ICS Administrators

Kathleen Bailey

David DiPasquale
Associate Director

Susan Leonard
Fiscal Assistant

Peter Pinto
Research Assistant

Teaching Faculty

Art History & Film

Pamela Burger
Professor of Art History and Film, Art History Minor Coordinator

Emine Fetvaci
Norma Jean Calderwood University Professor Of Islamic and Asia Art

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi
Senior Lecturer
Politics of Modern Middle Eastern Art


Kristin Peterson
Intersection of media and religion, religious expression in digital media, feminist activism and Muslim Americans

Matt Sienkiewicz
Media Assistance; Global Television and Cinema; Middle Eastern Media Systems; Comedy Studies; International Public Sphere; New Media; and Journalism


Benjamin Braude
Race and the Construction of Collective Identities in the Middle East and Europe; Ottoman History; Jewish History

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Modern South Asian History; British Empire; Labor History; Economic History

Dana Sajdi
Pre-modern Middle Eastern History, especially Ottoman; Popular and Learned Literary Cultures; Historiography; Book History and Urban History

Elizabeth H. Shlala
Late Ottoman history & geography, comparative imperial norms in race, gender and sexuality, Mediterranean migration and legal history


Ann Lucas
Ethnomusicology; Iranian folk music; the relationship between cultural upheaval and musical change over epochs

Political Science

Kathleen Bailey
Central Asian Politics; Russian Politics; Balkans

Paul Christensen
Russian Politics; Social Movements; Globalization

David DiPasquale
The Intersection between Islamic Law and Political Thought; Political Philosophy of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes  

Jonathan Laurence
Western European Politics

Peter Krause
International Security; Middle East Politics; Non-State Violence; Social Movements

Peter Skerry
Racial and Ethnic Politics; Immigration Policy

Romance Languages & Literatures

Elizabeth Goizueta
Literature; the Arts; History of Islamic Spain

Near Eastern Language and Culture

Gil Chalamish
Lecturer, Hebrew

M. J. Connolly
Slavic Languages; Slavic Studies; Linguistics

Mariela Dakova
Slavic Studies; Balkan History and Culture; Linguistics; Bulgarian Language

Ikram Easton
Lecturer, Arabic

Atef Ghobrial
Arabic Language

Samira Al Recha Kuttab
Lecturer, Arabic

Abdelkrim Mouhib
Lecturer, Arabic

Franck Salameh
Near Eastern Studies; Arabic Language; History of Ideas, Languages, Literatures, and Intellectual History of the states of the Levant.

Sassan Tabatabai
Persian Literature, Modern Persian (Farsi), Dari, Takjik


Ali Kadivar
Politics, Comparative Historical Analysis, Social Movements, Global Sociology, Middle East, Iran

Eve Spangler
Inequality and Intersectionality; Classical Sociological Theory; Health, Human Rights and Social Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Work Organization: Health and Safety in the Global Economy


Gerhard Bowering
Intro to Islam: The Quran and its Interpretations

Natana Delong-Bas
Theological Inquiries; Women and Gender in Islam; Islam and History in the Middle East, Contemporary Islamic Though and Practice, Religious Quest I and II: Christianity and Islam, Islam and Christianity in Dialogue

James Morris
Islamic Theology; Islamic Spirituality; Islamic Philosophy

Erik Owens
Ethics, Religion and International Politics, Global Citizenship in Theory and Practice, Religion(s) and American Public Schools, Religion Justice and Reconciliation, Citizenship in American Political Theology and Political Philosophy

Islamic Civilization & Societies

Barakatullo Ashurov
Persian Lecturer, Silk Roads: Religions and Culture

Research Faculty

Ali Banuazizi
Research Professor