GPS: Navigating Student Life at Boston College

Goals. Purpose. Success.

The transition to graduate school can be tough. Spend the semester with fellow first-year graduate students from across disciplines to reflect on what it means to be a graduate student. 

Rooted in principles of Ignation Spirituality, GPS: Connections is a semester long program where you will have the opportunity to thoughtfully engage in reflection and conversation around transition, challenges, relationships, and your Goals, Purpose, and Success in graduate school.  We will meet weekly as a cohort, and in small groups led by a second-year master student.

Each program session will be held virtually via Zoom.  Participants will meet as a large group and then in small groups, your small group will remain the same for the semester.  


Please contact the Office of Graduate Student Life at for more information about GPS.

GPS Retreat Learning Outcomes:

Students who attend GPS will be able to:

1. List the "Three Be's" of Jesuit Education:

  • Be attentive
  • Be reflective
  • Be loving        

2. List the Three Key Questions of Michael Himes' approach to discernment: 1

  • What brings me joy?
  • What am I good at?
  • Who does the world need me to be?