Enrich your understanding of Jewish civilization, history, and religion from biblical to modern times from an interdisciplinary perspective, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to examine your own religious traditions and cultural heritage.

The Advisory Board

The Jewish Studies Program is co-directed by John Michalczyk (Fine Arts) and Donald A. Fishman (Communication).

The program is administered by a committee comprised of the following faculty members: Donald Dietrich (Theology); Donald A. Fishman (Communication); Ruth Langer (Theology); John Michalczyk (Fine Arts); Nancy Netzer (Fine Arts); Maxim D. Shrayer (Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literature, English); and Rifat Sonsino (Theology).

In addition, some 40 faculty members have expressed their support for the program.

The Faculty

More than a dozen faculty members representing nine departments currently teach in the Jewish Studies Program.

For additional information or to sign up for the Minor in Jewish Studies, please contact the program co-director Professor John Michalczyk.