Higher Education Corruption Monitor

Corruption is defined as "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain" (Transparency International). In higher education, corruption is also ‘the lack of academic integrity’. Corruption might take place in different countries and at different kinds of universities: public and private, mass and elite. Corruption might be monetary and non-monetary or it might take different forms, ranging from bribes and misuse of university funds to fake degrees, plagiarism, ghostwriting and cheating. Corruption might take place with or without the students’ involvement.

The main goal of the Higher Education Corruption Monitor is to collect and systemize news and research on various types of corruption as well as on anti-corruption policies and initiatives from all around the world. The Monitor will not seek to verify each item placed on its website, but will make every effort to choose reputable information. 

The Monitor is managed by CIHE research fellow Elena Denisova-Schmidt.