Graduate Assistantships & Employment Opportunities

Below are current positions that have been provided to the Office of Graduate Student Life. Students are also encouraged to contact an administrative office not listed here directly to see if any positions are available as not all providers post their positions on this site. Please check this page regularly for newly added positions! If you have questions regarding specific positions, please contact individual departments or employers.

The Lynch School of Education and Human Development also maintains a positions page for students in the Higher Education program.


To post a position, please email a PDF of the job description, department or location, contact info, application procedure, and compensation to Note: Positions will be removed when the position has been filled or three months after the posting date.

Boston College Positions

Office Position Job Description/Application Process Compensation Date Posted
Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center CommunityResearch Program/Bowman Scholars Program Gradiuate Assistantship Description $10,500 & $15,000 in Tuition Remission 8/3/20
Women's and Gender Studies Program Graduate Assistant Description $12.75/hour 8/7/20
Journalism Program Graduate Assistant Description $12.75/hour 8/11/20
Law School Faculty Support Office Graduate Assistant Description $4,000/Senester 8/11/20
Office of Internationl Programs Summer Programs Graduate Assistant Description $15.00/hour & Possible TR Credits for First-year GLSOE Students 8/14/20
Office of Internationa Programs  Pre-Advising Services Graduate Assistant Description $15.00/hour & Potential Tuition Remission Credits for LGSOE Students 8/14/20
Office for Research Protections Graduate Assistant Description $20.00/hour 8/14/20
Environmental Studies Program Graduate Assistant Description $13.50/hour 8/14/20
Center for Digital Innovation in Learning (CDIL) Operations Coordinator Graduate Assistant Description $23,000/year 8/24/20
MCA&S Graduate Technology Assistant 9/14 Graduate Assistant Description $978.86/month 8/28/20
African and African Diaspora Studies Program Graduate Assistant Description $4800 Grad Service Stipend and up to $7500 TR Credits for First-year GLSEHD Students 9/14/20
Roche Center for Catholic Education Graduate Assistant Description $6,500 FY/$812.50 month 9/17/20
McNair Program
Graduate Assistant Description Stipend up to $2000 9/22/20
College Bound Instructor Graduate Assistant Description $2,888/month 10/1/20



Non-Boston College Positions

Institution/Company Position Job Description/Application Process Compensation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cohort Immersion Programs Graduate Assistant Description $16/hour
Massachusetts Institute of Technology First-Year Student Cohorts Graduate Assistant Description $16/hour
Harbard Business School Teaching Support Associate Description $25/hour
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jenez Gradute Intern for Communications and Engagement Description $18,000/stipend