Asian Studies offers students a rich curriculum in the arts and literatures, history, philosophy and religion, and contemporary affairs of East Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia. It is interdisciplinary and transnational, meaning that it encourages students to think beyond the boundaries of any single department and country. As an Asian Studies minor, you will learn how to

  • Communicate in an Asian language
  • investigate history and current affairs from a regional perspective
  • interpret works of literature and art in their cultural contexts, and
  • think comparatively about Asian religions and philosophies.

Topics of Interest

  • Asia as a World Region
  • Art & Architecture
  • History & Memory
  • Labor, Migration, Environment
  • Languages
  • Literature, Film, Music
  • Politics & International Relations
  • Race, Gender,  Sexuality
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Social Movements & Ethnography
  • War & Revolution