Founded in 1995, CIHE promotes the belief that an international perspective is needed to foster enlightened policies and practices in higher education. All of the work that we do, in the domains of research, publication, education and advisory services, is guided by our commitments.

Our Commitments

Rigorous and ethical research and thoughtful, informed analysis

Conducting all of our activities in collaboration with others around the globe and to elevating local perspectives on all of the issues we analyze

Open access publication, translation into other languages and clear and accessible prose

Issues of social justice and, as such, we seek to acknowledge and—when possible—explicitly address global higher education inequalities through our work

Maintaining a strong focus on less-resourced and less-powerful global contexts and to promoting critical perspectives through our scholarship

Supporting the development of the next generation of international higher education scholars



CIHE faculty, staff, and graduate assistants


Advisory Board, Research Fellows, and Visiting Scholars


Alumni of CIHE degree programs


Partners related to International Higher Education & associated publications

International Higher Education is published by DUZ Academic Publishers in Germany.

International Higher Education is translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. These translations are completed by CIHE's translation partners:


Associated Publications

A number of associated publications are also published by CIHE partners:


Each year, CIHE partners with World Education Services (WES) to run the WES-CIHE Summer Institute, an annual conference aimed at graduate students and other young professionals.
CIHE enjoys a close partnership with the International Association of Universities. Through this partnership, we organize joint webinars, collaborate on research projects and work together to disseminate publications.