based on interviews with French people who talk about varied topical issues such as retirement, health cures, technology, women and employment, sports, the arts, and dating agencies; the cassettes include interviews and supplementary exercises, including the “A l’écoute” section of each chapter and the short documentaries called “Faits divers” in chapters 7–15; accompanying book and teacher’s guide.
Average chapter: 16 minutes
Total time: 4 hours 13 minutes

Guide pratique de la communication 2e édition
FR 1.060
A functional classification of basic structures and expressions of the French language with examples of their use in daily situations. The text is divided into two parts. The first presents the most useful expressions for 100 “acts of communication.” These acts may be categorized as follows: 1) les liens sociaux; 2) demander et donner des informations; 3) pour passer à l’action; 4) décrire des attitudes et exprimer des sentiments; 5) pour aller plus loin — notions de grammaire, de sociolinguistique; 6) la vie professionnelle en Europe — vocabulaire de base de la technologie du bureau, des expressions pour parler au téléphone, pour écrire une lettre commerciale, etc. The second part of the text consists of fifty-seven dialogues representing everyday social and professional situations (e.g. rencontres, rendez-vous professionnels et amicaux, repas, achats, commerce, tourisme, loisirs, etc.) These dialogues, which reiterate the 100 “acts of communication” of the first part, are recorded on the accompanying cassette. Text and cassette may be used by the beginning through intermediate-advanced level language learner. Excellent as a reference book.
Total time: 60 minutes

Les Orléanais ont la parole
FR 1.028
Cassette recording of brief interviews with Orléanais who discuss various aspects of life in the town; book and teacher’s guide.
62 minutes

Paquette Series
FR 1.013
Short listening comprehension narratives for beginning-intermediate students; French texts.
Average narrative: 15 minutes
Total time: 5 hours 22 minutes



Salade Niçoise

Le savez-vous?

Êtes-vous décontracté?

Êtes-vous fort en histoire?

Êtes-vous curieux?


Il arrive!

Statistiques parisiennes

Le Jazz en France

Un Bonaparte en Amérique

Finances personnelles

Calendrier révolutionnaire

Dame très mystérieuse

Le jour le plus long

Êtes-vous ambitieux?

Sens de l’observation

La Tour Eiffel

Êtes-vous sûr de vous?

Amitié franco-américaine

Anatomie et langage

Votre horoscope

La chanson en France

Le Tour de France



Le pont sonore
FR 1.011
Exercises that address the phonetic difficulties of colloquial French, the grammatical difficulties of standard French, the lexical difficulties of “le français soigné;” students must listen to recorded sentences, transcribe them, then verify their transcriptions by comparing them with the model transcriptions in the book; text available.
Average cassette: 20 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Prononciation française — Intonation et morceaux choisis
J.V. Pleasants
FR 1.007
The text is available upon request.

Quotidiennement vôtre, de France
FR 1.031
A fifteen-hour audio program that provides authentic oral reinforcement for all levels; sixty fifteen-minute radio programs on fifteen cassettes with three French/English workbooks bring daily scenes and sounds of France into the classroom or language lab.

Rendez-vous à Chaviray
FR 1.018
25 episodes dramatize situations students might encounter visiting a town in France; episodes concentrate on key vocabulary, with a minimum of emphasis on grammar; each episode is followed by a recorded listening comprehension test.
Average episode: 10 minutes
Total time: 4 hours 28 minutes

The advanced student’s chance to “talk back” to a native speaker via dialogues recorded three times for 1) listening comprehension; 2) student learning of the dialogue’s phrases; 3) fluency in repetition; a fourth repetition features the recording of one speaker’s role with pauses in which a student can make an appropriate response.

Savoir dire
FR 1.066
Cours de phonétique et de prononciation; eleven approximately 16–41-minute audiocassettes designed to reinforce explanations of phonetics found in the accompanying text and to provide oral practice; text, written entirely in French, contains a variety of oral and written exercises, including transcription from French into the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Total time: 11 hours

Suivez la piste
FR 1.019
Detective thriller for beginning-intermediate students; twenty-five short episodes with recorded listening comprehension tests.
Average episode: 10–20 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 3 minutes

Sur le vif
FR 1.038
Twenty conversations/interviews, taped “on the spot” in Poitiers and Brittany with people speaking spontaneously and naturally; includes key structures and listening comprehension tests; text and teacher’s guide available; for intermediate-advanced student.
Average episode: 10–20 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 3 minutes

Talking in French
FR 1.012
Short passages recorded in France in their natural settings; manual contains vocabulary notes; two levels:
Intermediate [49:10]
Advanced [53:51]

Testing and Teaching for Oral Proficiency
MISC 1.004.003/.004
Kit designed for the teacher of English as a second language, French, German or Spanish interested in oral proficiency testing and in some of the ways the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can be applied to the teaching of oral skills (one kit/language); components of each kit include: a book and set of two audiocassettes; each tape set contains four recorded actual interviews representing the four levels of the rating scale-novice, intermediate, advanced and superior; book includes: overview of interviews, description of rating scale, explanation of how interviews are conducted and the types of questions commonly used at each level, an application section with simple oral activities and guidelines for writing role plays at each level, commentaries for the interviews with detailed analysis of the students’ speech samples and the interviewers’ techniques.

Vient de paraître
FR 1.020
French fiction program revolving around weekly newspaper, L’objectif; 20 taped episodes follow journalists as they interview people and talk to colleagues.
Average episode: 10 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 30 minutes


L’Alsace, région française au coeur de l’Europe
FR 4.038
One audiocassette and livret pédagogique produced by the American Association of Teachers of French, Association Alsace Etats-Unis and Association Régionale des Enseignants de Français Langue Etrangère; recorded interviews and dialogues dealing with cultural elements of the Alsace region of France; includes segments about: le minitel, une Winstub, le Conseil de lEurope, les vins d’Alsace, la statue de la liberté et Auguste Bartholdi, les littératures en Alsace; 32-page livret pédagogique includes script of interviews and dialogues, comprehension questions, vocabulary.
33 minutes

Cet énigmatique Charles de Gaulle
FR 4.033
Audio-livre by Henri Guillemin.
Approx. 60 minutes

Charles de Gaulle
FR 4.004

Les Français de notre temps
FR 1.021/FR 1.022
15–20 minute talks by notable figures in French society and culture, for example:
Architecture: Aillaud, Le Corbusier
Biologie: Jean Hamburger, Wolff, Monod
Cinéma: Jean Renoir
Droit: Garçon
Economie: Masse, les Syndicalistes, les Jeunes Agriculteurs
Histoire: François-Poncet
Lettres: Bazin, Beauvoir, Bosco, Chamson, Genevoix, Giono, Lévi- Strauss, Mauriac, Maurois, Robbe-Grillet, Sarraute, Sartre
Musique: Boulez, Messiaen, Milhaud, Poulenc, Xenakis
Peinture: Delaunay, Gromaire, Kahnweiler
Physique: De Broglie, Le Prince-Ringuet, Kastler
Presse: Beuve-Méry
Religion: Boegner, Carré
Sociologie: Armand, Millot, Sullerot
Technique: Hereil
Théâtre: Barrault, Ionesco, Marceau

La France de la Renaissance
FR 4.007

La Guerre d’Algérie
FR 4.030.001–.007
Seven 60/90-minute audiocassettes produced by Radio France in 1987; sound footage and unedited accounts of the Algerian War (1954–1962) as told by eyewitnesses.
Total time: approx. 10 hours

Il était une fois ... La Révolution Française
FR 4.034.001/.002
Two 90-minute audiocassettes; authentic writings, speeches, accounts of the Revolutionary period (1789–1794) read by Paul-Emile Deiber; source material: texts of precursors Montaigne, Voltaire, Rousseau; speeches, accounts, letters and commentaries of protagonists and famous eyewitnesses: Mirabeau, Danton, Saint-Just, Marat, Robespierre, Mme de Staël, Billaud-Varenne, a journalist from the provinces, the king’s valet...; commentaries by Châteaubriand, Hugo, Michelet; recorded at the Théâtre de Boulogne-Billancourt in 1989.
Total time: approx. 2 hours 52 minutes

Les journées de février, 1848
FR 4.006 – open reel

FR 4.008

Leclerc vous parle: Histoire de la 2ème D.B.
FR 4.038 (CD)

La libération de Paris
FR 4.036
Audiocassette of eyewitness accounts and archival recordings of the period August 19–22, 1944, when the people of Paris rose up against the troops of General Von Cholitz and General Leclerc’s 2nd tank division entered Paris; part of the series L’histoire en direct broadcast on France Culture (Radio France).
60 minutes

Lettres d’amour de Napoléon à Joséphine
FR 4.009 – open reel

Mai 68
FR 4.029
Livre cassette by Michel Winock, recorded by Michel Derain; analysis of the student uprising and strikes of May 1968.
60 minutes

Le mécontentement en France à la fin du règne de Louis XIV
FR 4.011 – open reel

Pétain – De Gaulle
FR 4.028
Livre cassette by Jean-Pierre Rioux, recorded by Jean Topart; study of the personalities of Maréchal Pétain and Général De Gaulle.
60 minutes

Le procès de Jeanne d’Arc
FR 4.012 – open reel

Radioscopie avec Jacques Chancel
FR 4.021 – 4.024; 4.026, 4.027, 4.040
Interviews conducted by Jacques Chancel of Radio France with noted French personalities of the 20th century: Roland Barthes, Jacques Brel, Joseph Kessel, Jean Lacouture, Simone Signoret, Pierre Viansson Ponte, Marguerite Yourcenar.

Rambouillet et ses hôtes
FR 4.013 – open reel

La Résistance, ses chants et ses poètes
FR 4.037 (CD)
Two compact discs of songs and poems of the Resistance presented by Pierre Seghers; includes such songs as “Chant des Marais,” “Chant des Partisans,” poems by Aragon, Cayrol, Desnos, Eluard (“Liberté”), Emmanuel, Jacob, Seghers and others; also includes excerpts of two speeches by De Gaulle.
1 hour 22 minutes

Les SS français
FR 4.035
Audiocassette of eyewitness accounts told without remorse by three French soldiers who, in 1943, joined the elite Nazi troops known as the SS; part of the series L’histoire en directbroadcast on France Culture (Radio France).
60 minutes

Les témoins de notre temps
Céleste Albaret/Louis Gautier-Vignal
FR 4.025

Les temps forts de la Révolution
FR 4.032
audiocassette recording by Michel Winock; description/analysis of thirteen important moments during the French Revolution; part of a Radio France Internationale presentation entitled 1789 Aujourdhui: Regards des jeunes du monde sur la Révolution française.
83 minutes

Le temps que nous vivons
FR 4.016 – open reel
1/1/58 – 30/9/59

Tours de France
FR 4.031
Travaux pratiques de civilisation by J.-C. Beacco and S. Lieutaud (Hachette © 1985); authentic documentation, information and activities designed to develop cultural competency; one audiocassette, student textbook and pedagogical guide available.
Audiocassette: approx. 30 minutes

Visages d’Henri IV
FR 4.017 – open reel

Visages de Louis XIV
FR 4.018 – open reel

Châteaux de la Loire
With captions, cassette, French text [12.30].

De Versailles à la Bastille
Two filmstrips: Molière et la comédie de moeurs, Voltaire et L’Encyclopédie; four cassettes:
Molière — one French, one English [22.50]
Voltaire — one French, one English [22.38]
One Teacher’s Guide

Les débuts de la Renaissance
Two filmstrips: Villon et son époque, Rabelais; four cassettes:
Villon — one French, one English [22.06]
Rabelais — one French, one English [21.53]
One Teacher’s Guide

Two filmstrips: Sartre, Camus; four cassettes:
Sartre — one French, one English [24.35]
 — one French, one English [22.05]
One Teacher’s Guide

Les Français comme ils sont
Six filmstrips with cassettes, French text.
Each filmstrip: 6–11 minutes

Le marché
With captions, tape, French/English text [11.15]

Mont St. Michel
With cassette [22.06]

La montée du classicisme
Two filmstrips; Corneille, Racine; four cassettes:
Corneille — one French, one English [22.45]
Racine — one French, one English [23.40]
One Teacher’s Guide

La naissance du modernisme
Two filmstrips: Gide, Proust; four cassettes:
Gide — one French, one English [21.39]
Proust — one French, one English [22.20]
One Teacher’s Guide

Les origines de la littérature française
One filmstrip: La chanson de geste et le chantefable; four cassettes:
La chanson de geste — one French, one English [25.48]
Les racines de la culture française — one French, one English [24.04] (soundtrack of missing filmstrip)
One Teacher’s Guide

Réalisme et naturalisme
Two filmstrips: Flaubert, Zola; four cassettes:
Flaubert — one French, one English [22.10]
Zola — one French, one English [22.15]
One Teacher’s Guide

Chroniques de France

Forty-three 16mm. films entitled:

À propos de Ramses
Jean Villardebo — Ramses le grand à Paris. Des tonnes de matériel transportées depuis le Musée du Caïre et divers sites archéologiques dispersés sur le territoire égyptien; No. 5

L’abbaye royale de Saint Denis
Sarah Maldoror — À deux pas de Paris, au coeur de la ville de St. Denis, se dresse l’une des plus belles églises du monde: la Basilique Royale, qui abrite les tombeaux des Rois de Dagobert à Louis XVI; No. 37

L’Académie Internationale d’Été de Nice
Pierre Vatteone — Chaque été à Nice, sous la direction de Fernand Oubradous, se tient à l’Académie Internationale où des étudiants de 39 nations différentes viennent se perfectionner dans des disciplines artistiques; No. 36

André Malraux
No. 44

Annecy: capitale du film d’animation
Christine Lipsinka — Au pied des Alpes, Annecy reçoit tous les deux ans les “Journées Internationales du Film d’Animation,” cette année pour la onzième fois. Dans le même temps, son musée accueille une fabuleuse exposition de “100 ans de dessins animés;” No. 29

Ben, un peintre du nouveau réalisme
Jacques Scandelari — Ben, artiste français, se situe entre Marcel Duchamp et le Facteur Cheval, et s’exprime par des créations, des poésies, des actions, des gestes, du théâtre, et de la musique; No. 43

Les bistrots de Paris
Patrice Molinard — Il y a de nombreux quartiers dans Paris, et dans Paris il y a toutes sortes de bistrots; No. 28

Centenaire du disque: Charles Cros, poète et inventeur
Pierre Vatteone — Charles, poète et philosophe, mais aussi chercheur, dont le nom reste lié au disque; c’est son invention du phonographe qui sera célébrée cette année; No. 10

Les chapelles à fresques du Briançonnais
Patrice Molinard — Le Briançonnais, au coeur des Alpes du Haut Dauphiné, est une région isolée par de dures conditions climatiques. L’impossibilité des communications explique la dispersion de l’habitat et chaque village, très autonome, dispose donc de sa chapelle; No. 20

Une classe de nature à Annecy
Anne Tresgot — Reportage sur une classe de nature de l’enseignement public à Annecy; No. 25

La Comédie Française, une dimension nouvelle
Pierre Vatteone — Réouverture de la Comédie Française, après deux ans de travaux; No. 2

De la pomme au calvados
Patrick Cabouat — Le calvados, recueilli goutte à goutte du cidre, est un alcool de réputation mondiale; No. 7

L’école de glace de Mont-Blanc
Renaud de Dancourt — Voici 10 ans a été créée à Mégève l’école de glace de Mont-Blanc; No. 31

Erté: décorateur du théâtre
Janique Laudouar — Romain de Tirtofff, dit Erté, depuis un demi-siècle dessine costumes et décors de théâtre; No. 35

Évocation de Django Reinhart
Pierre Scipion — Le quintette du Hot Club de France, c’est avant tout grâce à ce musicien qui étonnait l’Amérique: Django Reinhart; No. 14

Le football club de Nantes
Patrice Molinard — Nantes, 270.000 habitants, ville de ducs de Bretagne, devient en 1977 Championne de France des clubs professionnels de football; No. 22

Le groupe vocal de Limours
François Porcile — À trente kilomètres au sud-ouest de Paris, Limours. La vie musicale y tient une place très importante. C’est un exemple du renouveau de la pratique musicale en France; No. 23

Henri Dutilleux
François Porcile — Portrait du compositeur français; No. 6

L’Imprimerie Nationale
Patrice Molinard — À Paris, tout près du pont Mirabeau, les locaux de l’Imprimerie Nationale, dont l’origine remonte au règne de François 1er; No. 16

Jeunes réalisateurs: Maurice Dugowson et Bernard Queysanne
Christine Lipsinka — Bernard Queysanne et Maurice Dugowson, deux représentants du jeune cinéma français, deux formations et deux styles différents; No 13

José Arthur, un homme de radio
Renaud Dancourt/J.M. Carzou — Depuis 11 ans, du lundi au vendredi, de 22 heures à minuit, José Arthur reçoit au Pop Club des invités du monde entier; No. 3

Littérature et cinéma: Marguerite Duras
Patrice Molinard — Marguerite Duras, auteur d’une quinzaine de romans, de pièces de théâtre, de scénarios; No. 8

Les maîtres-pipiers de Saint Claude
Max Gérard — Saint Claude, ville de Jura, est devenu le centre mondial de la fabrication des pipes; No. 27

Maurice Le Blanc: le père d’Arsène Lupin
Christine Lipsinka — Portrait de Maurice Le Blanc, père spirituel d’Arsène Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur; No. 21

Méliès, père et fils
Georges Franju — Portrait de Georges Méliès par son fils; No. 4

Le Musée de lÉcole de Médecine de Paris
Jacques Scandelari — La faculté de médecine de Paris abrite deux étranges musées. Le musée de l’histoire de la médecine présente des instruments et des documents de toutes les époques et de toutes les disciplines; No. 18

Le Musée de la Photographie de Bièvres
François Porcile — Le musée français de la photographie s’est ouvert au sud-ouest de Paris, à Bièvres d’où Nadar s’envola en 1858 pour réaliser la première photographie aérienne; No. 9

Nancy: un festival novateur et populaire
Pierre Vatteone — En 15 ans, le Festival de Nancy est devenu l’une des plus importantes manifestations populaires du théâtre international; No. 19

Noël alpin
Patrice Molinard — Dans les hautes vallées du Briançonnais, Noël se prépare, et deux semaines d’intenses activités vont se succéder; No. 32

Olivier Messiaen
Jean-Marie Carzou — Olivier Messiaen est entré irrésistiblement dans la musique dès sa petite enfance. Depuis 50 ans tout va ainsi de pair dans la vie de celui qui est le phare de la musique française; No. 14

Les peintres naïfs d’aujourd’hui
Yves Allain — À Paris aujourd’hui la peinture naïve est présente dans de nombreuses galeries; No. 24

Un poète, Eugène Guillevic
Jacques Scandelari — À 70 ans, Guillevic, poète français, revient en Bretagne, terre de son enfance; No. 1

Portrait d’un photographe: Jean Louis Sieff
Jacques Scandelari — Jean Louis Sieff débute en 1954, effectue de nombreuses expositions personnelles à travers le monde. Actuellement il prépare une exposition sur le Centre Georges Pompidou; No. 26

Pour une médaille d’or
Patrick Cabouat — Jean Orgeix, entraîneur national aux sauts d’obstacles, véritable artisan de la victoire de l’équipe de France aux Jeux Olympiques à Montréal en août 1976; No. 15

Pour une suprématie: France/Nouvelle Zélande
Jean Pierre Bonneau — Samedi 19 novembre 1977: le Parc des Princes de Paris. Quelques heures avant la rencontre de rugby qui va opposer le quinze de France qui a remporté cette année le Tournoi des Cinq Nations, sans avoir subi de défaite, à l’équipe de Nouvelle Zélande; No. 42

Le premier festival international du mime
Pascal Aubier — Le Premier Festival International du Mime jamais vu en France s’est tenu à Brunnoy, petite localité du département de L’Essone à 29 minutes de Paris; No. 40

Produire au féminin: Michelle de Broca
Renaud de Dancourt — Portrait du producteur de cinéma, Michelle de Broca; No. 17

Les rois de Notre Dame de Paris
Pierre Vatteone — Au coeur de Paris se dresse comme un symbole la cathédrale miroir des connaissances, mais telle que nous l’admirons aujourd’hui, Notre Dame a subi de nombreuses transformations; No. 33

Les santons de Provence
Pierre Vatteone — Chaque année, le temps de Noël voit revenir le cortège des santons. C’est à la fin du XVIIIème siècle, en Provence, qu’ils sont nés; No. 30

La sauvegarde des objets dart
Anne Pascal — En Haute Normandie, une petite équipe de chercheurs a mis au point des techniques pour la sauvegarde des oeuvres d’art, dont les monuments de France sont riches; No. 12

Si le Lude m’était conté
Patrick Cabouat — Sur les bords du Loire, la modeste bourgade du Lude organise chaque été depuis 20 ans un spectacle son et lumière, avec le concours de ses habitants; No. 38

Vétérinaire pour l’arche de Noë
Renaud de Dancourt — Portrait d’un vétérinaire ardéchois qui s’occupe près d’Annonay d’une réserve d’animaux sauvages; No. 34

Une ville à la campagne: Sophia Antipolis
Rachel Weinberg — Dans le sud-ouest de la France, sur le plateau de Valbonne, a été créé en 1972 Sophia Antipolis, “La Cité Internationale de la Sagesse,” dont la conception en revient à Pierre Lafitte; No. 39

L’architecture en France
Lenard and Rowe, Harper and Row © 1973
79 slides covering the following periods:

Prehistoric and Gallo-RomanVersailles
RomanesqueThe Monuments of Paris
GothicRandom Examples of Architecture in France
The Renaissance 

One accompanying cassette (approx. 38 minutes in length); English and French text.

Autour de la littérature 2nd Edition
Schofer and Rice, Heinle and Heinle © 1991
20 color slides of advertisements designed to complement the intermediate-level text Autour de la littérature, 2nd ed. (FR 1.064); Nine of the slides are color reproductions of photos in the book. Slides are grouped according to three themes: bien boire, bien manger, andl’homme et la femme; two sets of slides available.

French Authors
Wible Language Institute
13 slide sets that stress the literary achievements more than the personal lives of the following authors:

Balzac (24 slides) [31:54]
Diderot (18 slides) [27:42]
Diderot et l’Encyclopédie (17 slides) [14:44]
Froissart Chroniqueur (25 slides) [17:47]
Molière (24 slides) [25:05]
Montaigne (19 slides) [10:45]
Montaigne (12 slides) [23:10]
Montesquieu (12 slides) [08:10]
Marcel Proust (24 slides) [38:08]
Rabelais (12 slides) [15:12]
Rabelais (20 slides) [10:12]
Madame de Sévigné (37 slides) [23:50]
Voltaire (12 slides) [28:50]

French text and cassette for each set.

Histoire de France de la préhistoire à 1968
Jean Prinet
16 slide sets entitled:

Croisades et pays lointains (10 slides) [10:45]
La chevalerie (10 slides) [13:36]
Villes au Moyen Age (10 slides) [12:35]
La vie seigneuriale (10 slides) [11:04]
Vie quotidienne et fêtes (10 slides) [11:04]
Vie religieuse au Moyen Age (10 slides) [11:25]
La Réforme (5 slides) [04:24]
Vie quotidienne avant la Révolution (10 slides) [12:38]
La Révolution (15 slides) [17:30]
La Guerre de 1870 — La Commune (10 slides) [15:12]
Napoléon III: the War of 1870 (12 slides) [06:30]
Jules Ferry: The Colonizing Efforts of the Third Republic (12 slides) [07:15]
World War I (12 slides) (no cassette)
World War II (12 slides) (no cassette)
Between the Two World Wars (12 slides) [15:50]
France after 1945 (12 slides) [17:34]

French text and cassette for each set, unless otherwise noted.

Légendes de l’Amérique française
Jean-Claude Dupont 1988
25 color slides to illustrate twenty-five short stories of French origin taken from the oral history of North America; painted in the style naïf; accompanying text of stories available.

Légendes des villages
Jean-Claude Dupont 1988
25 color slides to illustrate twenty-five short stories or legends taken from French Canadian folklore; painted in the style naïf; accompanying text of stories available.

Les nasales dans la rue
Université de Grenoble III 1984
80 color slides of consumer products, signs for public buildings (e.g. “syndicat d’initiative”),and signs of instruction (e.g. “montée interdite”); designed to help drill the pronunciation of French nasal vowels; vocabulary list and Teacher’s Guide available.

Les produits séduisants de la France
Lenard and Rowe, Harper and Row © 1974
99 slides about the following products:

The Bordeaux Wines
Cognac: the greatest of brandies
Roquefort Cheese
Assorted Foods: butter, bread, pastries, and foie gras
French Perfumes
Street Art
Limoges: Porcelain and Enamelware
Regional Ceramic
The Pitch Pines: the Coppersmiths and the Lacemakers
The Famous Shopwindows of Paris

One accompanying cassette (English/French — approx. 36 minutes in length); English/French text.




60 Minutes In The Musée D’Orsay
Manuela Hoelterhoff
A CondéNast Traveler Pocket Guide (November 1996) to the Musée d’Orsay written in English; provides history of the train station turned museum and "guided tour" of works of art in the collection; 15-page brochure.

258 Chansons du temps qui passe: Populaires et de France
Albi, France: La Boîte à Livres © 1998
Texts of 258 popular French songs from the Marseillaise of 1792 to Où vas-tu Basile? of 1975; indexed alphabetically by title as well as by name of songs’ most famous interpreters; 271 pages.

501 French Verbs 3rd Edition
Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. © 1990

A la française
Marie Gontier Geno
Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, Inc. © 1992

Beaux Gestes: A Guide to French Body Talk
Laurence Wylie & Rick Stafford
Cambridge, MA: The Undergraduate Press © 1977

Bescherelle 1: la conjugaison
Paris: Hatier © 1990
Dictionnaire de douze mille verbes

Boutique blanche: la liste de mariage
Bridal registry brochure from les magasins du Printemps

Canal +
No. 112, March 1997

Chartres Cathedral
Etienne Houvet and Malcolm B. Miller
Editions Houvet © 1968 by Helio-Lorraine

Cinema for French Conversation: Le cinema en cours de français 2nd Edition
Anne-Christine Rice
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, R. Pullins & Company, Inc. © 2003 Anne-Christine Rice

Cinema for French Conversation: Le cinema en cours de français – Cahier du professeur 2nd Edition
Anne-Christine Rice
Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, R. Pullins & Company, Inc. © 2003, 2004 Anne-Christine Rice

La cinquième étoile
Gilbert Picard
Paris: CEPREDI © 1992
Detective story set in a luxury hotel in Paris, with a star ballerina as the principal character

A Complete French Grammar For Reference and Practice
Trudie Maria Booth
Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America © 2010

Contacts – Langue et culture françaises 9th Edition
Jean-Paul Valette & Rebecca M. Valette
Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning © 2014

Cuthbertson Verb Wheel
Lexington: D.C. Heath © 1933
Gives conjugations of irregular verbs

Dictionnaire Bélisle de la langue française au Canada/Dictionnaire Oxford français-anglais, anglais-français
Société des Editions Leland, Ltée, circa 1958

Édith Piaf
Stan Cuesta
Paris: Librio Musique © 2000
Brief biography of one of France’s premier song interpreters of the period 1935–1963; includes discography and videography; 89 pages

English Grammar for Students of French 2nd Edition
Jacqueline Morton
Ann Arbor, MI: The Olivia and Hill Press © 1989
“Study guide for those learning French;” designed to be an accompaniment to any textbook, this guide offers simple explanations of English grammar structures (i.e. parts of speech, word functions, grammatical concepts) by answering basic questions (e.g. What is gender? What are relative pronouns?, etc.); uses examples, charts, step-by-step instructions and short practice exercises (with answer key) to identify similarities and differences between English and French; 224 pages.

L’enseignement par le mouvement
Nancy Márquez
Los Gatos, CA: Sky Oaks Productions © 1984
25 beginning lessons in French, based on the Total Physical Response methodology; 74 pages

Colorful fold-out brochure featuring aerial view of this village of the Alpes de Haute Provence, with historical and tourist information provided in French, English and German.

Europe at Strasbourg
Strasbourg: Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace © 1980
English-language booklet containing basic information about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament; 60 pages

Eurostar Brochures
5 brochures containing general, fare and timetable information about high-speed passenger train service between London and continental Europe via the Channel Tunnel

No. 12, March 1997

L’Express international
No. 2115, 23 janvier 1992

Eyewitness Travel Guide: France
DK Publishing, Inc. © 1994, 1998

Faire écrire
G. Bailly-Maître of CDRP Antilles-Guyane
© 1979 Stage Saint Martin
Compilation of writing activities suggested for use in l’enseignement du français au second degré; 56 pages.

Le Figaro Économie
Mardi 4 mars 1997 with LE FIGARO MULTIMÉDIA no. 9 (newspapers)

First Class À Paris No. 646, 1–10 mars 1997
Subtitled La revue des décideurs internationaux, this colorful guide includes information about shopping, night life, gastronomy, exhibitions in Paris.

Forces Québec No. 107, 1994
Economic, social and cultural quarterly (magazine)

France — 1995 Discovery Guide: A World Of Museums
© 1995 French Government Tourist Office
Magazine filled with colorful photographs; this issue focuses on information about museums throughout France and includes articles on rare finds in virtually every geographical area of the country; article on Corsica also included.

France Information No. 136, 1990 (magazine)

France Informations: La Révolution Française (magazine)

France Insider’s News Vol. 3, no. 2, May–July 1995 (newspaper)

France Magazine No. 15, Winter 1989/90 (magazine)

France Today (magazine)

Le français dans le monde Nos. 222–226, 228–230
Paris: EDICEF ©1988, 1989, 1990
Each issue contains articles about French society, cinema, theatre, music, language, etc.; includes fiches pratiques for use in classroom teaching.

Francoscopie 2001: Comment vivent les Français
Gérard Mermet © 2001 Larousse
9th edition of a biennial review of the “French way of life” — facts, analyses, trends, comparisons and statistics on physical health and appearance, family life, work, money, sports, hobbies, media, vacations, etc.; 484 pages.

Frantour: le guide des hôtels
1996 edition of Hôtels Frantour publicity brochure; includes photographs, general information and price of accommodations at Frantour hotels throughout France and elsewhere.

French Phrasebook & Dictionary 5th Edition
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. © 2012
ISBN: 978-1-74220-811-4

French Reference Grammar
Daniel J. Calvez
Lincolnwood, IL: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group © 1993
Described by the author as “a complete handbook of the French language,” this volume reviews grammatical structures, forms and usage and supplements explanations with extensive lists and tables; contents organized by parts of speech; 426 pages.

Georges Pompidou Center
Paris: Société Française de Promotion Artistique © 1990
special 74-page special issue of the French art magazine Connaissance des Arts that presents the entire structure and organization of the Pompidou Center; in English.

Gimmick I: français parlé
Adrienne Penner
New York: W. W. Norton Co., Inc. © 1977
A text for vocabulary building designed to help the student learn the language “as it is actually spoken;” includes idiomatic and colloquial-slang expressions.

La grammaire en fiches — français
© 1992 by Avigail Azoulay-Vicente of M.I.T.
A new concept of grammar conceived as a tool used for self-correction; features 287 boxed flash cards with a grammar question presented on each card; explains rules in a step-by-step fashion in English; most exceptions integrated into rule formulations.

La grande anthologie de la chanson française
Pierre Saka
Paris: Librairie Générale Française © 2001
Texts of 800 songs representing French popular song from the 1800s to the 1990s; indexed alphabetically by song title, author, composer and interpreter; includes brief biographical notes for selected interpreters; 894 pages.

Guide TGV Nord Europe
SNCF brochure containing general, fare and timetable information valid through May 31, 1997; useful realia for language classroom applications.

HarperCollins Robert French-English/English-French Dictionary 3rd Edition
NY: HarperCollins Publishers and Dictionnaires Le Robert © 1993
Unabridged edition

Harrap’s Business Dictionary: Anglais/Français — Français/Anglais
London: Harrap © 1981

Harrap’s Standard French and English Dictionary Vols. 1 (A–I) and 2 (J–Z)
London: Harrap © 1980

Harrap’s Standard English and French Dictionary Vols. 3 (A–K) and 4 (L–Z)
London: Harrap © 1980

Le Haut-Kœnigsbourg: Numéro spécial de “Connaissance des Arts”
Philip Jodidio (Editor in Chief)
Société Française de Promotion Artistique © 1996

Histoire de l’Alsace
Bernard Vogler
Éditions Ouest-France © 2002

Invest In Europe: Alsace (promotional magazine)

Issues And Methods In French for Business and Economic Purposes
Patricia W. Cummins (Editor)
Dubuque, IA: American Association of Teachers of French © 1995
A volume focussing on the issues of concern and methodologies of interest to teachers of French for Business courses; includes: (1) documentation of resources available to North American French teachers, (2) suggestions for preparing students for the Paris Chamber of Commerce exams, (3) description of French for Business programs in Canada, (4) French for Business classes at the secondary school level, (5) suggestions for use of the Minitel in the Business French classroom, (6) outline of federal grant opportunities and how to pursue them; 158 pages.

Je vais en France 1996–1997
Publication of the Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires aimed at providing general and practical information about France, its university system, etc. to students planning to pursue studies in France; 213 pages; 1 copy available.

Label France Nos. 10,11,17,18,19,20,21 (magazine)
Jan./Feb.1993, March/April 1993, Oct. 1994, Jan. 1995, March 1995, May 1995, August 1995

Larousse: conjugaison — 10.000 Verbes / 115 conjugaisons
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1987

Larousse du XXe siècle
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1928
6-volume French-language dictionary/encyclopedia containing entries (biographical, historical, other) and illustrations (some in color) not often included in more contemporary reference volumes; 6,502 pages!!

Lyon et sa région: faits et chiffres
Lyon: Aderly, mars 1995
77-page booklet containing statistical information about the city of Lyon; includes information about Lyon’s history, geography, population, employment and education of its citizens, economy, quality of life, culture, tourism; also includes useful addresses and telephone numbers.

Le magazine No. 16, Sept./Oct. 1993 (magazine)

Oxford-Duden Pictorial French & English Dictionary
Oxford: Oxford University Press © 1983

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary French-English/English-French
New York: Oxford University Press © 1994

Le Parc-Paris
Colorful 1996 publicity brochure with room service breakfast menu in French and English for the Westin Demeure Hotel Le Parc located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement.

Pages d’écritures mai 87, No. 9
Houston: French American Institute for International Studies © 1987
“la revue du professeur de français aux Etats-Unis;” collection of pedagogical ideas and activities for use with beginning through advanced-level French students; 60 pages.

Paris je t’aime
Préface: Claudie Ossard
Textes: Emmanuelle Sarrouy, Marie-Ange Demory
Hachette Livre - Hachette Pratique © 2006

Petit Larousse illustré: Français/Français
Paris: Librairie Larousse © 1983

Le Petit Robert, vol. 1 — Dictionnaire de la langue française
Paris: Le Robert © 1990

Le Petit Robert, vol. 2 — Dictionnaire universel des noms propres
Paris: Le Robert © 1990

A Picture is Worth... 1000 Words... Books 1 & 2
Anthony Mollica
Welland, Ontario: éditions Soleil publishing, inc. © 1992
Subtitled Creative activities for the language classroom, the two volumes of 60 photographs each are intended to provide visual stimuli for discussion and conversation activity in the language classroom; also available: Teacher’s Guide (by Anthony Mollica, Julie Ashcroft, and Anne-Marie Finger) containing questions for each photograph.

Poèmes, pièces, prose: Introduction à lanalyse de textes littéraires français
Schofer, Rice and Berg
New York: Oxford University Press © 1973
725-page text designed to teach introductory students of French literature how to read literary works; features detailed questions interspersed with original text passages; organization by genre, use of textes modèles.

A Practical Guide To The Teaching Of French
Wilga Rivers (New York: Oxford University Press © 1975
One in a series of practical guides for teaching foreign languages in high school or at the undergraduate level; includes theoretical discussions of and practical applications for oral communication, pronunciation, grammar instruction, listening and reading comprehension, and writing; 348 pages.

Quant à moi... Témoignages des Français at des Francophones 5th Edition
Jeannette D. Bragger, Donald B. Rice
Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning © 2013

Reflet: Revue des Enseignants de Français Langue Etrangère
Paris: Association Reflet, ©1988, 1989, 1990
Nos. 25, 29–32 each issue contains articles about teaching, cultural readings and recordings, pedagogical ideas and recorded selections; 60-minute audiocassette accompanies each issue; in French.

La Suisse — Dossier Educatif © 1993
A collection of French-language information about Switzerland; includes: 96-page text documenting Switzerland’s geography, history, economy, political and cultural institutions, six leaflets of information on these topics and the educational system, map of Switzerland, street map of Geneva, 43" x 30" color poster, brochure describing the life and travels of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, seven short literary texts by Swiss authors, 31-page booklet on the history and making of various Swiss cheeses, lists of documentary videos and addresses pertaining to Switzerland.

Textes et Pastiches: Une initiation à la littérature
Bette H Lustig
Lexington, MA: French Literary Publications © 1999

A Translation Textbook
Lanham, MD: University Press of America © 1985
Non-literary texts compiled by Madeleine Sergent and Kay Wilkins; text divided into six sections: journalism, politics, administration, social sciences, economics, sciences and technology; each section offers five texts in French, five texts in English to be translated — the French to English, the English to French; includes discussion of theory and technique of translation, translation samples and end vocabulary; 127 pages.

Traveller Style International No. 2, November 1996–May 1997 (magazine)

Where Paris March 1997 (magazine)

Word by Word English/Haitian Kreyol Picture Dictionary
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss, Roger E. Savin, Edwige Crevecoeur-Bryant, Maud Paultre Fontus
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents © 1995


1000 Bornes – The Classic Road Race Game 
“You’re cruising along at 100 mph, bolstered by an extra tank of gas, when suddenly your opponent cuts you off with a flat-tire card. You slam to a halt, sidelined until you draw a spare tire. It’s a 1,000-mile race along an imaginary road; your goal is to arrive first, avoiding the hazards – flat tires, accidents, empty gas tanks – while inflicting them on your opponents and collecting the spares and repairs that will speed you on. The first player to log 1,000 miles wins!”

Mille Bornes – The Classic Auto Race Card Game (Collector’s Edition)
“One Thousand Milestones. On French roads there are small marker stones giving the distance in kilometers to the next town. In this famous old French card game, players compete to drive 1000 km, dealing with hazards along the way. Draw a card to your hand, play or discard. You must lay a green traffic light to start, play cards showing mileage, dump hazards (flat tire, speed limit) on the other players, remedy hazards (spare tire, end of limit) from yourself, play safety cards (puncture proof), and try to be the first to clock up the distance.”

Sheets containing a grid of randomized numbers are distributed among the contestants. The leader turns a caged sphere of numbered balls which spill out in succession, and correspond to the numbers on the contestants’ sheets. The winner is the first contestant to achieve a straight line of chosen numbers on their sheet and to call out “Bingo!” simultaneously.

“The game of international languages” for 2–6 players, ages 8+; contents: one game board, one die, 303 word cards, 48 phrase cards, six pawns; objective: to be the first to reach the top of the tower (imprinted on the game board) and become the “polyglot” of the group; there are three paths to the top: beginner, intermediate, and advanced; playing cards: “word cards,” on one side, contain six words in English; the corresponding translations which include phonetic pronunciations are provided on the reverse side of the card in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Yiddish; “phrase cards,” on one side, contain three phrases in English; the corresponding translations and phonetic pronunciations, in the languages mentioned above, are on the reverse side of the card; activities involved in playing this game include: spelling a word, translating a phrase, translating a phrase in two languages; game instructions provided in English and Spanish.

édition française

Atlas mondial Hatier
38½" × 23½" dry-mounted French-language map of the world.

36" × 31½" paper map of Canada.

Carte des pays de langue française
26" × 39" laminated map of the world highlighting French-speaking countries.

42" square laminated map in full color; “political” side shows the Regions and Departments with their capitals and chefs-lieux; “physical” side shows the rivers, mountains, lakes, and larger cities with their population.

La francophonie dans le monde
22" × 17" laminated map of the world with French-speaking countries highlighted.

Le journal de l’année 1995/Atlanta et 100 ans de Jeux Olympiques 1996
25" × 18½" double-sided, laminated poster featuring 12 brief 1995 “year-in-review” world news stories on one side and 1996 Olympic Games information and historical facts about the Games on the reverse.

Le pays basque ... C’est authentique!
31½" × 23½" laminated, poster (designed by Stéphane Sésé); colorful display of various products associated with the Basque region of France.

Plan de Paris
16" × 24" fold-out map with metro map included.

Plan de Paris
36" × 28" laminated map of Paris’ métro, including a directory of streets.

Province of Quebec
38" × 50" paper map of the province of Quebec.

La Révolution
Eight 26½" × 18" laminated posters concerning the French Revolution with complete commentaries about the events, personalities, places, discoveries and policies of the time; sixteen fiches pédagogiques containing vocabulary; ideas for exercises, questions, etc. to accompany each poster; produced by Le Français dans le Monde.

Les rois de France
c. 1996 AEDIS éditions
16" x 20" laminated "genealogical" chart of the kings of France - CapétiensValois and Bourbons; includes dates of birth and dates of reign of each king.

Strasbourg Street Map
33" × 17" tourist-type, fold-out street map (in color) of Strasbourg.

16" × 24" laminated poster of a café drink/sandwich menu advertising the Confédération Française des Hôteliers, Restaurateurs, Cafetiers, Discothèques.

L'Union Européenne - 27 pays
c. 2010 AEDIS éditions
16" x 20" laminated map of the 27 countries comprising the European Union; includes image of each country's flag and basic info. about each country (i.e. land mass, population & capital) 

World Map
Rand McNally Cosmopolitan Series 49½" × 32½" laminated map of the world; 2 copies available.

Autour de la littérature 3rd Edition
Overhead Transparencies
20 overhead transparencies of advertisements designed to complement the 3rd edition of the intermediate-level text Autour de la littérature, 3rd Edition (FR 1.075) by Schofer and Rice. These transparencies are identical to the 20 color slides that accompany the 2nd edition of this text.

Contacts — Communicative Support Package
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. © 1989
20 overhead transparencies and 10 black-line transparency masters correlated with lessons of Contacts, 4th Edition (Valette and Valette); transcriptions and translations of songs from the Contacts student song cassette; proficiency activities (3 situation cards per unit and 3 situation cards per “Vivre en France”).


  • Un Canadien errant
  • Il est né, le divin enfant
  • Chevaliers de la table ronde
  • Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman
  • La mère Michel
  • A la claire fontaine
  • Auprès de ma blonde
  • Il était une bergère
  • Marche des rois
  • Les feuilles mortes

Cyrano De Bergerac: Lesson Plans
Judy Sugarman and Nancy Ward
Vernon Hills, IL: FilmArobics, Inc. © 1994
32 pages of lesson plans to accompany the study of the film Cyrano de Bergerac; includes overview, advance organizers, comprehension and discussion questions, suggested activities, composition topics; exercises designed to promote oral and written communication.

Destinations 1: Cartes-Éclair
Ontario: Copp Clark Pitman Ltd © 1990
100 flashcards organized under the following headings: animals/birds, clothing, fairy tales, flowers, food, fruit/vegetables, house, maps, objects, people, scenes, sports.

Discovering French — Blanc Overhead Visuals
Lexington: D.C. Heath © 1994
76 colorful overhead transparencies and black-line transparency masters correlated with lessons of Discovering French — Blanc (Valette and Valette); includes maps, original drawings and illustrations from the text.

Discovering French — Bleu Overhead Visuals
Lexington: D.C. Heath © 1993
56 colorful overhead transparencies and black-line transparency masters correlated with lessons of Discovering French — Bleu (Valette and Valette); includes maps, original drawings and illustrations from the text.

Discovering French — Rouge Overhead Visuals
Lexington: D.C. Heath © 1997
80 colorful overhead transparencies and black-line transparency masters correlated with lessons of Discovering French — Rouge (Valette and Valette) and À votre tour! (Valette and Valette); includes maps, original drawings and illustrations from the text.

Discovering French — Rouge: Teacher-to-Teacher
Patricia Deckas Becerra
Lexington: D.C. Heath and Co. © 1997
Book of activities designed as supplements to the ten units of the text Discovering French — Rouge (Valette and Valette); includes crossword puzzles designed for pair work, grid activities to drill structure and vocabulary and scavenger-type activities; 129 pages.

Emotions Flash Cards
Set of 15 black and white photographs (7" × 7") of an actor (i.e. “Ernest” in such films as Ernest goes to camp, Ernest celebrates Christmas, etc. [note: approximate film titles]) illustrating 15 basic emotions; identification of emotion printed on reverse of each card in English, French, German and Spanish.

French Magnetic Poetry Kit
Magnetic Poetry Inc.
French language kit developed by bilingual fans of Magnetic Poetry, comes with a mini-translation guide. This kit contains over 500 French magnetic word tiles.

Heath Situation Cards Level One: French, German, Spanish
120 situation cards, each of which focuses on a realistic communicative task; designed to function as a supplement to any first-year French, German or Spanish program; cards sequenced in order of increasing difficulty and complexity of assigned tasks; most cards considered to be at the “novice” to “low-intermediate” levels of the ACTFL Proficiency Scale; instructor’s guide contains indexes of cards arranged by (1) themes and related vocabulary, (2) linguistic functions, (3) grammar structures.

Photo Verb Flash Cards
Set of 40 color photographs (7" × 7") that illustrate 40 of the most common action verbs usually studied in first-year language courses; infinitive of each verb printed on reverse of each card in English, French, German and Spanish.

Situation Cards For Oral Evaluation: First-Year French, German, Spanish
144 situation cards, each of which tests discrete items related to vocabulary, grammatical structures, and/or linguistic functions; designed to function as a supplement to first-year French, German or Spanish programs and as achievement tests, not proficiency tests; most of the cards are considered to be at the “novice” or “intermediate” levels on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale; cards are indexed by: (1) vocabulary topics, (2) linguistic functions, (3) grammar forms and structure; reference guide available.

Situation Cards For Oral Evaluation: Intermediate French, German, Spanish
99 situation cards each of which tests discrete items related to vocabulary, grammatical structures, and/or linguistic functions; designed to be used independently with a variety of textbooks as achievement tests, not proficiency tests; most of the cards are considered to be at the “intermediate” to “advanced” levels on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale; cards are indexed by: (1) vocabulary topics, (2) linguistic functions, (3) grammar forms and structures; reference guide available; Note: Cards are written in English.

À Poitiers entre mai et octobre
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1988)
Prepared for the American Association of Teachers of French with the collaboration of the French Cultural Services and of the Office Audiovisuel de l’Université de Poitiers; a vidéogramme divided into 12 parts of varying duration (43 seconds to 7½ minutes) designed to give insight to everyday French life, to the tourist attractions of old and of new Poitiers; features young people (13–20 years old) speaking about their life, their interests and the happenings in Poitiers; includes scenes at home (use of Mini-tel), at school, in the city, at the hypermarché, at the Futuroscope; key vocabulary appears as French subtitles; for use at all levels of language learning; accompanying pedagogical guide includes general information and a description of the video, full transcript, cultural information and suggestions for using the video.
Total time: approx. 50 minutes

AATF: Open your World with French
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1995)
Subtitled Le français m’ouvre le monde, produced by the American Association of Teachers of French; designed to promote the study of French by American students; includes references to French-speaking countries, French cuisine, fashion, sports, famous sites, important French personalities, French language and its use in English; American students express their reasons for studying French.
In English and French
10 minutes 38 seconds

Actualités vidéo 1, 2
Two 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Designed to supplement first-year French texts; each video focuses on 10 real-life situations and related language tasks used in basic conversations; each episode divided into three segments: (1) Scénettes, short dialogues stressing survival functions; (2) Mini-drame, featuring everyday conversations; (3) Tranche de vie, a slice of life introducing unscripted authentic language; no accompanying print materials.
Each episode: approx. 5–11 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 27 minutes

L’Afrique francophone
1/2" VHS color videocassette
About life and issues of concern in the 18 francophone countries of Africa; includes a geographical and historical presentation of these countries, followed by thematric sections introduced by a local television commercial and a song by a popular singer; themes include daily life of African children, health care, the fight against AIDS, literacy programs, cinema, among others.
52 minutes

Antenne II
1/2" VHS color videocassettes
News broadcasts from France; each news presentation includes interviews with the newsmakers, commentary by broadcast journalists, “on-the-scene” camera coverage; French language accessible to high-intermediate and advanced students.
Each video: approx. 40–60 minutes

Broadcast No. 1 (12/18/85): L’enseignement en France – includes discussion of educational reforms and curriculum, portrait of Jean-Pierre Chevènement (Ministre de l’Education Nationale), interviews with teachers, parents, students, merchants, review of les rentrées scolaires 1984, 1985.


Broadcast No. 2 (1/15/86): Le siège du Palais de Justice à Nantes – with related discussions of terrorism, hostages, security and negotiations; “Bilan politique 1985” – with excerpts of Mitterrand press conference and excerpts of speeches by other political leaders.

Broadcast No. 3 (1/87): Le dossier du mois – deux hôtages libérés et polémique; also news reports on the following: Le PDG de Renault assassiné, les Prix Nobel, le disque des records de la chanson française, les prix littéraires 86, le rock français, les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver en Savoie en 1992, la solitude dun pistard du cyclisme, la mort de l’amuseur no. 1.

Broadcast No. 4 (2/87): Le dossier du mois - les étudiants et lycéens refusent une nouvelle réforme; also news reports on the following: inauguration du musée dOrsay, l’hommage à André Malraux, le mois de la photo à Paris, “des jeunes” mordus de voiture, Alain Delon et le film Le passage, Astérix et Obélix arrivent.

The Art of Haiti
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Shows how the history of Haiti had an influence on the emergence of an art movement created by unschooled painters; includes interviews with painters Philome Obin and Rigaud Benoit with a detailed look at their works as well as those of other traditional Haitian artists; traditional Haitian folk music included in the soundtrack.
In English with some Creole
29 minutes

Avec plaisir 1
Two 1/2" VHS (PAL) color videocassettes
Produced (1985) in association with Hachette and Langenscheidt publishers; only videocassettes #2 (episodes 5–7) and #4 (episodes 11–13) of this series available; beginning-level linguistic functions presented via the context of a trio of young journalists’ experiences while on assignment; linguistic functions include: expressing quantities while ordering in a café, expressing numbers in the context of shopping, making suggestions/propositions, giving orders, describing past events; includes useful phrases and facts related to banking, customs, transportation, telephones; each episode approximately 20 minutes in length; no accompanying print material; 1 hour 95 minutes (total time).

Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du mal (Love Poems)
1/2" VHS (PAL) color videocassette
Produced by the University of Glasgow Audio-Visual Services; eight of the love poems of Les Fleurs du malspoken by Felix Leakey, first in English paraphrase, then in the original French, against a visual background drawn from original paintings by Rosemary Beaton, Craig Peacock and Stephen Conroy and from filmed stills; accompanying English/French text available.
Approx. 25 minutes


L’Invitation au voyage

Parfum exotique

Les Bijoux

A une passante

Le Jet d’eau

Harmonie du soir

Le Flambeau vivant

La Mort des amants

Bienvenue en France – Sample

1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by FACSEA; a cultural and historical look at the Franche-Comté region, as well as a summary of historical (1989–1990) events; includes short segments about the 100th anniversary of the Moulin Rouge and the opening of the Opéra Bastille, a fashion segment featuring Christian Dior creations, a recipe for chicken and yellow wine.
In English
Approx. 27 minutes

1/2" VHS (SECAM) color videocassette
News clip about the Boston College/Strasbourg Business Internship Exchange Program filmed by French TV crew on location at Boston College, 2/1/88; includes views of B.C. campus and interviews with Boston College exchange students about the program; B.C. A/V-produced NTSC copy of the video available.
In French
3 minutes

1/2" VHS color videocassette
Combination of a biography – the story of a young woman and her attempts to succeed through increased computer knowledge – and a documentary on the penetration of computer word processing into the French business and education world; for high-intermediate to advanced students; produced by Centre National de Documentation; transcription available.
25 minutes

1/2" VHS color videocassette
1984 film by Francesco Rosi of Bizet’s opera; starring Plácido Domingo, Julia Migenes-Johnson, Ruggiero Raimondi and Faith Esham; conducted by Lorin Maazel.
In French with English subtitles
Approx. 151 minutes

La chanson en France
Six 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Produced by the French network MCM; these MTV-style videos feature a wide variety of contemporary (1996) French rock and pop artists performing one to four selections from their repertoire; 61 different artists included; binder containing biographies and/or press kits and/or discographies of most of the artists available.
Total time: approx. 8 hours

Chansons françaises d’hier et d’aujourd’hui
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced in 1994 by L’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel and the Ministère des affaires étrangères; includes performances by eleven French singers: Barbara, Georges Brassens, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc, Jacques Dutronc, Juliette Greco, Patricia Kaas, Boby LaPointe, Véronique Sanson, William Sheller, Alain Souchon; lyrics of each song performed are reproduced in scroll-like fashion on the video.
Approx. 44 minutes

Le choix d’un peuple
1/2" VHS color videocassette
1985 documentary film by Hugues Mignault dealing with the referendum question of May 20, 1980 in Quebec.
99 minutes

A Class Act
1/2" VHS color videocassette © 1987
About teachers and foreign language teaching as a career; professionally filmed with practicing teachers and former teachers in the workplace; aimed at recruiting foreign language teachers for the future.
In English
15 minutes

Les clips francophones
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Popular French music videoclips compiled by the French Music Office and designed to introduce contemporary language usage (slang) and cultural styles and attitudes; includes clips featuring the following artists: Alain Bashung, Au P’tit Bonheur, Thierry Hazard, Jordy, Patricia Kaas, King Daddy Yod, Luc de Larochellière, Joëlle Ursull; audiocassette of songs available; accompanying 40-page binder of pedagogical suggestions includes song lyrics, biographies of artists, background information, grammatical commentary, vocabulary, questionnaires, and exercises.
33 minutes

Collaborations: Meeting New Goals, Realities
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced in 1997 by the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in conjunction with the 1997 Northeast Conference Reports volume; presents examples of classroom scenarios that each focus on one of the five goal areas (listed below) of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning; series of accompanying discussion questions available.
54 minutes


  1. Communication Goal: Meaning Making through a Whole Language Approach
  2. Cultures Goal: Using Video to Explore Perspectives, Practices, and Products of Guatemalan Culture
  3. Connections Goal: Making New Connections through Interdisciplinary Lessons
  4. Comparisons Goal: Using Linguistic and Cultural Comparisons to Help Students Succeed in Learning
  5. Communities Goal: Using a Foreign Language to Connect with the Community

Comment peut-on être français
Five color videocassettes, one copy 1/2" VHS, one copy 3/4" produced at Wellesley College, featuring interviews with French people residing in the U.S.; recommended for high-intermediate to advanced students; vocabulary and exercise sheets available.
Approx. 30 minutes each.


Être Français aux États-Unis
Les stéréotypes
Les plaisirs de la table
Les rapports franco-américains

Cultural Literacy and Interactive Language Instruction
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1988)
Narrated by Marlies Mueller of the Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University; illustrates a variety of activities designed to teach language through literature: (1) discussion of ideas via simulated news broadcasts and interviews with famous people, (2) vocabulary study, (3) grammar activities, (4) student dramatizations, (5) oral testing; begins by illustrating negative classroom techniques; ends with student discussion (in English) of the “language-through-literature” classes; all illustrations are from elementary and advanced French classes.
Narration in English
55 minutes

1/2" VHS color videocassette
The 1990 Jean-Paul Rappeneau film based on Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac; the story of a 17th century swordsman who proves inarticulate only when trying to express face to face his love for his cousin Roxanne; film stars Gérard Depardieu.
One (SECAM) copy in French, no subtitles; one copy in French, with English subtitles
2 hours 25 minutes

Daily Life at the Court of Versailles
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Films for the Humanities and Sciences film written by Dominique Delouche and produced by S.F.P. and Hachette; through the use of still images, period paintings, and actors costumed in 17th and 18th-century dress, the history of France and its culture comes to life in this portrait of Versailles and its residents; narration in English; actors playing the roles of such historical and literary figures as Louis XIV, le duc de St. Simon, La Bruyère, la Princesse Palatine, and Mme. De Sévigné and others speak in French (no subtitles)
60 minutes

1/2" VHS black & white videocassette
1955 suspense shocker starring Simone Signoret and directed by Henri Georges Clouzot; horror movie that depicts the murder of the headmaster of a small, run-down French school and the mysterious happenings that follow.
In French with English subtitles
109 minutes

Le dîner de cons (The Dinner Game)
1/2" VHS color videocassette
1998 film written and directed by Francis Veber of La cage aux folles fame; farce involving a group of guys who meet weekly for dinner and compete to bring the biggest “idiot” to dinner as a guest; before one of these weekly dîners de cons, to very humorous effect, one of the hosts (Pierre) finds himself stuck in his apartment with “his” idiot (François), an accountant who makes matchstick models of monuments.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 21 minutes

Discovering French – Blanc
Two 1/2" VHS color videocassettes (2 copies)
Filmed on location in the Annecy region of the French Alps; nine video segments divided into 27 scenes which correspond to the lesson openers of the text Discovering French – Blanc by Valette and Valette © 1994 D.C. Heath; for beginning students; accompanying videoscript includes transcripts, timings, topics and communicative objectives of each video module.
Each module: approx. 2–4 minutes
Total time: 70 minutes

Discovering French – Bleu
Four 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Consisting of 39 modules filmed on location in France and in the French-speaking world; duplicate copy of videos 2-4 available; modules are designed to correlate with the basic lessons and cultural photo essays of the secondary school text Discovering French - Bleu by Valette and Valette © 1993 D.C. Heath and Co.; modules generally include: (1) dialogues, (2) mini-scenes for listening comprehension (i.e. candid interviews), (3) mini-scenes for speaking practice, (4) vignettes culturelles; videoscript containing video/text correlation chart, listing of cultural themes and script of each module available.
Each module: 5–8 minutes
Total time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Discovering French Rouge 3 – Nouveau!
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Consisting of modules filmed on location in France and in the French-speaking world; modules are designed to correlate with the 10 units of the secondary school text Discovering French Rouge 3 = Nouveau! by Valette and Valette © 2004 McDougal Littell; each 7–13 minute module includes a vidéo-drame and a vignette culturelle.
Total time: 1 hour 23 minutes

L’École internationale de français à Trois-Rivières
1/2"VHS color videocassette
Produced in 1985 as promotional material for the French immersion programs at Trois-Rivières in the province of Québec; some images are quite dated, but the narration-free clips shown of Montréal and Québec City may be useful as visual material related to francophone studies.
Narration in English
10 minutes

Espace francophone: Dossier 1
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Distributed by PICS; subdivided into four segments: (1) an introduction to Les Plouffe, a film by québécois filmmaker Gilles Carle, featuring two clips, an interview with the filmmaker and reactions of the public at the Paris opening; (2) Gilles Vigneault, québécois singer, on stage performing the song Il me reste un pays; (3) a discussion with Haitian writer René Depestre about art as a reflection of society; (4) a dossier on the Agence de la Coopération Culturelle et Technique, including an interview with its secretary-general, François Owono-Ngueme.
In French, no subtitles
29 minutes

La femme rompue
1/2" VHS color videocassette
1993 Films for the Humanities film based on the work of Simone de Beauvoir; portrait of an “independent” woman involved in a love affair and the range of emotions and thoughts she experiences when the man terminates the affair.
In French, no subtitles
90 minutes

Les filles de Caleb
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Volume 1, episodes 1 and 2 of the Canadian television series Les Filles de Caleb, set in the early 1900’s; in these episodes, Emilie Bordeleau, the oldest daughter of Caleb Bordeleau, a farmer, defies her father’s authority and strikes out on her own to become a schoolteacher in the village of St.-Tite; after an initial period of resistance to her on the part of her students and the villagers in general, Emilie, while organizing a Christmas celebration, is finally accepted by her adopted community.
In French, no subtitles
95 minutes

Le français des affaires 1 + 2
Two 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Produced by Didier/Hatier; 37 separate sequences; designed for intermediate and advanced students interested in learning business French; communicative approach to learning enhanced through real-life, contextually-accurate interviews with 30 businessmen and women in seven French companies; accompanying 192-page student book contains written and oral exercises with answer key, glossary of terms, transcriptions of video material.
Each video: 50 minutes
Total time of video series: 1 hour 40 minutes

France From Within, Tape 1
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Scenes of natural, everyday situations in the lives of native French speakers, filmed on location in their homes, at work and at school in France, Canada, Switzerland and Louisiana; features eleven one to ten-minute programs; designed for use by intermediate-advanced students.
60 minutes

France Panorama Vol. 2, 2/88 (2 copies); vol. 4, 2/88, vols. 6–19, 1988
Seventeen 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Video magazine designed to promote improvement in listening comprehension and cultural awareness; features footage of news and cultural clips compiled in short (2–6 minutes) thematic segments; produced in collaboration with Antenne II; user’s guides available; for intermediate-advanced students.
Approx. 45 minutes each

France Panorama Vols. 6–10 and vol. 20, 1989
Six 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Video magazine designed to promote improvement in listening comprehension and cultural awareness; features footage of news and cultural clips compiled in short (2-6 minutes) thematic segments; produced in collaboration with Antenne II; user’s guides available; for intermediate-advanced students.
Approx. 45 minutes each

France Panorama Vol. 2, nos. 1–6, 1989–90
1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Two copies of numbers 1–5 available; video magazine designed to promote improvement in listening comprehension and cultural awareness; features footage of news compiled in short (2–6 minutes) thematic segments; produced in collaboration with Antenne II; resource guides available for each video; for intermediate-advanced students.
Approx. 45–60 minutes each

France-TV Magazine octobre, 1990
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by the University of Maryland, Baltimore and Antenne 2 & Médiane Films, Paris; uses footage from Antenne 2’s news department to present a video magazine consisting of 20 different segments of cultural relevance, for example: la crise du Golfe, la rentrée, la jeunesse, le terroir, la publicité, la mode masculine, Miró en Provence, l’alcool among others; the accompanying Cahier pédagogique contains pre-viewing, viewing and post-viewing activities, vocabulary exercises, transcript of video segments; for intermediate and advanced students
Each segment: 1–3½ minutes
Total time: 57 minutes

Francoforum: St. Pierre et Miquelon
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Highlighting the experiences of the first group of francophone stagiaires at a language acquisition program on the island group of St. Pierre et Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland; includes photographic tour and history of the islands.
Approx. 27 minutes

Françoise Gilot Lecture 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Recording of September 17, 2000 lecture given by the artist Françoise Gilot at Boston College in conjunction with the McMullen Museum of Art’s exhibit Françoise Gilot: 1940–1950, on view from June 14–September 24, 2000; in her presentation, Gilot speaks about her life and work and shows slide examples of paintings by artists who influenced her artistic style, as well as slides of her own works dated 1950–2000.
In English
Approx. 55 minutes

The French Experience 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Units 1–4 only of a beginning level BBC language learning program; 4 themes presented (introduction, famille, professions, ville et campagne), plus cultural information including: the French perspective on France itself, le 14 juillet, role of the father, geneology, la Terreur,communal living in Vaour and more.
58 minutes

French In Action 2nd Edition
FR 1.072
A fully integrated video, audio and text program for learning French from the beginning through intermediate levels; includes: (a) fifty-two one-half hour VHS video programsfilmed in France and broadcast on PBS since 1987; the first section of each video program tells the continuing story of Robert, a young American in Paris, and Mireille, a French student whose family and friends teach him about life in France; in the second section, Pierre Capretz, creator of the series, explains the linguistic material in each episode via vignettes from French cinema, television, publicity, interviews and cartoons. (b) fifty-two forty-five to ninety-minute audiocassette programs; the first half of each audio program breaks down the story-line dialogue into small units for repetition and analysis; coordinated with the workbook, the second half contains oral and written exercises based on phonological and grammatical topics; self-testing exercises also included. (c) print materials: (1) textbook, containing the complete script of the continuing story, comprehension questions and documentsfor reading comprehension; (2) workbooks (parts 1 and 2), coordinated with audio program; (3) study guides (parts 1 and 2), presented in English, intended chiefly for independent study individuals, contain “summary quizzes” for self testing; (4) instructors guide contains complete script of audiocassette exercises and self-testing summary quizzes, gives plans for sequencing and presenting material of each lesson, focuses on modes of testing appropriate for French in Action.

French In Action Videoconference
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The April 1, 1995 French in Action videoconference held in conjunction with the Central States Conference in Denver, Colorado; David Pelizzari, host, with Pierre Capretz, creator of the French in Action program and panelists from high schools, community college and universities and distant learning programs throughout the US; includes - (1) Capretz presentation on the origins of French in Action and its “place on the map” of foreign language pedagogy, (2) videoclips from actual US high school and college-level classes, as illustrations of various teaching techniques for in-class use of the French in Action video, (3) sampling of panelists’ lesson planning and testing methods, (4) question/answer segment where panelists discuss issues phoned or faxed in from videoconference downlink audience or posed by the on-camera studio audience; also includes still photos and video outtakes of on-site filming of the series.
2 hours

French Music Educational Mix Vol. 1
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced in 1992 by the French Music Office; includes music video-style presentations by seven different French popular music artists: Amina, Francis Cabrel, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Les Innocents, Niagara, Les Négresses Vertes, MC Solaar; audiocassette of music also available.
Approx. 30 minutes

French Play Performance: Un théâtre de bric et de broc
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Recorded in Spring 1997 by Boston College students in the Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures; technical quality uneven; approx. 16 minutes; includes recitations and dramatizations from the following sources:

Prévert, La Seine, La transcendance, Les enfants qui saiment
Molière: Les fourberies de Scapin (scène de la galère)
Rostand: Cyrano de Bergerac (scène du nez)
Beaumarchais: Le mariage de Figaro (Goddam!)
Fontenelle: Irons-nous sur la lune?

The French Sampler
1/2" VHS color videocassette
By Bernard Petit Video Productions; demonstration tape that includes a brief sample from the introductory-intermediate level video programs French Alive! and The French Way and the intermediate-advanced level programs France from Within, tapes 1 and 2; situations represented include: au marché, à l’hôtel, au syndicat dinitiative, au magasin, au métro, SNCF, à la poste, au téléphone, à la banque, au restaurant, au café, un jeu de boules;cultural topics include: French university life, French sounds and facial expressions (“euh,” “bof”), la cuisine avec Paul Bocuse, une salade niçoise, le minitel, le trou normand, la tarte normande, etc.; no print material available.
Approx. 25 minutes

From the Inside: Ethnographic Interviews in the Language Classroom
1/2" VHS color videocassette
National Language Resource Center, San Diego State University © 1997
Intended to promote and teach ethnographic interviewing techniques as a means, according to Dr. Gail Robinson-Stuart, of “getting the inside perspective” on persons of other cultures; features clips from actual student interviews and teacher training sessions.
In English
Approx. 21 minutes

La gloire de mon père
1/2" VHS (SECAM) color videocassette
The 1990 Yves Robert film based on the work of Marcel Pagnol; film stars Philippe Caubère, Nathalie Roussel, Didier Pain, Thérèse Liotard; the story of an 11-year-old boy who experiences a turning point in his life and in his relationship with his father when he spends a glorious summer with his family in the rugged countryside of Provence.
In French, no subtitles
2 hours 25 minutes

Going International
Four 1/2" VHS color videocassettes designed to help the traveler develop cross-cultural skills required for a successful international experience.
In English

  1. Bridging the Culture Gap - contrasts one’s own unconscious cultural values/habits with those of the diverse cultures of the world; explains cultural taboos and accepted standards of behavior; 30 minutes.
  2. Managing the Overseas Assignment - shows how cultural misunderstandings can affect the traveler’s ability to accomplish goals in such diverse countries as Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, India and Mexico; includes explanation of what went wrong in each situation and proposes ways for improving results; 30 minutes.
  3. Beyond Culture Shock - for the family or the individual moving abroad; explains the psychological phases of the adjustment process; provides practical suggestions for making life abroad a positive experience; 30 minutes.
  4. Welcome Home, Stranger - focuses on the unexpected problems of returning home and how to overcome the difficulties of “re-entry” into the workplace, community and school environment; 15 minutes

Gustave Courbet: The Place of Death
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Examination of Gustave Courbet’s 1848 painting L’enterrement à Ornans in the political context of the Revolution of 1848 and consideration of its place within the Realist movement; detailed visual analysis of the painting may be beneficial for students learning French descriptive vocabulary.
In French, no subtitles
32 minutes

Hand-Held Delight
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced in Summer 2000 by the Boston College Audiovisual Department in association with the Boston College Lambda Psi chapter of Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society); this video, produced in conjunction with the Lambda Psi chapter’s exhibit of the same name at the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College (June 14–September 24, 2000), highlights several of the 18th and 19th-century European fans from the permanent Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Hicks Collection at Boston College; also includes a study of 18th-century fan construction as illustrated by the Eventailliste (Fan-Maker) plates from the Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot; English-language captions and period music.
Approx. 27 minutes

Heinle & Heinle Satellite Videoconference #2: On Mentoring Foreign Language TAs, Lecturers, and Adjunct Faculty
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The October 25, 2000 second annual national videoconference on issues in language program direction sponsored by Heinle & Heinle Publishers and broadcast from the Georgia Center for Continuing Education; based on the AAUSC (American Association of University Supervisors, Coordinators and Directors of Foreign Language Programs) volume Mentoring Foreign Language TAs, Lecturers, and Adjunct Faculty edited by Benjamin Rifkin; videoconference moderated by Robert Terry (University of Richmond) with featured speakers: Elizabeth Bernhardt (Stanford University), Tom Blair (City College of San Francisco), Lara Lomicka (Penn State University), Susan Navey-Davis (North Carolina State University), Rebecca Oxford (University of Maryland); in addition to delivering formal presentations and participating in discussions on the topic of mentoring, speakers respond to viewers’ questions.
2 hours

Heinle & Heinle Satellite Videoconference #3: Teaching in Today’s Multilevel Classroom
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The February 6, 2002 third annual national videoconference on issues in language program direction sponsored by Heinle & Heinle Publishers and broadcast from the Georgia Center for Continuing Education; videoconference moderated by Robert Terry (University of Richmond) with featured speakers: Kerry S.G. Driscoll (University of Iowa and Coe College), Jean-Louis Hippolyte (Kansas State University), Patti J. Marinelli (University of South Carolina), and Kimberley A. Sallee (University of Missouri-Columbia); in addition to delivering formal presentations and participating in discussions on the topic of placement in the multilevel classroom where students of varying abilities/backgrounds in the target language come together, speakers respond to viewers’ questions.
2 hours

L’homme qui plantait des arbres 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
1988 Oscar-winning animated film by Frédéric Back based on the Jean Giono story of the same title; narrated by Philippe Noiret; tale of a simple, quiet shepherd who dedicates himself to the labor of reforesting a land ruined by drought; 1 copy available.
In French, no subtitles
30 minutes

Ici la France
Four 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Twenty uncaptioned and captioned video modules correlated with the Valette and Valette introductory text French for Mastery; each module consists of: (1) the cultural opener – a visual presentation of a selected aspect of French culture; (2) dialogues about daily-life topics; (3) the développement or presentation of specific vocabulary or structure in a cultural context; reference guide containing videoscript and suggestions for use available.
Average module: 5–9 minutes
Total time: 2 hours 13 minutes

Interact ’89
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The satellite teleconference, “Using Technology in the Modern Language Classroom,” from California State University at Chico (May 10, 1989). Participants include: Frank Otto of Brigham Young University, Rick Altman and James Pusack of PICS, Lee Ann Stone of UC at Irvine; their discussion includes task-based activities for the language lab, use of video and authentic foreign television programming and the availability of videodisc.
In English
90 minutes

Intermediate French - Imparfait / Passé Composé 
1/2" VHS color videocassette produced in the late 1990s by teaching fellows of Boston College’s Department of Romance Languages and Literatures; 4 brief skits intended to help illustrate the uses of the imparfait/passé composé tenses in situations of past narration; approximately 3 minutes.

Jacques Yvart in Concert
1/2" VHS color videocassette
November 20, 1986 concert performed at Boston College by French singer/songwriter/guitarist Jacques Yvart; Yvart performs 16 songs in French - most having a maritime theme, some with audience participation; includes Yvart’s setting of Baudelaire poem L’invitation au voyage and L’amour pour l’amour, song based on text of Martin Luther King. Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech; non-professional recording.
Approx. 75 minutes

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
1/2" VHS color videocassette
A 1995/1999 Films for the Humanities and Sciences /La Cinquième/CNDP production; this examination of the life and works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau features actor Gérard Dallez in the role of Rousseau, as well as off-camera narration, readings from La nouvelle Héloïse,Émile ou de l’éducation, Le contrat social, still images, period paintings, text facsimiles.
In French, no subtitles
15 minutes


Le Joli Mai
1/2" VHS (SECAM) black & white
Chris Marker (1963)
2 hours 36 minutes

Languages at Work
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1989)
Narrated by Marlies Mueller of the Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University; illustrates a variety of activities for the language classroom: warm-up, grammar-related, role-playing, group work, warm-down activities; illustrations are given in French, Italian and Spanish by Harvard faculty members in elementary-level language classes.
Narration in English
35 minutes

A Legacy of Goodness
1/2" VHS color videocassette that documents the experiences and feelings of Ruth Kapp Hartz who, as a Jewish child of four during the Nazi Holocaust, was hidden in a convent in Vichy, France and given the French name “Renee” as a means of protection against the Nazis; includes segments of interviews (in French) with surviving members of families who helped to shelter her and with some of their children and grandchildren; accompanying 175-page, illustrated book entitled Your Name is Renee available.
30 minutes

1/2" VHS color videocassette
25 French television commercials and public service announcements intended to be used as lesson triggers for the intermediate-level text Liaison (Hester, Wade, Jian) (FR 1.063) and as a basis for cultural discussions; annotated notes about these video spots appear throughout the Instructor’s Annotated Edition of the text.
Approx. 22 minutes

Les locataires
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Three short films from l’Agence du Court Métrage; (1) Clac - an underdressed apartment dweller’s front door locks behind him when he steps out onto the landing to take out the garbage; (2) Chambre à louer - landlady with a bizarre penchant for taxidermy interviews a new locataire who wonders why the names of previous renters seem so familiar - could it be that he had heard about them in the news? (3) Vis-à-vis - story of the friendship between a woman who has just moved in to her new apartment and the boy who lives across the way.
In French, no subtitles
Total time: 25 minutes

La Loire
1/2" VHS color videocassette
A 1991 Films for the Humanities/FR3 and Pathé Cinéma production; part of the video series Les grands fleuves: Reflets de l’histoire, this documentary presents the Loire river as central to the history of France and its people; includes commentary about historical and literary personalities, such as: St. Martin, Gregory of Tours, François Ier, Catherine de Médicis, Leonardo da Vinci, Du Bellay, Balzac; several châteaux of the region are highlighted: Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau, Lude, Amboise, Chenonceaux; also features interviews with contemporary river workers and other inhabitants of the region.
In French, no subtitles
57 minutes

McGraw-Hill Satellite Teleconference #1: From Theory to Practice: The Natural Approach
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The February 23, 1994 McGraw-Hill satellite teleconference (from California State University at Long Beach) on second-language acquisition theory and how to apply it to the classroom.
Moderator: Gerard Ervin of Ohio State
Features presentation by Dr. Stephen Krashen and panel discussion/questions-answers with Jeanne Egasse, Erwin Tschirner, Mary Rogers, Magdalena Andrade and Elías Miguel Muñoz; topic of discussion: Tracy Terrell’s Natural Approach to language instruction; available: multiple copies of teleconference handout containing biographies of conference panelists, outline of Krashen’s presentation and Natural Approach theory.
2 hours

McGraw-Hill Satellite Teleconference #2: A New Look at Authentic Materials
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The February 15, 1995 McGraw-Hill satellite teleconference (from California State University at Long Beach) on second-language acquisition theory and practice.
Moderator: Gerard Ervin (Ohio State)
Wilga Rivers (Harvard University)
June Phillips (Weber State and ACTFL)
And panel discussion/questions-answers with Drs. Robert Blake (University of California, Davis), Robert Di Donato (Miami University), Raymond Elliott (University of Texas, Arlington), L. Kathy Heilenman (University of Iowa), and Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku (University of California, San Diego); topic of discussion: use of authentic materials in the foreign language classroom; features videotaped examples of teachers using realia, authentic readings and video in the classroom; available: copy of teleconference handout containing outline of program.
2 hours

McGraw-Hill Satellite Teleconference #3: Integrating Technology into the Language Curriculum
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The October 23, 1996 McGraw-Hill satellite teleconference (from California State University at Long Beach) on second-language acquisition theory and practice.
Moderator: Gerard Ervin (Ohio State)
The Role of Technology by Dr. Robert J. Blake (University of California, Davis)
Technology and the Communicative Language Classroom 
by Dr. Bill Van Patten (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Followed by panel discussion/questions-answers with Drs. Gail Robinson-Stuart (San Diego State University), Richard Kern (University of California, Berkeley), Christopher M. Jones (Carnegie-Mellon University), James P. Pusack (University of Iowa), Karen Price (Harvard University); topic of discussion: attempt to answer the following 4 questions: What is technology good for? Where does technology live? What is the process for integrating technology? How does the language instructor get good materials?
2 hours

McGraw-Hill Satellite Teleconference #4: Grammar in the Communicative Language Classroom
1/2" VHS color videocassette
The Fall 1997 fourth-annual McGraw-Hill teleconference (from California State University at Long Beach) on second-language acquisition theory and practice.
Moderator: Gerard Ervin (Ohio State)
Diane Musumeci (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Michael H. Long (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Also includes panel discussion/questions-answers with Drs. Elizabeth Bernhardt (Stanford University), Patsy Lightbown (Concordia University, Montreal), Theodore Higgs (San Diego State University), and Bill VanPatten (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign); topic of discussion: attempt to answer the following 4 questions: Should grammar be explicitly taught in the communicative language classroom? Does grammar instruction make a difference in the acquisition of a second language? If so, what are the effects? What approach to grammar instruction should be followed?
2 hours

Memories of Monet
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Meredith Martindale & Toby Molenaar (1984)
Narrated by Claire Bloom, this intimate aperçu of the golden age of Claude Monet (1889–1926) is based on the memoirs of American Impressionist artist and friend of Monet, Lilla Cabot Perry. Scenes of Monet’s Giverny gardens mingle with images of his paintings, as well as with those of other artists like Whistler, Sargent, Pissarro, and Perry herself.
29 minutes

Moderato cantabile
1/2" VHS black and white videocassette
Based on a novel by Marguerite Duras, Moderato cantabile depicts a week in the life of Anne (Jeanne Moreau), a lonely housewife, whose only joy comes from her young son and their daily walks through their desolate French village. After stumbling upon a murder scene, Anne meets and falls in love with Chauvin (Jean-Paul Belmondo), an equally lonely gentleman. As their relationship develops, Anne confuses her own reality vicariously with the experience of the victim of the crime of passion; Jeanne Moreau won the 1960 Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress for her role in this film directed by Peter Brooks.
In French with English subtitles
90 minutes

Monnaie et crédit: la Bourse
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Well-chosen images and interviews that help explain the workings of the stock market; for advanced students; produced by Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique; transcription available.
22 minutes


Noël à Paris
1/2" VHS color videocassette
That illustrates the Christmas and New Year’s customs as celebrated in Paris; includes scenes of shop windows in Faubourg Saint-Honoré, toy displays, a family celebration, santons, réveillon dinner.
Approx. 25 minutes

On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song) 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
1997 César Award-winning film directed by Alain Resnais; romantic, musical comedy about two Parisian sisters, Odile (played by Sabine Azéma) and Camille (Agnès Jaoui), who become entangled in dysfunctional relationships with a submissive husband (Pierre Arditi), an old boyfriend (Jean-Pierre Bacri), a dishonest realtor (Lambert Wilson), and a kind, older man (André Dussolier); in the midst of normal dialogue, characters lip-synch to recordings of old as well as contemporary French song fragments which express their inner thoughts and true feelings; singers featured in these song excerpts: Charles Aznavour, Joséphine Baker, Alain Bashung, Maurice Chevalier, Dalida, Johnny Hallyday, Edith Piaf, among many others.
In French with English subtitles; also available in Region 2 (PAL) DVD format with option of French, English, German or Italian subtitles
2 hours


Outremer (Overseas) 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
A Cannes award-winning film featuring three sisters living in Algeria during a period of shaky cultural change. The film introduces the story from each woman’s perspective and reveals more interesting twists and turns in the subplot of the story, particularly focusing on each woman’s love life. The three sisters ultimately struggle to keep their family united as tragedy, the threat of danger, and cultural changes attempt to drive them apart.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 36 minutes

Par ici
1/2" VHS color videocassette (4 copies)
Produced by Eagle Multimedia Group; reinforces and expands upon the cultural themes presented in the D.C. Heath text Par Ici by Robert Ariew and Anne Nerenz; 12 video modules include advertisements, documentary footage, reports and human interest stories; multiple film clips within each module; videoscript (2 copies) available.
Each module: approx. 5 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes

Paris Through the Ages
1/2" VHS color videocassette
A Films for the Humanities/FR3 and Pathé Cinéma production; part of the video series Les grandes villes du monde, this documentary traces the history of Paris from its beginnings to the 1980s; includes: historical footage of contemporary events, dramatic representations of others, on-camera interviews with several Parisian historians as well as one American; features city street scenes, views of the Seine, statuary, art work, Beaubourg; note: photography/video quality dated (“1970s”) in appearance.
In French, no subtitles
61 minutes

Paris: Une capitale des arts
Series of three 1/2" VHS color videocassettes
Produced by CNDP and Films for the Humanities and Sciences; an examination of Paris as the center of the European art world from 1830 to 1900; narrated “slide shows” of works related to the historical and artistic events of the period.
Each video: 14 minutes
Total time: 42 minutes

Video #1: Paris: 1830
Focuses on the Paris of the Romantics and the Neoclassicists; considers the impact of the Restoration and the Paris Commune on literature, music and art; includes: references to Balzac, Hugo, Lamartine, Berlioz, Liszt, Chopin, as well as examples of the art of Géricault (Le radeau de la Méduse), Girodet (Les funérailles dAtala),Delacroix (La Liberté guidant le peuple, La mort de Sardanapale), Daumier, Ingres; also includes views of various quartiers and city monuments such as l’Arc de Triomphe, le Panthéon, la Bourse, la Place de la Concorde.

Video #2: Paris: 1860
Architectural tour of Paris as the city razed and rebuilt by Napoléon III; includes explanation of the plan de Paris and regulations related to construction; city sites featured include: le Louvre, le Bois de Boulogne, Place St. Michel, l’Île de la Cité, l’Eglise St. Augustin, l’Opéra, la Gare du Nord; paintings of Courbet (L’enterrement à Ornans), Millet (Les glaneuses), Manet (Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, l’Olympia), Monet and others also included.

Video #3: Paris: 1900
Portrait of fin de siècle Paris beginning with study of the sculpture Triomphe de la République by Dallou followed by a review Rodin’s Portes de l’enfer as well as an architectural tour of the Petit Palais, the Grand Palais, and the Opéra-Comique; includes: archival footage by the Lumière brothers of Paris’s Exposition universelle, examples of paintings by Vuillard, Bonnard, Picasso.

Pas de problème
1/2" VHS color videocassette (4 copies)
Produced by Houghton Mifflin Co.; 12 modules each focussing on everyday problem-solving situations left open-ended to prompt student interaction; can be used to accompany Houghton Mifflin’s introductory French programs (including Contacts, 6th Edition);videoscript available in Contacts, 6th Edition – Instructor’s Resource Manual, pp. VT 1–18.
Average time of module: 4–6 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes


Au tennis

La poste

Le coup de fil

En panne

Le métro

Au Centre-Pompidou

La boulangerie

Au marché, rue Mouffetard

Au café

Le papillon

Château Saint-Jean

La fête de la musique


The Lesson

Pas de problème
2nd Edition
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by Houghton Mifflin Co. © 2001 and designed to accompany specifically Contacts, 7th Edition (Valette and Valette); like the first edition, this program features 12 modules each focussing on everyday problem-solving situations left open-ended to prompt student interaction; new to this edition: six 2–3 minute Impressions that contrast old and new elements of everyday life in France; videoscript available in Contacts, 7th edition - Instructors Resource Manual, pp. VT 1–19.
Average time of module: 4–6 minutes
Total time: 78 minutes

Modules and Impressions:

1. Au tennis

7. La poste

2. Le coup de fil

8. En panne

Impressions 1: La vie étudiante

Impressions 4: L’ancien et le nouveau

3. Le métro

9. Au Centre-Pompidou

4. La boulangerie

10. Au Marché, rue Mouffetard

Impressions 2: Les transports

Impressions 5: Les courses et la préparation des repas

5. Au café

11. Le papillon

6. Château Saint-Jean

12. La fête de la musique

Impressions 3: Lieux de rencontre, hier et aujourd’hui

Impressions 6: C’est la vie / Le monde francophone


1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by the Federation of Pétanque USA; promotional video outlining the sport of pétanque, its history, the rules of the game, its players; printed explanation of “how to play pétanque” available.
10 minutes


Pierre Auguste Renoir: Bright Summer Days
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Examines Renoir’s 1876 painting Le bal au Moulin de la Galette, placing the work within the context of Renoir’s complete works and the Impressionist movement; photographs of the actual Moulin de la Galette in Montmartre are utilized in order to deduce the exact spot in the club where Renoir might have painted the work; directed by Alain Jaubert.
In French, no subtitles
32 minutes

Poésie de la francophonie
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Collection of 67 poems by various poets of the French-speaking world; includes works by Maurice Carême, Sylvain Garneau, Victor Hugo, La Fontaine, Musset, Rimbaud, Verlaine, and others, as well as comptines populaires.
2 hours

Poetry and the Teaching of Foreign Languages
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1991)
Demonstration of teaching techniques where poetry is examined as a literary genre and as a means of expanding communicative skills in a foreign language; divided into three parts: Celebrating Poetry, Understanding Poetry, Creating Poetry; actual, unrehearsed classes in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and English as a Second Language presented; shot on location at Harvard University with appearances by Harvard professors Wilga Rivers and Marlies Mueller, as well as Prof. Claire Kramsch of the University of California at Berkeley.
60 minutes

97 Publicités télévisées
1/2" VHS color videocassette
97 commercials seen on French television; useful as indicators of various aspects of French culture; good for study of the language; two Guides Pédagogiques give suggestions for classroom use, for “clustering” of ads: in-depth study of thirteen ads, script of all 97 ads included.
45 minutes

Reflets 2 
1/2" VHS color “demo” (cassette dexpérimentation) videocassette
An Hachette (© 1999) French language learning program by Guy Capelle and Noëlle Gidon; each episode features an introductory dramatization of the ongoing story of a Parisian family who has relocated to a small town in Southern France and taken up ownership of the town’s café; demo includes sampling from sections (Reflets de vie, Reflets Grammaire, Reflets Variations, Reflets Civilisation) of episodes 1–4: featured in the samples of Reflets Grammaire: les temps de l’indicatif, le temps futur, le passé composé, l’imparfait, les emplois du subjonctif, les emplois du conditionnel présent, le discours indirect; Reflets Variations illustrate the various ways of expressing a particular thought: interrompre une conversation, faire une invitation/accepter ou refuser, faire une suggestion, se présenter dans un restaurant, quitter un restaurant; Reflets Civilisation feature brief portraits of regions, cultural monuments of France – La Côte d’Azur (includes views of Miró sculptures), Parisian monuments, Strasbourg.
In French, no subtitles
63 minutes

Reflets français
1/2" VHS color videocassette (3 copies)
Produced by Bernard Petit in 1992; intended for use by either beginning- or intermediate-level French language learners; includes the 40-minute program Eric Vincent chante in which the singer performs a number of his songs, talks about his background, his favorite musical themes and rhythms, his houseboat, and Paris; also includes Tout Paris, a 17-minute tour of Paris narrated by Liliane Wilk; accompanying study guide includes video transcripts, questions, cloze activities, song lyrics.
Total time: 57 minutes

1/2" VHS (PAL) color videocassette
Consisting of 19 brief conversational scenes: 17 of these scenes concern the adventures of a young man in search of an old school friend in a small town in southern France; each scene runs approximately 1–7 minutes; two independent scenes illustrate la leçon de conduite and à l’agence de voyages; teacher’s guide available; audiocassette of dialogues recorded on the film available; for beginning and intermediate students.
Approx. 50 minutes

Rendez-vous avec Lyon
A culturally-based video series about life in Lyon, France’s emerging second city; series produced by the Language Learning Centre at the University of Otago, New Zealand; designed for use by advanced learners of French; each of the five titles currently available includes: one or two 1/2" VHS color videocassettes (9 videocassettes in all) of commentary and interviews with Lyonnais, an audiocassette, a tape guide entitled Trame du rendez-vous avec complément d’informations; audiocassette reprises the video’s audio track minus background noise and music and also includes some activities (dictations, pronunciation exercises, etc.); tape guide includes explanatory introductions, transcription of the video, learning activities appropriate to the linguistic or cultural content of the video, crossword puzzle test, a glossary, a selection of printed texts related to the video’s theme or content.
Each video: 32–59 minutes
Total time of video series: approx. 6 hours 33 minutes

  1. Premier Volet: Entrée en matière: provides an overview of the city of Lyon and of its attitudes in the 1990’s; emphasizes Lyon’s history, its religious and cultural traditions, the splendour of Old Lyon, the importance of fine food and of an excellent urban transport system which includes the TGV link with Paris; approx. 40 minutes.
  2. Deuxième Volet: Lyon Loisirs: treats aspects of leisure and entertainment in Lyon and its suburbs; includes a look at river tourism on the Saône, the cultural pleasures of museums, the opera, café-théâtre, an English bookshop, fine art exhibitions at the Brotteaux auction room, the fun of Lyon’s Fête sans frontière, sporting activities in Vénissieux, Paul Bocuse’s passion for theatre organs; approx. 92 minutes.
  3. Troisième Volet: Lyon se définit: presents a succession of speakers who refer to Lyon’s claim to be France’s second city in a variety of areas: silk-making, banking (Crédit Lyonnais), communication network, transportation, education and research, fashion, fine arts, cuisine; approx. 87 minutes.
  4. Quatrième Volet: La Gastronomie: discusses the central role of food and drink in the development of Lyon’s identity; includes a sampling of the range of culinary styles and menus found Chez Bocuse, Chez Rose,and à la Meunière, as well as a sampling of restaurant conversations among Lyonnais; approximately 69 minutes.
  5. Cinquième Volet: Lyon, ville internationale analyzes factors contributing to Lyon’s rise in stature in the international marketplace - geographic position, local industries (silk, printing, banking), the arts, technology, réputation gastronomique, influx of international companies; considerable attention given to the relationships between Lyon and Geneva, London, and Frankfurt; approx. 103 minutes.

La Révolution Française: La Révolution et la Royauté 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Part 2 in a series about the French Revolution produced by La Sept/FR3/L’Auditorium de l’Etoile and Films for the Humanities and Sciences; written by François Furet and Roger Stéphane; narrated by M. Furet, this presentation includes gravures, paintings, historical reenactments, and chansons populaires to tell the story of the French Revolution; highlighted are events of the following dates of 1789: May 5 (États-Généraux at Versailles), July 14 (la Bastille), July 17 (continued unrest), August 4 (l’Assemblée Nationale abolishes the régime), August 26 (Déclaration des droits de l’homme et du citoyen), October 5 (march on Versailles).
In French, no subtitles
52 minutes

Romance Languages and Literatures Teaching Fellow Workshop (March 23, 1990)
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Approx. 15–20 minute presentations by members of the Boston College Department of Romance Languages and Literatures on topics related to teaching techniques suggested for use in the foreign language classroom.
In English
Approximately 75 minutes


Adapting Oral Proficiency Interviews for Classroom Use
Music in the Classroom
Effective Interaction Using Groups and Teams
Writing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Romance Languages and Literatures Teaching Fellow Workshop (February 28, 1992) 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Approx. 15-minute presentations by Teaching Fellow members of the Boston College Department of Romance Languages and Literatures on topics related to teaching techniques suggested for use in the foreign language classroom.
In English
Approx. 75 minutes


Fill’er Up: Quick and Easy Space Fillers (activities to focus students’ attention)
Snap to It (Rassias drilling method)
Action, Camera ... and Cut (student-produced videos)
Playing It Safe (games)
Instructor Exit Stage Left (student-centered activities for conversation initiation)

Romance Languages and Literatures Teaching Fellow Workshop (February 23, 1996)
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Approx. 10–15-minute presentations by Teaching Fellow members of the Boston College Department of Romance Languages and Literatures on topics related to teaching techniques suggested for use in the foreign language classroom.
In English
Approx. 75 minutes


A Bag of Magic Tricks
Listen Up!
Everyone’s a comic
Wanted: Dead or Alive!
Inspired Writing: Getting the Best from Students
Please Pass the Pumpkin!

Romance Languages and Literatures Teaching Fellow Workshop (February 14, 1997) 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Approx. 10–15-minute presentations by Teaching Fellow members of the Boston College Department of Romance Languages and Literatures on topics related to teaching techniques suggested for use in the foreign language classroom.
In English
Approx. 75 minutes


Hey! What happened? (part I: Intermediate Spanish; part II: Elementary Spanish)
It’s in the bag! (Elementary French)
Classroom Classics (Intermediate French)
It’s transparent! (Spanish CCR)
E Dio creò la Nutella (Italian CCR)

Romance of the Rose
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced at Mount Holyoke College with NEH support; an abridged version in English translation of Jean Renart’s Old French romance Le Roman de la Rose ou de Guillaume de Dole; set in the lands of the Holy Roman Empire, it portrays through song and story the love of the emperor for a beautiful lady named Lïenor; videoscript and commentary booklets available.
80 minutes

Routes Of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey
1/2"VHS color videocassette
Shot on location; a look at the Jewish community now left in Morocco, its history and the current crisis of Jews living in a modern Arab state and in the Middle East.
In French, no subtitles
90 minutes

Shortcut To French
FR 1.057/FR 1.072
Seven 1/2" VHS color videocassettes (3 copies)
Contains the continuing story alone, without the explanatory section of vignettes of the French in Action program.

Speak Easy
1/2" VHS color videocassette
14 short mime sketches in which two characters interact in real-life situations; sketches move from service-related interactions between strangers, to encounters between strangers, to more personal situations involving close friends or members of family; for all levels of language student; a Teacher’s Manual is available.
Each sketch runs 3–5 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes



Flat Tire

New Shoes


Cab Ride



Moving In

Truck Stop

Phone Call

Chez Vincent



The Lesson

1/2" VHS color videocassette
1984 film production directed by Gérard Depardieu who also plays the role of Tartuffe in this adaptation of Molière’s play about religious and sexual hypocrisy; adaptation inspired by a stage production directed by Jacques Lassalle of the Théâtre National de Strasbourg; other featured performers include Depardieu’s wife Elisabeth and François Perier.
In French with English subtitles
2 hours 15 minutes

Technology: Tool or Method? 
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Recording of a “Baker’s Dozen Roundtable” discussion broadcast April 12, 2001 via satellite from Duke University and sponsored by the Charles E. Culpeper Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in collaboration with Washington and Lee University and Duke University; 13 experts in applied linguistics, pedagogy and technology discuss (1) theory and practice in technology, (2) expected and assured outcomes with technology use, (3) changes in knowledge acquisition as it pertains to the technological interface, (4) technology as a transparent tool and/or method; discussion participants: Ms. Pegge Abrams (Duke), Dr. Bryan Alexander (Centenary College of Louisiana), Dr. Robert Blake (UC, Davis), Prof. Miriam Carlisle (Washington and Lee), Dr. Lise Desmarais (Canadian Foreign Service Institute), Dr. Robert Fischer (CALICO), Dr. Nina Garrett (Yale), Dr. P. Richard (Dick) Kuettner (Coordinator and Host, Washington and Lee), Dr. Jerry Larson (Brigham Young University), Dr. Jimmie Purser (Millsaps College), Dr. Clare Tufts (Duke), Prof. Ken’ichi Ujie (Washington and Lee), Dr. Clara Yu (Middlebury).
60 minutes

1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by PICS in cooperation with Antenne 2, Houghton Mifflin Co. and the University of Iowa; authentic French television programming assembled from 27 different Télématinbroadcasts re-edited for use in US schools; topics covered include: telephone #’s, weather forecasts, transportation, cinema, customs, publicités, health, geography, letter writing, human interest stories, travel tips, songs, etc.; video segments average one to two minutes in length, with the longest segment being 3½ minutes; for use at all levels of French language instruction; Téléguide Video Workbook containing pre-viewing, viewing and post-viewing activities available; instructor’s edition of Téléguide Video Workbook contains student workbook pages, transcript of each video sequence, and teaching suggestions.
Total time: 60 minutes

Télé-pics Pilot 1990–1991
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Developed and distributed by Project for International Communication Studies (PICS) at the University of Iowa, using original material from a variety of French television and film sources; consists of Télé-Clips segments chosen for use in lower-level language courses and Télé-Progammes aimed at the teaching of language and culture at all levels; accompanying videoguide includes transcriptions of video segments and dossiers of useful teaching material (readings, exercises, activities) designed to introduce important aspects of francophone culture.
30 minutes

Changes in the French elementary school system
Public service spot on the importance of reading the small print in ads
Practical tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of theft
Advertisements for: a Belgian bank and the French lottery game Tapis vert
Movie trailer for Claude Lelouch’s film Il y a des des lunes
Road signs

Au service du public: le téléphone (story designed to introduce France’s telephone system)
Un geste simple(short film about a burglary)

Télétexte Demo Tape
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by PICS/Heinle and Heinle; excerpts to accompany chapters 2, 4, 5 and 7 of the text Télétexte: Perspectives sur la France d’aujourd’hui (Ciccone, Meyer).
Approx. 15 minutes


A1 - “Une du jour”

Economie et travail

Jeu de boules


Interview avec un couple âgé


Trois heures en France, septembre, 1991

1/2" VHS color videocassette
For high-intermediate to advanced students; one hour: informations politiques, économiques; one hour: informations sportives; one hour: informations culturelles broadcast in September, 1991 by Antenne 2; no accompanying print materials; 3 hours; among the informations included:

Conférence de presse de Mitterrand
Citroën licencie
Dany Carrel
Spécial URSS
Cyclisme - Championnat du monde sur route
Le Pape en Pologne
Bernard Pivot accueille Volker Schlondorff, Lydia Flem, Jean Dieudonné

L’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Promotional material for the French immersion study programs at LEcole de langue française et de culture québécoise at the University of Québec at Chicoutimi.
Narration in English
8 minutes

Vidéo France
Three 1/2" VHS color videocassettes (1988)
Filmed entirely on location in France; each 60-minute videocassette features “man-on-the-street”-type interviews with natives and visitors at various locations in France; authentic, everyday language featured; accompanying Instructor’s Manuals provide a complete transcript of each video segment as well as activities presented in black-line master format.

Vidéo #1: Panorama de la France
For advanced-beginning through high- intermediate students; 8 video segments of approx. 7 minutes each; theme of video = exploration of contemporary France; each segment focuses on a city or village: Entrevaux, Saint Tropez, Nice, Mizoën (dans les Alpes), Poitiers, Vézelay, les Arènes de Picasso; interviewer gives historical, cultural and geographical information on each locale and interviews local people and visitors, thus eliciting additional factual information, opinions, feelings, etc.; interviewees are of all ages and walks of life.

Vidéo #2: Profils des Français
For intermediate students; 8 video segments of approx. 7 minutes each, consisting of interviews with French people of all ages and walks of life; subjects interviewed include: a young couple in Paris, a gendarme, a restaurant owner and his wife, a group of schoolchildren in Poitiers, a taxi driver, university students, an Algerian living in France; those interviewed talk about their lives, their interests and their views of the world around them.

Vidéo #3: Optiques: la vie quotidienne
For high-intermediate through advanced students; 8 video segments of approx. 7 minutes each, focusing on a range of issues of immediate concern to the French; topics include: racism, politics, advertising in society, meals, shopping, fashion, the métro, Beaubourg, Palais Royal.

Vidéo Vérité
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Produced by PICS in cooperation with Houghton Mifflin Co.; for intermediate students; authentic footage divided into 9 modules on a variety of topics such as immigration and assimilation, gifts and giving, memory and remembrance, family and divorce.
Each module: 3–10 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes

Weapons of the Spirit
1/2" VHS color videocassette (1989)
Extraordinary story of the French village La Chambon. As Nazi Germany threatens to occupy the town, the villagers decide to take a stand and defend themselves. In a riveting story about human solidarity, the film explores themes of loyalty and nationalism
1 hour 30 minutes

The World Says Welcome
1/2" VHS color videocassette
Monterey Institute of International Studies © 1987; a fast-paced, informative video program using real-life interviews with young Americans living and working throughout the world; designed to stimulate interest in foreign language and to provide expert advice on how to prepare for an international career; accompanying materials include: teacher’s guide, counselor’s guide, suggestions for use in classroom and an international careers bibliography.
Approx. 27 minutes

10e Chambre — Instants d’audience (10th District Court)

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Raymond Depardon (2004)
Documentary film; real-life moments of courtroom drama in the 10th arrondissement of Paris; Over the course of several days, varied cases come before Judge Michèle Bernard-Requin. This film gives an insider’s perspective on the French judicial system, but also on truth, guilt, and human nature.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 47 minutes

Les 16 de Basse-Pointe
Region 2 (PAL) DVD 2-discs
Camille Mauduech (2008)
In 1948, during a strike on a sugar cane plantation in Martinique, a white overseer, Guy de Fabrique, was killed in 36 shots and found dead in a sugar cane field in his charge.  After several weeks of investigation, 16 black cane cutters were arrested and sentenced for three years in prison. The first part of the documentary is comprised of interviews with witnesses and the relatives of the 16 cane cutters regarding their views of this whole event. The second part of the documentary talks about how this case was brought back to Bordeaux, the former slave port, in 1951 and what kind of role colonialism played in this whole trial. 
In French with optional French or English subtitles
Disc 1: 1 hour 48 minutes
Disc 2, Partie 1: 53 minutes
Disc 2, Partie 2: 51 minutes

18 ans après
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Coline Serreau (2003)
Comedy; Eighteen years later, the cast of Trois hommes et un couffin reunite. Marie, now a teenager, passes her baccalaureate exam and leaves her three fathers in Paris to spend the summer in the south of France with her mother Sylvie…and Sylvie’s husband and two adopted sons. Jacques, Michel, and Pierre struggle with letting go of their little girl and soon also meet up with the rest of the family in the south. One giant patchwork-family vacation leads to many lessons learned for all.
In French with optional French captioning and English subtitles
1 hour 30 minutes

24 heures de la vie d’une femme 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Laurent Bouhnik (2002)
Drama; Louis, a retired diplomat, returns to the French Riviera to rediscover the setting of a troubling moment of his adolescence. A chance encounter with the young Olivia unlocks his memories of his mother and the tales of a mysterious widow. The three layers of this story recount the passionate moments of 24 exceptional hours in the lives of three different women.
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 45 minutes

35 rhums (35 Shots of Rum) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Claire Denis (2008)
Living in the same apartment, a father and his daughter enjoy a close relationship. However, they begin to grow apart as they both find themselves getting closer to others. The father becomes romantically involved with his fellow neighbor/cab driver. Likewise, the daughter starts falling for another neighbor. Eventually there arises the question of whether or not their close familial bond can be sustained, and whether one can live without the other.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 42 minutes

À votre tour! 2nd Edition
FR 1.088
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
To accompany À votre tour! 2nd Edition textbook by Jean-Paul Valette and Rebecca M. Valette © 2007 Houghton Mifflin Company.
Captioned for the hearing-impaired

Abouna (Our Father)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (2002)
After Tahir and Amine’s father abandons their mother for no apparent reason, the two leave their village in the Republic of Chad and head toward Cameroon to search for him. Entering a local movie theater, they are astonished to see what appears to be their father in the film. The two decide to steal the reel of film to examine it, and are later caught and sent to a strict Koran school to learn discipline. Extremely unhappy in their new school, Amine and Tahir are determined to escape and continue their search. This is a powerful and unpredictable drama from the award-wining director of Bye-Bye Africa. Available extras include: interview with director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun; two film shorts by Haroun, Goï Goïand B 400; original theatrical trailer; liner notes by film critic Phil Hall (Film ThreatWired Magazine).
In Chad Arabic and French, with optional English subtitles
1 hour 24 minutes

L’affaire Dominici
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Pierre Boutron (2003)
Crime film based on a true story; In the summer of 1952, a family of English tourists is murdered in a rural village in the south of France. Police Commissioner Sébeille arrives to investigate the crime. With the help of public opinion as manipulated by the press, Sébeille succeeds in bringing to trial Gaston Dominici, the 75 year-old farmer on whose land the murders took place. One journalist, however, is convinced that the police don’t have the right man.
In French with optional French captioning
Part One: 1 hour 35 minutes
Part Two: 1 hour 45 minutes

L’amant (The Lover) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jean-Jacques Annaud (1992)
Drama; set in 1920s French Indochina, this film explores race and class in this colonial society through the relationship of a young French girl from a poor family (Jane March) and her Chinese aristocrat lover (Tony Leung Ka Fai). The pair struggles not only with the limitations placed on them by society and by their families, but with the boundaries of their own feelings for each other. Is their relationship founded solely on physical attraction or a deeper love? Based on Marguerite Duras’ autobiographical novel of the same title, which won the Prix Goncourt in 1984.
In French or English with optional English, French or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 55 minutes

Les amants du Pont-Neuf 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Léo Carax (1991)
Romance starring Juliette Binoche and Denis Lavant; Michèle, a young artist living on the street, is losing her sight. She has a chance encounter one evening with Alex, a Parisian vagrant. Both homeless, they make a life together on the Pont-Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, which has been closed for renovation. When people from Michèle’s former life try to find her, will Alex’s possessiveness allow him to give her up?
In French, no subtitles
2 hours

Les amants réguliers
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Philippe Garrel (2005)
Drama starring Louis Garrel and Clotilde Hesme. François, a 20 year-old poet, participates in the student demonstrations in Paris in 1968. In the aftermath of their failed revolution, he and his artist friends live an empty existence. That’s when François meets the sculptor Lilie, and they attempt to navigate what a relationship means in the post-68 world; second DVD in set includes additional shorter films/presentations:
(1) Zanzibar, a documentary by Jackie Raynal about the artistic movement Zanzibar that began cerca May 1968. (26 minutes)
(2) 6 Cinématons by Gérard Courant highlighting the works of Zanzibar film directors Philippe Garrel, Daniel Pommereulle, Jackie Raynal, Patrick Deval, Frédéric Pardo, and Serge Bard. (21 minutes)
(3) Vite by Daniel Pommereulle. (33 minutes)
(4) Festival de Venise, a press conference and interviews with Clotilde Hesme and Louis Garrel.
In French, no subtitles
3 hours

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD (2 discs)
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001)
Film featuring Audrey Tautou as Amélie and Mathieu Kassovitz as Nino Quincampoix; story of a naive young waitress who sees the beauty in simple things and goes on a quest to bring happiness to others, all the while making her own way to happiness through imagination, creativity and innocence; a lighthearted, romantic tale of fate, love, and the importance of seizing life’s moments.
In French with option of English or Spanish subtitles
Scene selections option available; bonus disc includes: Look of Amélie (featurette in English), Q&A with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and cast, cast and crew filmographies, Fantasies of Audrey Tautou, audition footage of Audrey Tautou, Urbain Cancelier and Yolande Moreau, Inside the Making of Amélie (home movie), Amélie Scrapbook (behind the scenes photos), storyboards, theatrical trailers, French and American TV spots.
Film: 2 hours

L’Anglaise et le duc (The Lady and the Duke)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Eric Rohmer (2002)
This film, from the true-life diary entries of Lady Grace Elliott, the Scottish ex-mistress of both George, Prince of Wales (later King George IV) and Phillipe, the Duke of Orleans and cousin of King Louis XVI. Much of the film consists of conversations between the two main characters, marking milestones in their philosophical and passionate relationship. Although their friendship is tested by the events of the French Revolution and the “Reign of Terror,” and despite the fact that Elliott is a dedicated royalist — devoted to the King and Queen — and the Duke is a radical revolutionary, the two remain committed to each other. Chosen by “Les Cahiers du Cinéma” (France) as one of the 10 best pictures of 2001. Available extras include theatrical trailers, widescreen presentation, interactive menus, and scene selections.
In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles
2 hours 9 minutes

L’antidote Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Vincent de Brus (2005)
Comedy starring Christian Clavier and Jacques Villeret. Jacques-Alain is the head of a major corporation that is about to close an important business deal. With the stress of his job, he starts having strange anxiety episodes, leaving him incapable of speaking properly. His psychiatrist tells him he is bothered by a childhood incident, and needs to search for his “antidote” – an object that will counteract the repressed memory that is bothering him. When Jacques-Alain discovers that only André’s presence can calm him, he must drag the awkward accountant along with him as he tries to close the deal despite cutthroat competition.
In French with optional French captioning
1 hour 44 minutes

Après Vous (After You)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Pierre Salvadori (2005)
Late for dinner with his girlfriend, Antoine Letoux cuts through a deserted park and stumbles upon a man attempting to kill himself. The kind-hearted and always solicitous Antoine brings Louis home to his apartment and decides he will help Louis straighten out his life. Antoine begins by finagling Louis a job as sommelier at the upscale restaurant where he is headwaiter, despite Louis’s neurotic anxieties that render him nearly incapable of human interaction. Learning of the woman who sent Louis spiraling into depression after she broke off their love affair, Antoine sets out to reunite his new friend with Blanche. Soon, however, Antoine finds himself deeply conflicted as he too begins to fall for Blanche, a lovely girl who works in a flower shop. The film’s comedic impact grows as Louis gains confidence and Antoine becomes increasingly unhinged. Amidst the three characters’ bumbling intrigues, director Pierre Salvadori finds a charming and hilarious tale of love and friendship gone slightly awry. Film veteran Daniel Auteuil stars as Antoine Letoux, with José Garcia as the obsessive lover Louis and Sandrine Kiberlain as Blanche.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 50 minutes

Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Alain Chabat (2002)
Comedic adventure starring Gérard Depardieu. Christian Clavier and Monica Bellucci; Goofy live-action comedy based on the classic French comic book series. Cleopatra (Monica Bellucci) charges the architect Numérobis (Jamel Debbouze) with the task of building a palace for Julius Caesar in three months, to prove the talents of the Egyptian people. Faced with this impossible task, Numérobis journeys north to Gaul to fetch the only people who can help him: his friends Astérix (Christian Clavier), Obélix (Gérard Depardieu), and Panoramix (Claude Rich). This unconventional gang of heroes must race against the clock (well, hourglass) and overcome the sabotage efforts of Numérobis’s jealous rival. Will they finish the palace in time to please the queen Cleopatra?
In French with optional French captioning
1 hour 44 minutes

Au Petit Marguery (At Le Petit Marguery)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Laurent Bénégui (1995)
Chef Hyppolyte and his wife Joséphine have run the Petit Marguery happily for 26 years. It looked as they would run the place well into their old age, until Hyppolyte was diagnosed with olfactory cancer. Tomorrow they close the restaurant forever. But before they leave their home, they have gathered their family and friends for one last dinner to share delicious food and delightful memories.
French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

Au revoir les enfants (Goodbye, Children)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Louis Malle (1987)
During World War II, Julien Quentin attends a Catholic boarding school for boys in rural France, where his mother hopes he will be safe from the realities of the German occupation of Paris. The boys must still deal with many of the harsh realities of wartime France from rationing of food and heating oil to tense encounters with the Nazi occupying forces. A mysterious new student arrives at the school that the boys immediately label as different. Julien’s reluctant friendship with this new boy eventually teaches him a powerful lesson in tolerance.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 41 minutes

L’auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Cédric Klapisch (2003)
Featuring Audrey Tautou as Martine and Romain Duris as Xavier; Xavier, a French college senior, realizes that a job in economics requires fluency in Spanish. In order to become a better candidate for the job, he decides to leave behind his mother and girlfriend Martine and spend a year studying in Spain. Finding lodging in a Barcelona apartment with students from all over Europe, Xavier learns more than he had planned about life, love, friendship, and fun.
French and Spanish audiotracks; option of English or Spanish subtitles and full- or wide-screen format
2 hours 2 minutes

Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob (The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Gérard Oury (1973)
Comedy starring Louis de Funès. The story of an extremely close-minded man caught up in an international espionage adventure. Jacob Plivert is forced to confront the stereotypes he lives with as he pretends to be a rabbi to escape from the clutches of international thugs.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 40 minutes

La belle personne (The Beautiful Person)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Christophe Honoré (2008)
This modern adaptation of the 16th-century novel La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de La Fayette focuses on Junie, a high school transfer student whose mother recently passed away. All the male students are smitten by her beauty, and she is particularly sought after by her cousin’s group of friends. After initially choosing one of her cousin’s friends, Junie begins to fall for one of her teachers, with whom she finds true happiness. Junie is left to decide between her classmate or (less appropriately) her teacher.
In French with optional English and Spanish subtitles
1 hour 38 minutes

Betty Fisher et autres histoires (Alias Betty)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Claude Miller (2001)
After Betty Fisher (Sandrine Kiberlain) loses her son to an accident, her mentally unstable mother (Nicole Garcia) kidnaps a similar-looking boy from a poor neighborhood of Paris, setting in motion a variety of stories involving the kidnapped boy’s mother (a promiscuous woman who doesn’t particularly miss the child), her boyfriend (a man who becomes the prime suspect in the investigation), the kidnapped boy’s possible father (a gigolo whose current lover cuts off his funds), and Betty’s ex-husband (a writer who tries to blackmail Betty into resuming their relationship). A fascinating psychological thriller. Available extras include the making of the featurette, theatrical trailer, filmographies, weblinks, and French film trailer gallery.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 41 minutes

Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (Welcome to the Sticks)

Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Dany Boon (2008)
Philippe Abrams is a post office manager in France. Hoping to be relocated to the south in order to invigorate his depressed wife, he fakes being handicapped. An instructor catches him in the act, and consequently Philippe gets relocated to northern France where the people speak a strange dialect and eat stranger food. Over time, however, Philippe grows to like the community and enjoys living there.
In French with optional subtitles in Chitimis, English, or French
1 hour 42 minutes

Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Guy Deslauriers & Patrick Chamoiseau (2005)
A colorful, sonorous journey to 19th-century Martinique. Hermansia and Tiquitaque leave behind work in the sugar plantations and come to the city of St-Pierre to make their living as musicians, bringing with them the traditional songs and instruments of Martinique’s rural black communities. Though the couple is enamored by the city at first, St-Pierre is reluctant to return the affection. Unfamiliar with the European instruments and music styles in demand, Hermansia and Tiquitaque cannot find employment as musicians and are forced to take domestic work to survive. But Hermansia’s gift of a clarinet to Tiquitaque will change not only their own fate, but the sound of Martinique’s music forever.
In French and Creole with optional English subtitles
1 hour 30 minutes

Bon voyage Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jean-Paul Rappeneau (2003)
Romance; set in World War II Paris, starring Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu. With the Nazis set to invade Paris in June 1940, the population of the city desperately flees south by train, car, foot, or any way possible. Among the various refugees are film actress Vivianne (Isabelle Adjani) and her lover (Gérard Depardieu), a minister in the French government; her former sweetheart (Grégori Derangère), who has taken the blame for a murder she committed and now escaped from prison; a young physics student (Virginie Ledoyen) and her professor, who are trying to preserve a vital scientific discovery from the invading enemy. These characters and others cross paths in Bordeaux on their way to the relative safety of southern France in this complex and often comic tale.
In French with optional English, Portuguese or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 55 minutes

Bon voyage — Édition Collector 2 DVD 
Region 2 (PAL) DVDs
Jean-Paul Rappeneau (2003)
Romance, set in World War II Paris, starring Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu; Disc 2 features: “La double vie de Jean-Paul Rappeneau” (making of), interviews with the film’s actors, Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s commentary on special effects, filmography of Jean-Paul Rappeneau.
In French with optional French captioning
Film: 1 hour 54 minutes

Le bonheur d’Elza (Elza)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Mariette Monpierre (2011)
Autobiographical film shot on the island of Guadeloupe. Elza, a Parisian girl who has just earned her master’s degree breaks her mother’s heart by running back to her native island of Guadeloupe to look for the father about whom she knows virtually nothing. Pretending to be the babysitter of her father’s granddaughter Caroline, she enters her father’s life.  She discovers all kinds of secrets and problems that her father’s current family has and shows special sympathy to Caroline, because the little girl’s parents are never there. Elza helps the girl’s dad gain back custody of his daughter, so that the little girl need not experience the pain that Elza suffered throughout her young life. Finally, Elza’s father accepts his long-lost daughter.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 18 minutes

Caché (Hidden)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Michael Haneke (2005)
Award-winning (Cannes 2005 Best Director) psychological thriller starring Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche; Georges, a well-known literary talk-show host, begins to receive anonymous violent sketches and surveillance tapes of himself and his family. With the police unwilling to open an investigation, as the mysterious packages present no direct threat, Georges is left on his own. His stalker’s increasingly manipulative messages lead Georges down a dark, disturbing path to recall forgotten childhood events that put into question his friendships, his family relationships, and his own character.
In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 58 minutes

La cage dorée (The Gilded Cage)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Ruben Alves (2013)
The Gilded Cage is the story of the Riberos, a working class Portuguese immigrant family living in Paris. For thirty years, José and Maria have lived comfortably with their two children, Pedro and Paula, in the concierge apartment of an apartment building. When José receives a letter saying that his brother in Portugal has died and left their family home to him, the family immediately begins to consider how they can break the news to their friends. However, when word gets out that the Riberos are planning on leaving, everyone they know conspires together to find a way to keep them from moving back to Portugal.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 30 minutes

Camille Claudel
Region 1 DVD (NTSC)
Bruno Nuytten (1989)
This film tells the tragic story of Camille Claudel, sister of acclaimed poet and diplomat Paul Claudel and mistress of sculptor Auguste Rodin. Born into a wealthy family, Claudel is drawn to artistic endeavors even as a child. After graduating from art school in Paris, she impresses Rodin with her aptitude for sculpting the human form. She becomes his apprentice and then his lover. Their volatile relationship is made more troubled by Rodin’s commitment to his wife and his artistic celebrity. As her affair with Rodin deteriorates, Claudel’s work suffers and her behavior grows erratic. Alienated from family, friends, and Rodin, she descends into self-destruction, chaos, and eventually madness. She dies in 1943, after thirty years of involuntary residency at a mental institution, during which time she has few visitors. Camille Claudel is played by Isabelle Adjani, with Gérard Depardieu in the role of Auguste Rodin.
In French with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles
2 hours 39 minutes

Ce que le jour doit à la nuit (What the Day Owes the Night)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD - 2 copies
Alexandre Arcady (2012)
Drama, based on the acclaimed novel by Yasmina Khadra. Younes, growing up during the years of political upset before and throughout the Algerian Revolution, meets and falls in love with Emilie, a French woman who moves to Algeria.  The story that unwinds over the course of his lifetime involves racial tension, family conflict, and the fortunes and misfortunes that befall the star-crossed lovers. 
In French with optional English or French subtitles
2 hours 39 minutes

Ces jours qui ont changé LE MONDE: L’Attaque de Pearl Harbor 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
BBC’s LE MONDE (2006) documentary about the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
Audio available in French or English, no subtitles
50 minutes

La chambre des officiers
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
François Dupeyron (2001)
World War I drama; Adrien, a handsome young officer, has a brief but passionate affair with a woman named Clémence the day before he leaves for the front. Once the war begins, he suffers a severely disfiguring injury, and throughout his recovery and rehabilitation in a special hospital for facial injuries, thoughts of Clémence fill his mind. Adrien and the other officers in the same hospital ward struggle with not only their physical injuries but with the social and psychological difficulties of returning from the war front, barely recognizable to their families
In French with optional French captioning
2 hours 8 minutes

Les chansons d’amour (Love Songs)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Christophe Honoré (2007)
Musical film; touching story of love and complex relationships in Paris: Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) and Ismaël (Louis Garrel) are a loving if troubled couple in a long-term relationship. When Julie dies suddenly, her boyfriend, close friends, and family struggle to cope with their loss as best they can. Through emotional musical dialogue, Ismaël ponders how and if he can move on with his life.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Coline Serreau (2001)
Featuring Rachida Brakni as Noémie, Catherine Frot as Hélène, and Vincent Lindon as Paul. After witnessing a brutal attack on a prostitute (Noémie) and failing to help, Hélène, a bourgeois housewife, is driven by guilt to nurse the younger woman back to health. She learns that Noémie had fled an arranged marriage to a much older Algerian man and, unable to return to her family, lived on the streets of Marseille. Then, seduced by kind words and the promise of food, Noémie was kidnapped by a pimp and turned into a drug addict and sex slave. When Hélène learns of the horrific abuse Noémie has suffered at the hands of the criminal organization to which she is bound, Hélène vows to help her escape. In the process, Hélène is forced to confront her own male oppressors — the husband and son who regard her as no more than a servant and exhibit an appalling disrespect for all the women in their lives. By turns shocking, thrilling, and comedic, the film explores the modern problems of race, class, gender, and religion in a manner that is both unapologetic and unsettling. In the film’s dénouement, Hélène conspires with Noémie in a bid to win Noémie’s freedom and exact revenge; the result is at once satisfying and disturbing. Rachida Brakni won a César and a Lumière award for Most Promising Young Actress for her work in “Chaos.” DVD special features include: original theatrical trailer and individual scene selections.
In French with option of English subtitles
1 hour 49 minutes

Charles Munch Conducts... Berlioz, Debussy, and Ravel, with the Boston Symphony
Region 0 DVD
WGBH/Video Artists International
Filming of live BSO performance from Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, April 17, 1962. Charles Munch conducts Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14a; Debussy’s La Mer; Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloë, Suite No. 2.
Black & white
1 hour 36 minutes

Le chemin du retour
FR 1.087
DVD to accompany elementary-level French textbook Débuts, 2nd & 3rd Editions, by Siskin, Williams, & Field © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
Instructional Version: 3 Region 1 (NTSC) DVDs
Director’s Cut: 1 Region 1 (NTSC) DVD.
Approx. 1 hour 42 minutes

Les choristes (The Chorus)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Christophe Barraier (2004)
With Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Marie Bunel and Jean-Baptiste Maunier. This film is a sentimental tale that follows the arrival of a new Prefect at the remote Fond de l’Etang boarding school in 1949 France. Clement Mathieu is a lonely, middle-aged, and frustrated musician. Things at the school do not start off well, due to the fact that the students don’t respect him, and also because he does not agree with the director’s “action-reaction” educational methods. However, one day Mathieu decides to introduce choral singing as a way to bridge the gap with his students. With his daily lessons, Mathieu begins to build a strong bond with his students, winning their trust as well as teaching them the wisdom of music. Nominated for Academy Awards in both the Foreign Language Film and Best Song categories. Scene selections available.
In French with option of English or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 37 minutes

Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Anne Fontaine (2009)
From working as a common seamstress and singer, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel becomes a designer and tailor for the French high society. Chanel wants to be famous, but she has trouble making a name for herself. Working for the wealthy, she eventually meets a businessman who helps her get her start in the fashion business.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 50 minutes

Comme une image (Look At Me)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Agnès Jaoui (2004)
Comedic drama starring Marilou Berry, Jean-Pierre Bacri, and Agnès Jaoui. Lolita is a gifted young music student with a beautiful singing voice. Her own artistic talents hide in the shadows of her father’s, however. As the daughter of a celebrated writer, Lolita is used to friendships and relationships with people who only use her to get closer to Étienne. Étienne himself is ignorant of the talent his own daughter possesses, and is too busy to listen to her sing. Tensions rise in the family until the night of Lolita’s concert with school friends, when she realizes whom she can truly count on.
In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 51 minutes

Comme un juif en France
Region 2 (PAL) 2-DVD set
Yves Jeuland (2007)
Disc 1 includes a two-part documentary outlining the experience of Jews in France beginning with the Dreyfus Affair at the end of the 19th century, up to recent episodes of anti-semitism in France in the 2000s, plus a collection of original photographs and footage, along with commentaries from historians and witnesses.
Disc 2 contains a variety of short documentaries.
In French, no subtitles
De l’Affaire Dreyfus à Vichy: 1 hour 13 minutes
De la Libération à nos jours : 1 hour 52 minutes
Bonus material from Disc 2: 2 hours 55 minutes

Un couple épatant/Cavale/Après la vie
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Lucas Belvaux
This trilogy takes three dramatically different perspectives on the same few days. One film’s lead character may become a secondary character in another film, so as you complete the trilogy, you come to understand each of the character and their motivations more clearly. Each movie unveils another layer of narrative and psychological depth. Un Couple Épatantfocuses on a hypochondriac and his suspicious wife, and the chaos that results from their miscommunication. Cavale is a thriller that follows the path of a fiery revolutionary ready to wage war against the system after 15 years in prison. Finally, Après La Vie is a melodrama about a less-than-scrupulous police officer and his drug-addicted wife.
All are in French with optional English, Dutch and French subtitles.
Un Couple Épatant: 1 hour 37 minutes
Cavale: 1 hour 49 minutes
Après La Vie: 2 hours 3 minutes

(Canada) Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jean-Marc Vallée (2005)
In a family of five boys, Zac stands out. As a child he is called a holy man, but as a teenager, a homosexual. In a strict Catholic family doing their best to love each other, Zac struggles both to gain his father’s acceptance, and to fight his own demons.
In French with optional English subtitles
2 hours and 7 minutes.

Le dernier métro (The Last Metro)
Region 1 (NTSC) Criterion Collection 2-DVD set
François Truffaut (1980)
César Award-winning film starring Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve; Set in Nazi occupied Paris during WWII, The Last Metro depicts a struggling French theater company and the production of their newest show. Much of the film’s focus is on the various characters in the ensemble. Theater manager Lucas Steiner (played by Heinz Bennent), a Jew, seeks refuge in the confines of the theater cellar to escape Nazi detainment. Steiner finds solace in the ongoing production of his play and the intermittent visits from his wife, and theater starlet Marion Steiner (Deneuve). The drama thoughtfully depicts the struggle and victimization the French populace faced during German occupation between 1940–1944. The resilience of the troupe symbolizes the fortitude and pride of mid-century Parisians and illustrates the importance of art in times of despair and hardship. In the film, Truffaunt finds a way to demonstrate the struggle without displaying acts of violence or death and even embeds love and humor into the plot line.
In French with optional English subtitles
2 hours 11 minutes

Dialogue avec mon jardinier (Conversations with My Gardener)
Region 0 (PAL) DVD
Jean Becker (2007)
Based on the memoirs of painter Henri Cueco; A Parisian artist (Daniel Auteuil) returns to his childhood home in rural France to restore his deceased parents’ home. An old friend (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) turns up in response to his advertisement for a gardener, and their boyhood friendship picks up after its decades-long hiatus. Through their conversations about life, love, and the occasional reminiscence of their schoolday pranks, both painter and gardener gain different perspectives from each other on life, art, and land.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 46 minutes

L’école pour tous (School for All)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Eric Rochant (2006)
Jahwad is a man who has no direction in his life, frequently engaging in petty crimes like robbery. One day, he hitches a ride with a teacher. But when they crash into a tree, the teacher is left in a coma, and Jahwad must take the teacher’s place for a special needs class. The class, which the school largely cares little about, is rowdy and disruptive. Jahwad’s poor education background makes his “teaching” even more difficult. Eventually, Jahwad and his students grow to respect each other.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

L’enfant sauvage (The Wild Child)
Region 1 (NTSC) black & white DVD
François Truffaut (1970)
Based on the real journal entries and medical observations surrounding the “Wild Boy of Aveyron;” At the end of the 1700s, a young boy of 11 or 12 is found alone in a forest in the Aveyron region of France. Fending for himself, far from any contact with human civilization, the boy is wild and completely incapable of communication. Doctor Itard is intrigued by the case when he reads of it in the newspaper, and takes it upon himself to teach the boy how to function in the world.
In French with the option of English, French, or Spanish subtitle
1 hour 25 minutes

Les enfants de Chabannes (The Children of Chabannes)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Lisa Gossels & Dean Wetherell (1999)
Documentary; story of how the people of Chabannes, a tiny village in unoccupied France, saved the lives of 400 Jewish refugee children during WWII. Features interviews with two of the 400 children (Gossels’ father and uncle) and accounts by the teachers who taught these children.
In French and English
1 hour 33 minutes

Entre les murs (The Class)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Laurent Cantet (2008)
Award-winning (Best Picture — Palme d’Or, Festival de Cannes) film about the challenges experienced by an inner city high school class and their new teacher, Mr. Marin (François Bégaudeau). In this very racially mixed class both Mr. Marin and his students must learn how to respect each other and the boundaries of their relationships.
Audio options: French, English, or Spanish with the option of English or Spanish subtitles
2 hours 10 minutes

L’esquive (Games of Love and Chance)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Abdellatif Kechiche (2003)
Abdelkrim, also called Krimo, is a teenager living with his mother in the housing projects of a French suburb. After a harsh breakup with his girlfriend, he meets Lydia who is preparing for a school play, Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard by Marivaux (1730). Presently falling in love with her, Krimo decides to try out for the role of Harlequin, but his introverted, awkward personality hinders his performance both in the play and in seducing Lydia.
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 59 minutes

Être et avoir (To Be and To Have)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Nicholas Philbert (2002)
This documentary offers an in-depth look at George Lopez, a devoted teacher responsible for a small one-room schoolhouse in the Auvergne region of France, where between December 2000 and June 2001 he taught 12 students between the ages of three and ten. Employing a curriculum that embraces both academics and practical skills, Lopez not only teaches his children academic skills, but also social skills as well as work ethic. The students not only learn how to draw and write proper letters and numbers as well as what diameter and radius mean, but also how to verbalize confrontations in a civilized manner. This film captured Georges Lopez near the end of his career in education — shortly after the film was completed, he retired after 35 years as an educator. Awarded 2003 National Society of Film Critics Best Documentary. Available extras include French trailer, theatrical trailer, interview with Director Nicholas Philibert, the children reciting poetry, and scene selections.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 44 minutes

Le fabuleux destin dAmélie Poulain
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001)
Film featuring Audrey Tautou as Amélie and Mathieu Kassovitz as Nino Quincampoix; story of a naive young waitress who sees the beauty in simple things and goes on a quest to bring happiness to others, all the while making her own way to happiness through imagination, creativity and innocence; a lighthearted, romantic tale of fate, love, and the importance of seizing life’s moments; scene selections option and extra (hidden) option of interviews with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet available; gift of Boston College’s Lambda Psi chapter of Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society) in the name of Faculty Moderator, Prof. Rebecca M. Valette
In French with option of French subtitles
2 hours

La famille Bélier
Region B Blu-ray
Eric Lartigau (2014)
In French with optional subtitles in French of signed language only for the hearing impaired
In French with optional subtitles in French of signed and spoken language
1 hour 45 minutes

Garrel: Le vent de la nuit & Elle a passé tant dheures sous les sunlights... 
Two Region 2 (PAL) DVDs
Each featuring a Philippe Garrel film
Disc 1: Le Vent de la Nuit , a 1999 drama starring Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Duval; plot: Paul, a young artist, starts a friendship with Serge on a road trip to Italy. Serge was a revolutionary in May ’68 and most of their time spent together consists of his recounting of the student and worker protests of that time to his younger companion. Back in Paris, Paul’s lover Hélène becomes ever more despairing of finding a satisfying life. Both she and Serge will face suicidal questions.
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 32 minutes
Disc 2: Elle a passé tant dheures sous les sunlights…, a 1985 dramatic fantasy starring Mireille Perrier and Jacques Bonnaffé; plot: a director films a story based on his own relationships with two different women.
In French, no subtitles
2 hours 13 minutes

Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Claude Berri (1993)
Film adaptation of Emile Zola's novel about striking coal miners;  stars Gérard Depardieu, Miou Miou, and Renaud
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 52 minutes

Le goût des autres (The Taste of Others)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Agnès Jaoui (2000)
Opposites collide in this romantic comedy. A wealthy but vulgar businessman falls for his English tutor, an actress and intellectual who is repelled by his cultural ignorance and his lack of manners. Attracted by curiosity about Clara’s bohemian lifestyle rather than real compatibility, Castella wedges his way into her milieu, made up of fellow artists with similar financial woes. His hulking bodyguard Franck becomes involved with one of Clara’s friends, the fiery, feminist bartender Manie. Unfortunately, Manie is already seeing Bruno, Castella’s meek chauffeur. Ideals are challenged and everyone begins to see that they must revise stereotypes about status, money, education, and the opposite sex. In the end, each character is forced to decide what they are willing to risk to learn about the unfamiliar and unexpected. With Anne Alvaro as Clara, Jean-Pierre Bacri as Castella, Gérard Lanvin as Franck, Alain Chabat as Bruno, and Agnès Jaoui as Manie.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 52 minutes

La graine et le mulet (The Secret of the Grain) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Slimane is an aging man who finds himself jobless due to a dispute with his boss over total hours. Out of work, Slimane returns home to find his dysfunctional family already fighting several internal disputes. One night, he dreams of starting a restaurant from an old boat. The top seller: his ex-wife’s fish couscous. Gradually, his extended family begins to help him with his project.
In French and Arabic with optional English subtitles
2 hours 34 minutes

La grande séduction (Seducing Dr. Lewis)
(Canada) Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jean-François Pouliot (2004)
Comedy; the traditional livelihood for the people of St. Marie-La-Mauderne, fishing, had been replaced by welfare checks as the microscopic village’s main source of income. Their hopes for a desperately needed new factory become complicated when they learn that its establishment is conditional upon the town having its own doctor. The townspeople go to great, and often ridiculous, lengths to persuade metropolitan Dr. Lewis that he should call their quiet, remote village home.
In French with optional French or English subtitles
1 hour 49 minutes

La grande vadrouille (Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At!)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Gérard Oury (1966)
Comedy; It’s the summer of 1941. The Germans shoot down three members of the Royal Air Force. After the three British airmen crash-land into Nazi-occupied France, they find themselves in desperate need of finding a way back to safety. They enlist the help of some French Resistance sympathizers, and what follows are grand schemes which include impersonating German soldiers, violent snoring, and launching pumpkins – all to avoid arrest and captivity.
In French with optional English, Dutch or Korean subtitles
2 hours 12 minutes

La haine
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Mathieu Kassovitz (1995)
This black-and-white drama covers nineteen consecutive hours in the lives of three friends living in a ZUP (zone d’urbanisation prioritaire), an impoverished immigrant housing project. Vinz is a Jewish wannabe gangster with a hatred for police, hoping to increase his reputation by killing a cop. Hubert is an African-French boxer and petty drug dealer; despite his situation, Hubert is the most reflective of the group, hoping one day to be free of the poverty and hatred around him. Saïd is an Arab Maghrebi whose attitude towards life in the ghetto lies between that of Vinz and Hubert.
In French with optional French subtitles for the hearing impaired
1 hour 35 minutes

Les Hauts de Hurlevent (Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Peter Kosminsky (1992)
Drama starring Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes. Classic tale of a tumultuous and tragic love affair between the well-born Cathy Earnshaw and the orphan child her family adopted, Heathcliff. When Cathy marries the rich and refined Edgar Linton, Heathcliff’s obsession will drive him to take revenge on the Earnshows and the Lintons across multiple generations. Disc 2 of 2-DVD set packaged with Les Amants du Pont-Neuf.
In French or English with optional French subtitles
1 hour 50 minutes

Un héros très discret
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Jacques Audiard (1996)
This film, Dehousse, who finds that his family was not everything he believed. His father was not a war hero and his mother collaborated with the Nazis. This discovery triggers a sequence of events which lead him to convince the French authorities that he fought in the Resistance. The authorities make him an offer, and Albert finds himself in the same position as his parents — an imposter.
French language track with optional French subtitles
1 hour 47 minutes

Des hommes et des dieux (Of Gods and Men)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD and Blu-ray disc
Xavier Beauvois (2010)
Aaward-winning (Grand Prize/Grand Prix, Festival de Cannes) film inspired by the true story of eight Christian monks living in the turbulent area of Tibéhirine, Algeria in the 1990s. The men fully integrated into their Muslim community live peacefully until a group of Islamic terrorists murder several foreign workers in the region. Refusing protection from the country’s corrupt government, the eight men struggle with the decisions to leave the people who need them or stay in the face of imminent danger. Breathtaking scenery and sweeping music accompany this moving story of the courage and conviction of Christian, Luc, Christophe, Célestin, Amédée, Jean-Pierre, Michel, and Paul.
In French with optional English subtitles
2 hours 3 minutes

Huit femmes (8 Women)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
François Ozon (2002)
In this murder mystery, partly inspired by George Cukor’s 1939 classic The Women, the 1960’s Agatha Christie-inspired play Ten Little Indians, as well as the 1980’s mystery Clue, eight women find themselves snowbound in a French country estate with a dead man (Marcel, played by Dominique Lamure) — a man whom each of them (his wife, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, daughters, housekeeper, and chambermaid) had reason to kill. All eight women are suspects, and all are guilty of secrets. One of the characters may be guilty of murder, and as each is forced to confront their long-standing secrets and resentments, we learn that they all had motives. Following its immensely successful release in France in early 2002, Eight Women enjoyed much acclaim at the Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Virginie Ledoyen, Ludivine Sagnier, Emmanuelle Béart, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert, Danielle Darrieux, and Fermine Richard.
In French with on-screen English captioning and optional Spanish subtitles
1 hour 51 minutes

Le huitième jour (The 8th Day)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Jaco van Dormael (1996)
Drama starring Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne. Harry is a workaholic businessman, unhappily living separated from his wife and children. One rainy evening he runs over a dog with his car. The owner of the dog is Georges, a young man with Down syndrome who has run away from the group home where he lives hoping to be reunited with his mother. What begins as a chance encounter turns into a life-changing experience for Harry.
In French with optional English or Dutch subtitles
2 hours

Il ne faut jurer de rien!
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Eric Civanyan (2005)
Comedy starring Mélanie Doutey, Gérard Jugnot and Jean Dujardin. Van Buck is an uptight businessman in 1830s Paris, who sees only economic opportunity when he meets the Baroness de Mantes. The pair decides to arrange the marriage of her daughter Cécile with his nephew Valentin. The only problem is getting the interested parties to agree — the romantic Cécile will only marry for love, and Valentin vows to never give up his life of drinking, women, and gambling. A game of tricks and manipulation begins.
In French with optional French captioning
1 hour 40 minutes

Il y a longtemps que je t’aime (Ive Loved You So Long)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Philippe Claudel (2008)
Acclaimed actress Kristen Scott Thomas plays a former French doctor, Juliette Fontaine, who is returning to her life following a mysterious fifteen years in prison.  Living with her estranged younger sister and her family, she embarks on a journey of redemption.  The truth of her past haunts her constantly as she tries to make it on the outside.
In French or English with optional English subtitles
1 hour 57 minutes

Imaginez: Le français sans frontières Film Collection DVD
FR 1.090
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
To accompany intermediate-level French textbook Imaginez: Le français sans frontières by Cherie Mitschke © 2008 Vista Higher Learning. A collection of 10 short films by various directors from the French-speaking world. Contents include:
Le télégramme (12 minutes)
J’attendrai le suivant… (4 minutes 20 seconds)
Émilie Muller (20 minutes)
La révolution des crabes (4 minutes 40 seconds)
Samb et le commissaire (15 minutes)
De l’autre côté (29 minutes)
Comment j’ai marché sur la Lune (12 minutes)
Le ballon prisonnier (13 minutes)
Bonbon au poivre (34 minutes)
L’homme qui plantait des arbres (30 minutes)
In French with optional English or French subtitles
Total running time: 2 hours 54 minutes

Indigènes (Days of Glory) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Richard Bouchareb (2006)
Oscar-nominated film about four North African soldiers who fought to liberate France from the Nazis in WWII. While France fights under the banners of freedom, equality, and fraternity, the unfair treatment these soldiers receive reveals the contradictions in the French pursuit. The Arab soldiers battle with extra fervor, in a constant struggle to prove themselves as equals to their white comrades.
In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles
2 hours

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Régis Wargnier (1992)
An Oscar award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, this picture stars Catherine Deneuve as a wealthy owner of a rubber plantation in French Indochina. Throughout the film, Deneuve’s small family (her elderly father and her adopted Indochinese daughter) faces numerous struggles as a result of a Communist uprising and intermingled, clandestine love affairs. When Deneuve’s lover returns to Indochina, Deneuve’s daughter falls passionately in love with him and trouble results; also included: note on the actors.
In French with the option of English, French, or Spanish subtitles
2 hours 36 minutes

Interaction 7e édition
FR 1.086
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Video to accompany the St. Onge and St. Onge intermediate French-level text Interaction: Révision de grammaire, 7e édition © 2007 Thomson Heinle.
In French with optional French subtitles
1 hour 15 minutes

Jambon jambon (Jamón, jamón)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Bigas Luna (1992)
Comedic drama starring Penelope Cruz (her first film) and Javier Bardem; plot: Silvia works on the factory floor for a men’s underwear company and is pregnant by José Luis, the son of the company’s owners. José Luis promises to marry her, but his domineering mother has other plans. She finds Silvia too poor to marry her son and decides to hire ham factory worker Raúl to lure Silvia away from José Luis. The romantic entanglements become very complicated.
In Spanish with optional French audio track and French subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

Jean de Florette
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Claude Berri (1986)
Award-winning film adaptation of Marcel Pagnol novel; stars Gérard Depardieu, Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 56 minutes

Jeanne d’Arc (The Messenger)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Luc Besson (1999)
This film tells the true story of the legendary Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). As the Hundreds Year War between England and France rages in her backyard, young Jeanne receives her first message from God. At 19 years old she brings her message to Charles the Dauphin and leads the French to glory, only to end up burned at the stake for heresy.
In French or English, with optional French or English subtitles
2 hours 48 minutes

Joyeux Noël
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Christian Carion (2005)
World War I drama starring Diane Kruger, Benno Fürmann, and Guillaume Canet; Christmas Eve, 1914: At the front, French, Scottish, and German troops anxiously wait out the night in the trenches, prepared for hostilities as on any other day. The enemies’ trenches are so close, they can hear each others’ own improvised Christmas celebrations, bringing the soldiers out of hiding. An impromptu cease-fire will give the officers and enlisted men alike, on all sides, a human look at those they are sworn to fight.
In French with optional French subtitles and captioning for the hearing impaired
1 hour 55 minutes

Laissez-passer (Safe Conduct)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Bernard Tavernier (2004)
This film is a fascinating recreation of French filmmaking during World War II and a moving study of a few of the people who worked with the French Resistance — specifically, screenwriter Jean Aurenche, who refused to write a single word in service of the German state; and director Jean Devaivre, who not only worked for Continental Pictures (a studio which has recently been taken over by the Germans) but also acted as a saboteur in the French Resistance. Both Devaivre and Aurenche were real-life figures in the French film industry during the occupation, as were many of the film’s supporting characters; the real life Aurenche went on to write the screenplay for Bertrand Travernier’s first feature film. Winner of 2002 Silver Bear Award for Best Actor and Best Music at the Berlin International Film Festival; extras include Bertrand Travernier interview, photo gallery, and selected filmography.
In French with option of English subtitles
2 hours 43 minutes

Lucie Aubrac
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Claude Berri (1997)
Film based on the real-life love story of Lucie Aubrac and her husband, both members of the Resistance; stars Carole Bouquet and Daniel Auteuil
In French with on-screen English subtiltes
1 hour 51 minutes

Manon des sources (Manon of the Spring) - Jean de Florette, part 2 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Claude Berri (1986)
Sequel to Jean de Florette, based on the Marcel Pagnol novel; stars Yves Montand, Emmanuelle Béart, and Daniel Auteuil
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 49 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Jonas Carpignano (2015)
Drama; This exhilarating film starts by following two refugees, Ayiva and Abas, who flee Burkina Faso in a perilous attempt to seek safety in Italy. Soon they discover that what awaits them in Europe is violence and prejudice towards the refugee community, as well as hard work and heartbreak. It is a story about acceptance, humanity and loss.
In French, Italian, English and Arabic with optional English or Spanish subtitles
1 hour 50 minutes

Les Misérables
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Billie August (1998)
Adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic and starring Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, Claire Danes, and Geoffrey Rush; Jean Valjean (Neeson), a hopeless convict, turns his life around after 20 years in prison and makes an honest and profitable living, thanks to the generous gift of a priest. He even takes in a pregnant young prostitute, Fantine (Thurman), and raises her child, Cosette (Danes). Valjean is once again haunted by his past when a former prison guard, Javert (Rush), recognizes him and attempts to return Valjean to prison.
French and English audio tracks; option of French or English subtitles
2 hours 14 minutes

Moderato cantabile (Seven Days...Seven Nights)
Region 0 (PAL) DVD
Peter Brook (1960)
In French or German with optional German or English subtitles
1 hour 30 minutes

La Môme (La vie en rose)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Olivier Dahan (2007)
Starring Marion Cotillard (2008 Academy Award winner for Best Actress for her portrayal of Edith Piaf); This biopic recounts the public and personal life of the famous French singer, as seen through Édith’s own fragmented memories at the end of her short life. A sickly child, she was abandoned by her mother and cared for by her alcoholic father. As a young adult Édith sang on Parisian street corners to survive, where she was discovered by the cabaret owner Louis Leplée. Though Édith’s music became a worldwide phenomenon, she could not escape her own personal tragedies and addictions.
In French with optional subtitles in English, French, or Spanish
2 hours 21 minutes

Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
François Dupeyron (2003)
Set in 1960s Paris, the film revolves around Moses (Pierre Boulanger), a young man who lives alone with his father in the bustling Rue Bleu district. After he is abandoned by him, “Momo” finds an unlikely friend in Monsieur Ibrahim (Omar Sharif), a Muslim shopkeeper who spends most of his days behind the counter of his store reading the Koran. As time passes, Momo and Ibrahim begin to bring each other out of his respective shell, sharing a series of everyday adventures, culminating in Momo’s indoctrination into Ibrahim’s faith. Winner of best actor, audience award, and career Golden Lion award at the Venice film festival; Sharif awarded best actor award at the Cesar awards; given 2003 Afi Film Festival lifetime tribute award; winner one of the top five foreign films from the National Board of Review; special feature Omar Sharif audio commentary.
In French with option of English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

Monsieur Lazhar 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Philippe Falardeau (2011)
A middle school class faces the aftermath of their teacher’s suicide. Quickly filling the role of substitute teacher is an immigrant from Algeria. The new teacher, however, meets difficulty due to cultural differences along with his own personal problems. The teacher and the students learn to cope with each other’s sorrow and pain.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 34 minutes

La moustache
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Emmanuel Carrère (2005)
Mystery drama starring Vincent Lindon and Emmanuelle Devos. Marc decides one morning in the bath to shave off the moustache he has worn for years. His wife not only doesn’t notice, but insists that he’s never had one. Gradually Marc begins to doubt everything that he has assumed to be true in his life; a disturbing look into our perceptions of reality.
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 22 minutes

Ne touchez pas la hache (Dont Touch the Axe)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Jacques Rivette (2007)
Based on La Duchesse de Langeais by Honoré de Balzac; The Duchesse de Langeais is a young popular socialite living a frivolous life of balls and coquetry in early 19th-century Paris. When the brooding Napoleonic war hero Général de Montriveau makes his appearance on the Parisian social scene, the Duchesse’s interest is piqued. So begins a long manipulative love affair, with tragic results.
In French with optional English subtitles
2 hours 12 minutes

Night on Earth 
Region 0 DVD
Jim Jarmusch (1991)
Featuring Winona Ryder, Roberto Benigni, and Béatrice Dalle; five taxi drivers in five different cities (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Helsinki) simultaneously pick up five different customers. These brief encounters among strangers lead to deep insights about their personal lives.
In French, English, Italian and Finnish with English subtitles
2 hours 3 minutes

Nous, Princesses de Clèves 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Régis Sauder (2011)
Documentary film; Students at Lycée Diderot in Marseilles study the 17th century French novel La Princesse de Clèves in anticipation of taking the Baccalaureate exam. The students find parallels between their lives and those of the characters in the original story which takes place in 1558. They tell their own coming-of-age stories—stories of love, loss, triumph, and rejection.  
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 9 minutes

On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Alain Resnais (1997)
César Award-winning romantic, musical comedy about two Parisian sisters, Odile (played by Sabine Azéma) and Camille (Agnès Jaoui), who become entangled in dysfunctional relationships with a submissive husband (Pierre Arditi), an old boyfriend (Jean-Pierre Bacri), a dishonest realtor (Lambert Wilson), and a kind, older man (André Dussolier); in the midst of normal dialogue, characters lip-synch to recordings of old as well as contemporary French song fragments which express their inner thoughts and true feelings; singers featured in these song excerpts: Charles Aznavour, Joséphine Baker, Alain Bashung, Maurice Chevalier, Dalida, Johnny Hallyday, Édith Piaf, among many others; gift of Boston College’s Lambda Psi chapter of Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society) in the name of Faculty Moderator, Prof. Rebecca M. Valette.
In French with option of French, English, German or Italian subtitles; also available in VHS video with English subtitles
2 hours


Le pacte des loups
Region 2 (PAL) DVD (2 discs)
Christophe Gans (2001)
Based on the true story of the Beast of Gévaudan (a wolf-like creature) that terrorized southwestern France in the mid-18th century; mixed genre movie with elements of period costuming, horror, martial arts, espionage, action, religious/political intrigue; stars Samuel le Bihan as Grégoire de Fronsac, a naturalist sent by the King of France to find and kill the beast, and Mark Dacascos as Mani, an Iroquois shaman and hunter whom de Fronsac befriended while in New France; story of de Fronsac’s fight against ignorance, bigotry, and conspiracy and the roles in that struggle of a crippled hunter, Jean François (Vincent Cassel), and two women, Marianne, an aristocrat (Emilie Dequenne) and Sylvia, a prostitute (Monica Bellucci); scene selections option, and option to view film with commentary by the director or actors le Bihan and Cassel; bonus disc includes: 78-minute piece about the making of various portions of the film (casting, combat, artistic direction, creation of the beast, etc.), clips of 7 outtakes (36 minutes), movie trailers, selected actors’ filmographies, presentation about the Gévaudan legend by naturalist Michel Louis, access to Internet link to film’s website and press packs in French and English; colorful 24-page booklet includes synopsis of film, production notes, historical references, comments by the cast, biographies of film’s technical team; gift of Boston College’s Lambda Psi chapter of Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society) in the name of Faculty Moderator, Prof. Rebecca M. Valette.
In French with option of French subtitles
Film: 2 hours 25 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Cédric Klapisch (2008)
Here we see several intertwined romantic stories. A passionate dancer finds that he has a heart condition making dancing potentially fatal. With dancing put on hold, he becomes interested in a college student. His sister is a single mother who likes a local grocer. A professor, although he is considerably older, finds interest in one of his students.
In French with optional English or Spanish subtitles
2 hours 9 minutes

Paris, je t’aime
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Collection of short films by various directors (2006): Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin & Gérard Depardieu, Gurinder Chadha, Sylvain Chomet, Joel & Ethan Coen, Isabel Coixet, Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuarón, Christopher Doyle, Richard LaGravanese, Vincenzo Natali, Alexander Payne, Bruno Podalydès, Walter Salles & Daniela Thomas, Oliver Schmitz, Nobuhiro Suwa, Tom Tywer, Gus Van Sant.
Each short is dedicated to a different Parisian neighborhood, and the love stories — as diverse as these directors — that one can find there; additional resource available Paris, je taime book.
In French, English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin with optional English or Spanish subtitles; 3 copies available
2 hours 45 minutes

Le passé (The Past)
Region A Blu-ray
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Asghar Farhadi (2013)
Drama; Marie asks her estranged husband Ahmed to come back to Paris from Iran to finalize their divorce after four years. What he comes back to is more than the broken family that he had left behind: Marie has a new fiancé with a complicated history that has driven Marie’s eldest daughter away from living at home. The mystery that shrouds the series of events which lead to the tragedy of suicide permeate this story as Ahmed, Marie and her new beau try to fix the mess that has become of their relationships with themselves, with their children, and with one another. 
In French with optional English subtitles
2 hours 10 minutes

Père et fils 
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Michel Boujenah (2003)
Comedy starring Philippe Noiret, Charles Berling, Bruno Putzulu and Pascal Elbé; The aging Léo has three adult sons who haven’t gotten along since childhood. Following a minor health problem that puts him in the hospital, he decides to invent a fatal illness in order to convince his sons to take a trip with him to explore Québec. Through their various misadventures in the Canadian wilderness, the brothers must learn to overcome their differences.
In French with optional French captioning and Arabic subtitles
1 hour 35 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud (2007)
Includes the voices of Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, this unique animated film tells the story of Marjane Satrapi’s coming of age with both compassion and humor. As a precocious young girl in Iran, she witnesses the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Her family tries to maintain a normal childhood for Marjane under the strict religious regime and the daily threats of the war with Iraq, but her parents eventually decide the country is too dangerous for her. They send her to Austria to attend school, hoping she will benefit from the relative safety of Europe. Marji struggles to find her identity in a foreign land, and eventually returns to Iran in a deep depression. Getting back on her feet, she attends university and begins to make a life for herself in Iran. Marji continues to struggle to find her place as an independent young woman under the oppressive regime of her home country, and finds she must leave again.
In French or English with optional English or Spanish subtitles; 3 copies available
1 hour 35 minutes

Le placard (The Closet) 
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Francis Veber (2001)
Comedy that illustrates common prejudices and stereotypes; film stars Daniel Auteuil as François Pignon, a divorced man who works as an accountant for a condom factory. When Pignon learns that he is to be fired, a lie emerges about his sexuality which sends the factory into chaos and precipitates unexpected changes in his life.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 25 minutes

Les poupées russes (Russian Dolls)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Cédric Klapisch (2005)
Starring Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou. “5 years later” look at the character Xavier’s world in this follow-up to Klapisch’s 2002 film Lauberge espagnole. Xavier is now 30 and a writer of soap opera scripts. Given the opportunity to reunite with some of his Barcelona roommates, he is able to get some perspective on life, but will it be too late to salvage his most valuable relationships?
In French with optional English, Spanish subtitles
2 hours 9 minutes

Le prénom (What's in a Name?)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière (2012)
Comedy adapted from the eponymous play written by the same authors; Vincent is going to be a father. At his sister’s dinner party, he is peppered with chatter about the new baby in the company of dear old friends. Once his hosts ask about the baby’s name, however, the conversation goes awry. Relationships are tested and long-kept secrets are uncovered. Will Vincent be able to keep his family together before his child is born?
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 49 minutes

Qui perd gagne! (Loser Takes All!)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Laurent Bénégui (2004)
Comedic mystery starring Thierry Lhermitte and Elsa Zylberstein. Jacques is a compulsive gambler with a photographic memory. His lover, Angele, works for the government investigating fraud in the lottery system, and asks him to help on a peculiar case. Together they set to work uncovering the secrets of an unknown math professor who claims he has uncovered a formula to predict winning numbers in the national lottery drawings. Is it a scam, or is the professor a true mathematical genius?
In French with optional French captioning and English subtitles
1 hour 32 minutes

La Rafle (The Round Up)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Rose Bosch (2010)
Drama, based on a true story. In 1942, 13,000 Jewish people, including 4,000 children, were rounded up with their families in Paris and held in the Vélodrome d’Hiver before continuing on to their eventual execution at Auschwitz; the massive raid is known in history as the rafle du Vél’ d’Hiv. The film follows the story of young Jo Weisman, a boy who is arrested with his family. His relationship to his community allows for a cinematic mosaic to be created out of other real people’s stories during this time of deep despair.  Written through the lens of an innocent child living during genocide, the film expresses the brightest spark of hope that cannot be extinguished by bleak darkness. 
In French, German, and Yiddish with on-screen English subtitles
2 hours 4 minutes

La Résistance
Region 2 (PAL) set of 3 DVDs
2 documentary-fiction films of 1 hour 30 minutes each:
Vivre libre ou mourir
Quand il fallait sauver les juifs
4 documentary-historical films of 52 minutes each:
Le sourd grondement dun peuple
La lutte armée
Victimes contre bourreaux
Face à la déportation des juifs
This series of films combines authentic film footage from the Second World War with modern-day reenactments to tell the story of the French Resistance in both political and military efforts, as well as the movement to save thousands of Jews in France from deportation.
In French with optional closed captioning in French for the hearing impaired
Total time of DVD set: 6 hours 28 minutes

Ressources humaines (Human Resources)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Laurent Cantet (2000)
This film focuses on a fictional factory about to make the switch to the government-mandated 35-hour workweek. Franck, a Parisian business school student, takes a summer apprenticeship in the Human Resources department at a factory in a small industrial town where his father has labored for the past thirty years. Franck’s intentions are honorable as he attempts to balance this managerial internship with his parents and friends’ lower-class social standing. However, as he sees the injustice committed by the company for which he is interning, Franck not only faces a decision about what is right and wrong, but also one that could destroy his promising future. Winner of over 17 international awards, including the Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival. Available extras include French trailer and information about the director.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 40 minutes

Riens du tout (Little Nothings)
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Cédric Klapisch (1992)
Comedy; Monsieur Lepetit (Fabrice Luchini) takes over a top management position at the Grandes Galeries, a major department store in Paris. To save the company from going under, he implements a total restructuring of the store and attempts to infuse a new spirit of camaraderie among the employees, often with absurd results.
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 33 minutes

Roman de gare (Crossed Tracks)
Region 0 (PAL) DVD
Claude Lelouch (2007)
Thriller; inspired by a neurotic prostitute whom he has fallen in love with, the ghostwriter for a world famous author makes the decision to publish his new masterpiece under his own name.  Tension and mystery build as identities and relationships become scrambled
In French with optional English subtitles
1 hour 40 minutes

Rue Cases-Nègres (Sugar Cane Alley)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Euzhan Palcy (1983)
This film tells the story of a young teenage boy, José, who was orphaned at the age of 11 and sent to live with his grandmother, who works on one of Martinique’s sugar cane plantations. Although he gets into mischief, he is still able to learn valuable lessons on living from an old former slave. Because his grandmother realizes he has no future if he stays on the plantation, she does what she can to keep him in school and away from the tedious labor to which she’s devoted her life. With his intelligence and determination, he wins a scholarship to one of the top school’s in the island’s main town. Winner of “Best Actress” award at the 1983 Venice Film Festival, and the 1983 Cesar for “Best First Film.” Scene selections available.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 47 minutes

Saint Jacques...La Mecque 
Region 2 (PAL) two-DVD set
Coline Serreau (2005)
Dramatic comedy starring Muriel Robin, Artus de Penguern, and Jean-Pierre Darroussin. People decide to make the pilgrimage through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostella for many reasons. Siblings Clara, Pierre, and Claude must complete the trek on foot in order to receive their inheritance from their mother. The two-month long journey will bring them closer to each other, and to the 6 other strangers they meet in their group; includes second DVD with bonus features.
In French, no subtitles
1 hour 44 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache (2014)
An illegal immigrant in Paris from Senegal, Samba dreams of becoming a chef. Alice, his case worker, fights to help him stay in France. After being told he must leave, Samba and Alice do their best to work the system to keep him in Paris. As they work together on the case, their relationship deepens to something neither of them expected.
In French with on-sceen English subtitles
1 hour 59 minutes

Un secret (A Secret)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Claude Miller (2007)
Tale of one French family’s life in the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust — and how the family survived these events: François is a quiet boy growing up in a comfortable home in 1950s Paris under the eye of a loving mother and critical father. At the age of 15, he learns more of his family history from their neighbor and family friends, and learns the reasons for his parents’ secretiveness; based on Philippe Grimbert’s novel of the same title, which was based on real events.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 40 minutes

Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Étienne Chatiliez (2001)
Dramatic comedy starring Sabine Azéma, André Dussolier, Éric Berger, and Hélène Duc; Tanguy, at 28 years old, has everything going for him – he’s attractive, intelligent, fluent in multiple languages – except for the fact that he still lives with his parents. Hoping for some peace in the house, his mother and father begin a campaign to get their son to move out.
In French, no subtitles
2 hours

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Abderrahmane Sissako (2014)
Drama based on the brief occupation of Timbuktu, Mali by Ansar Dine, an extremist Islamist group; Kidane, a cattle herder, and his family live outside of Timbuktu, peacefully avoiding the regime that has taken over the city. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Kidane commits a crime, and the jihadists arrest him; his family must grapple with the consequences of his sentencing. This poignant film is influenced by true historical events. By exploring the acts of rebellion of the occupied city’s people, the resilient spirit of humanity juxtaposes the unsustainable nature of oppressive, fundamentalist law. 
In French, Arabic and English with optional English subtitles
1 hour 36 minutes

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Céline Sciamma (2011)
Laure is the new kid in town. Adopting a tomboy identity, she acts like a boy and goes by the name “Mikael.” Her newfound friends initially have no idea that “Mikael” is actually a girl; Laure can seemingly keep up with the boys. Her friend Lisa begins to fall for her. Eventually, Laure’s friends discover that “Mikael” isn’t quite who he seems to be, and she faces an identity crisis.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 22 minutes

Les Tontons flingueurs
Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Georges Lautner (1963)
Fernand Naudin, an ex-gangster, is living a peaceful life by selling agricultural machinery when his childhood friend, “The Mexican”, boss of a gangster organization, interrupts the tranquility. Upon the death of “the Mexican”,  Fernand is named the new boss of the organization. As a result, Mr. Fernand has to take care of the daughter and the business of “the Mexican” at the same time. Patricia, the daughter of “the Mexican” is a worriless girl who hates school and cares only about having fun. Interesting things happen when Fernand serves as the girl’s guardian as well as fights against the Volfoni brothers who have always been trying to kill him.   
In French with optional French subtitles for the hearing impaired
1 hour 45 minutes

Le vernis craque (The Varnish Cracks)
All-Region (NTSC) DVD
Daniel Janneau (2011)
2 films: Le déjeuner des canotiers (The Luncheon of the Boating Party) - Renoir; Un bal au Moulin de la Galette (At the Moulin de la Galette) - Toulouse-Lautrec
Drama; This pair of short films brings two famous paintings to life. The first film, Le Déjeuner des canotiers (The Luncheon of the Boating Party), based on the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, is a murder mystery: Renoir tries to find his two models who went missing with a serial killer who is at large. The second film, Un bal au Moulin de la Galette (At the Moulin de la Galette), based on the painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, follows Lautrec as he uncovers who stole the sketches he needs to complete his masterpiece. Both films combine history with intrigue to create riveting storylines about two great pieces of art. 
In French with optional English subtitles or French subtitles for the hearing impaired
Each film approx. 1 hour

Versailles: Le testament 

Region 2 (PAL) interactive DVD
To be used with DVD player or PAL-enabled Macintosh or PC computer; playing the role of 1700-era courtisan Charles-Louis de Faverolles the user (via animated on-screen characters) presents himself to the court of Louis XIV in hopes of becoming a diplomat to be sent to Spain where resides Elvira, his beloved; game based on historical facts and features dialogue opportunities with historical characters such as Louis XIV, Madame de Maintenon, etc.; © 2001–2003 Réunion des Musées Nationaux/Dreamcatcher Europe/Établissement Public du Musée du domaine de Versailles.

Le vieil homme et l’enfant (The Two of Us)
Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Claude Berri (1967)
A Jewish Parisian family struggles to keep their troublesome son safe during the Nazi occupation. The parents move the family several times to different towns, but finally decide to send 9-year-old Claude away to the country to live with the elderly parents of a friendly neighbor. Claude must hide his Jewish identity even from his protectors, whom he learns to affectionately call “Grandpa and Grandma” (Papi et Mami). Despite the old man’s blatant anti-Semitism, Claude and Grandpa come to share a unique bond across generational and cultural chasms.
In French with English subtitles
1 hour 27 minutes

Un village français (A French Village) - 1940 - TV Series - Saison (Season) 1
4-Region 1 (NTSC) DVD set 
Philippe Triboit and Olivier Guignard (2009)
In French with on-screen English subtitles
11 hours 40 minutes = total time of Episodes 1-12 & Bonus Feature (A Glimpse into History - Ils y étaient)

Region 1 (NTSC) DVD
Martin Provost (2013)
This biographical drama presents the vexed life of French author Violette Leduc (1907–1972). Frustrated with her loveless relationship with Maurice Sachs, she begins to write down her life at her partner’s suggestion. She introduces her first manuscript to the prolific intellectual/activist Simone de Beauvoir (1908–1986), and the two strike up a professional but lopsided friendship. After some pitiful existential bouts, Violette finally manages to publish a best-seller.
In French with on-screen English subtitles
1 hour 38 minutes

Region 2 (PAL) DVD
Mabrouk El Mechri (2005)
Comedic drama starring Jalil Lespert, Lea Drucker, and Jean-Pierre Cassel. Virgil’s father Ernest has been in jail for six years. During their weekly visits Virgil tells him about his latest victory in the boxing ring. The only problem is that Virgil hasn’t been back in the ring since Ernest first went to jail. When Ernest announces that he is due to be released ahead of schedule, in about 6 months’ time, Virgil must pick up his boxing gloves once again.
In French with optional French captioning and English subtitles
1 hour 30 minutes