Graduate Assistantships & Employment Opportunities

Below are current positions that have been provided to the Office of Graduate Student Life. Students are also encouraged to contact an administrative office not listed here directly to see if any positions are available as not all providers post their positions on this site. Please check this page regularly for newly added positions! If you have questions regarding specific positions, please contact individual departments or employers.

The Lynch School of Education and Human Development also maintains a positions page for students in the Higher Education program.


To post a position, please email a PDF of the job description, department or location, contact info, application procedure, and compensation to Note: Positions will be removed when the position has been filled or three months after the posting date.

Boston College Positions


Core Curriculum Core Graduate Assistant Description 20 Hours/Week 7/26/21
Office of International Programs Program Manager Graduate Assistant Description $6,750/Stipend plus potential tuition remission for Lynch students 8/3/21
The Center for Centers Graduate Events Assistant Description $16/hour 20 hours/week 8/6/21
Boston College Dining Services Catering Assistant Description $13.50/hour and a free meal with every shift 8/11/21
Boston College Dining Services Bean Counter Cashier Description $14/hour and a free meal with every shift 8/11/21
BC Law School Academic &
Student Services
Graduate Assistant Description $1,000/month Stipend 20 hours/week 8/18/21
BC Law Public Interest Designation Program Graduate Assistant Description $4,400/semester ($1,100/Month) 20 hours/week 8/18/21
Computing Support Services GTC/TC Eagle Tech Position Description $20.25/hour 15 hours/week 8/18/21
Office for Sponsored Programs Graduate Assistant Description $1600/month stipend for 20 hours of work per
Heights Catering  Administrative Assistant Description $20/hour 20 hours/week 8/26/21
Environmental Studies Program Graduate Assistant Descriptiion $13.50/hour 8/26/21
BC Makerspace Graduate Assistant Description $1,700/month Stipend, 20 hours per week 8/31/21
Heights Catering Lead On Call Bartender/Waitstaff Description $18/hour 8/31/21
Office of Student Affairs  Study Area Monitor Description $15/hour 8/31/21
Office of Residential Life Graduate Assistant for Pine Manor College Description $11,000/Stipend for Academic Year uition Remission for 15 credits/year Staff Apartment, Full Meal Plan 8/31/21
BC Law School Graduate Assistant Description $1,100/Month 9/16/21
CSOM Graduate Admission Graduate Assistant Description $19/hour 10-20 hours week 9/16/21
Office of Employee Development Graduate Assistant Description $14-$18/hour 12 hours a week minimum 9/16/21
Voluntter & Service Learning Center Social Media & Marketing Manager Description $13.50/hour 5-8 hours a week 9/23/21
Strategy, Innovation & Techology - Woods Colege of Advancing Studies Graduate Assistant Description $6,500 semester, 20 hours per week 10/21/21
MS in Applied Economics Graduate Assistant Description $6,500/semester, 20 hours per week 10/21/21


Non-Boston College Positions

Berklee College of Music's Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Graduate Assistant for Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Description $20/hour, 15-20 hours per week 6/30/21
Wellesley College Student Development Student engagement Graduate Internship Description $15/hour 8/3/21
MIT Student Organization Leadership and Engagement (SOLE) Graduate Assistant Description $16/hour 8/6/21
Showa Boston Instutute for Language and Culture Resident Assistant Description Housing, Meal Plan Use of Campus Facilities, Free Parking 10-15 Hours/week 8/6/21
Tufts Sociology Department Course Assistant Description $3,500 8/18/21
Emerson Housing and Residential Education Graduate Assistant Description $15/hour 20 hours/week, on campus housing, partial meal plan 8/18/21
MIT Undergraduate Admissions Graduate Assistant Description 15 hours/week 9/16/21
Wellesley College Student Involvement Graduate Assistant Description $15/hour 9/16/21
Saint Joseph Preparatory High School Marketing & Social Media Intern Description $14-$18/hour 12 hours a week/minimum 9/20/21
MIT Women & Gender Services  Graduate Assistant Description $15/hour 10-15 hours a week 10/21/21