Exposing the Fault Lines: Embracing Social Justice in the Wake of a Crisis

November 1-30, 2020

Initiated in 2000 by the U.S. Departments of State and Education, International Education Week (IEW) emphasizes the importance of increasing knowledge and awareness of the world's cultures, peoples and languages, and affirms the critical role the international education plays at Boston College.

Celebrated during the month of November this year, the theme for Boston College’s 2020 IEW is "Exposing the Fault Lines: Embracing Social Justice in the Wake of a Crisis." This theme recognizes that events over the past year - including the global health pandemic and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement - have shed light on disparities that have long existed in the U.S. and beyond, often disproportionately affecting the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

This year’s IEW is designed to consider how members of the BC community might respond to current social and economic challenges in line with our university’s Jesuit commitment to social justice. Discussions will consider the role that governments, institutions, and individuals alike may play in addressing inequities and inequalities along racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, and other lines in the wake of the current context, as well as in other crises past, present, and future. Explorations will be local, national, and global, with a focus on how we might work collaboratively to develop shared solutions, in tandem with those being served.

IEW 2020 is a collaborative effort organized by a wide array of departments and offices at Boston College, under the direction of the Office of International Programs and the Office of International Students and Scholars.

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Session Highlights

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Education and Displacement: Inclusion, Exclusion, and Strategies for Social Justice

A World In Crisis: International Student Perspectives from Here & Abroad

CIHE in IEW: Black Lives Matter In A Global Context

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