ICS Administrators

Ali Banuazizi

Kathleen Bailey
Associate Director

Timothy McCranor
Special Assistant to the Associate Director  


Matt Sienkiewicz
Media Assistance; Global Television and Cinema; Middle Eastern Media Systems; Comedy Studies; International Public Sphere; New Media; and Journalism


Benjamin Braude
Race and the Construction of Collective Identities in the Middle East and Europe; Ottoman History; Jewish History

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Modern South Asian History; British Empire; Labor History; Economic History

Dana Sajdi
Pre-modern Middle Eastern History, especially Ottoman; Popular and Learned Literary Cultures; Historiography; Book History and Urban History

Elizabeth H. Shlala
Associate Professor of the Practice & Assistant Director, Core Curriculum


Ann Lucas
Ethnomusicology; Iranian folk music; the relationship between cultural upheaval and musical change over epochs

Political Science

Kathleen Bailey
Central Asian Politics; Russian Politics; Balkans

Ali Banuazizi
Middle Eastern Politics; Political Culture; Religion and Politics

Nasser Behnegar
Early, Modern, and Contemporary Political Theory; American Political Thought; Comparative Ideologies

Paul Christensen
Russian Politics; Social Movements; Globalization

David DiPasquale
The Intersection between Islamic Law and Political Thought; Political Philosophy of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes  

Jonathan Laurence
Western European Politics

Peter Krause
International Security; Middle East Politics; Non-State Violence; Social Movements

Peter Skerry
Racial and Ethnic Politics; Immigration Policy

Romance Languages & Literatures

Elizabeth Goizueta
Literature; the Arts; History of Islamic Spain

Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures

M. J. Connolly
Slavic Languages; Slavic Studies; Linguistics

Mariela Dakova
Slavic Studies; Balkan History and Culture; Linguistics; Bulgarian Language

Atef Ghobrial
Arabic Language

Franck Salameh
Near Eastern Studies; Arabic Language; History of Ideas, Languages, Literatures, and Intellectual History of the states of the Levant.

Cynthia Simmons
Slavic Studies; Slavic Women; Linguistics

Sassan Tabatabai
Persian Literature, Modern Persian (Farsi), Dari, Takjik


Ali Kadivar
Politics, Comparative Historical Analysis, Social Movements, Global Sociology, Middle East, Iran

Eve Spangler
Inequality and Intersectionality; Classical Sociological Theory; Health, Human Rights and Social Justice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Work Organization: Health and Safety in the Global Economy


Natana Delong-Bas

James Morris 
Islamic Theology; Islamic Spirituality; Islamic Philosophy

Erik Owens