The Department offers a master of arts degree in Classics (Latin and Greek together) and in Latin alone. Students typically come to our program to prepare themselves either for a career in teaching at the secondary level, or for careers in related fields (e.g. library science, law school, educational technology), a few may pursue entry into a Ph.D. program elsewhere.


The degree requires a combination of course work, independent study, and comprehensive examinations. The M.A. degree requires 30 credits in Latin and/or Greek language and classical civilization courses, typically within the department. Candidates are expected to complete a departmental reading list (through independent work supplemented by course work), and to pass both written and oral examinations. They are also required to demonstrate the ability to read a modern foreign language, usually French or German, with a dictionary.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.A. graduates should be able to:

  • Translate without any dictionary as aid passages in Greek and Latin from a comprehensive reading list.
  • Describe the significance of an ancient text to other works by the same author.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of ancient texts or passages to broader developments in the literature and history of Greece and Rome.
  • Incorporate research written in one modern foreign language into analysis and interpretation of ancient texts.
  • Prepare seminar research papers using relevant literature (ancient and modern) and appropriate research methods.
  • Present seminar and other research papers in classroom or conference settings.
  • Teach ancient languages in secondary schools.
  • Apply for admission to Ph.D. programs in Classical Philology or Ancient History.

Financial Aid and Student Life

Limited scholarship aid is available, chiefly in the form of tuition remission. A teaching assistantship, which carries a stipend in addition to free tuition, is offered for one semester.

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Further Information

Electronic application forms for the M.A. degree(s) (M.A. in Classics, Greek, and Latin) are available directly from the Graduate School.

For additional information please contact

Professor Hanne Eisenfeld
Director of Graduate Studies
Stokes S239

Professor Gail Hoffman
Stokes 241S