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Faculty and Staff Parking
<h3>When can faculty and staff purchase a parking permit?</h3> <p>Faculty and staff can purchase a parking permit anytime.</p> <p><a adhocenable="false" href="https://parking.bc.edu/"><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Order Permit</span></a></p> <h3>Where do I pick up my parking permit?</h3> <p>After you order your permit, you can go to Student Services in Lyons Hall to obtain your parking permit.</p> <h3>What do I do if my permit was lost or stolen?</h3> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/dam/bc1/offices/aux-services/transportation-parking/Lost%20Permit-Transponder%202021.pdf">Lost Permit Form</a></span></p> <p>Complete the lost permit form and submit it to the Office of Parking and Transportation. Once you receive confirmation, you can pick up and pay for your replacement permit at the Office of Student Services. Replacement permits for faculty and staff are $35.00. You must pay by check.</p>
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Football Game Days
<p>See the&nbsp;<a href="https://bceagles.com/sports/2015/8/19/GEN_0819150224.aspx#FB">BC Eagles Website</a>&nbsp;for more details on game day parking and transportation.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/offices/auxiliary-services/sites/transportation-parking/parking/vistors/athletic-event-parking.html">Athletic Event Information</a></span></p>
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Messina College Parking Info
<h3>How do I get to Messina College?</h3> <p>Just a mile away from its main Chestnut Hill Campus, Boston College’s 50-acre Brookline Campus offers a dedicated home for Messina College students within the larger University.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="/content/bc-web/schools/messina-college/admission/visit-us.html">Map and Directions</a></span></p>
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Student Parking Permits
<h3><span style="font-weight: normal;">Which students are eligible for parking permits?</span></h3> <p>Graduate Students</p> <p>Graduate students can apply and purchase permits at any time during the year.</p> <p><a href="http://parking.bc.edu/"><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Order Permit</span></a></p> <p>Undergraduate Commuter Students</p> <p>Commuter students who live more than one mile away from the City of Boston may apply for a commuter permit at the Office of Student Services located in Lyons Hall.</p> <p>Undergraduate Resident Students</p> <p>Only undergraduate resident students receiving academic credit for a practicum or internship that is not accessible by public transportation may apply for a parking permit once they have received approval from their program advisor. Students who have jobs off campus are expected to use public transportation. We wish we had the space for everyone, but space is very limited. Those looking for parking can contact the Off-Campus Student Living office at <a href="mailto:offcampus@bc.edu">offcampus@bc.edu</a> or visit their website at&nbsp;<a href="https://offcampushousing.bc.edu/resources" target="_blank">https://offcampushousing.bc.edu/resources</a></p> <h3>Where do I pick up my parking permit?</h3> <p>After you order your permit, you can go to Student Services in Lyons Hall to obtain your parking permit.</p> <h3>I have a medical issue. Can I get parking?</h3> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZaYX6pMJMf7w3qMrlviE_w1sEn3OoAxL/view?ts=6389141c" target="_blank">Accessibility Form</a></span></p> <p>Students need to&nbsp;fill out the top section of the accessibility form and the rest must be completed by a physician. The completed form should delivered to the Office of Parking and Transportation. The information will then be sent to the the&nbsp;Disability Services&nbsp;Office for review.</p> <p>* Please note: We would like to accommodate everyone, but due to space limitations, we may be unable to do so.</p> <h3><span style="font-weight: normal;">What do I do if my permit was lost or stolen?</span></h3> <p><a adhocenable="false" href="https://www.bc.edu/content/dam/files/offices/transportation/pdf/forms/LostPermit-Transponder6-21-16.pdf"><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Lost Permit Form</span></a></p> <p>Complete the lost permit form and submit it to the Office of Parking and Transportation. Once you receive confirmation, you can pick up and pay for your replacement permit at the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall. Replacement permits are $35.00. Current students may have the fee put on their student account or pay by check.</p>
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Tickets & Appeals
<h3>What do I do if I get a ticket?</h3> <p>You must pay or appeal your notice of violation within 14 days of receiving the ticket.</p> <p>You have three options for payment:</p> <p>1.&nbsp;You can pay the ticket online using a credit card.&nbsp;</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a adhocenable="false" href="https://parking.bc.edu/">Pay Ticket</a></span></p> <p>You must have the ticket number and license plate number of the vehicle. Please wait 2 business days for ticket information to be downloaded.</p> <p>2. You can pay in person by cash or a check made payable to Boston College. If you are a student, you may also choose to have your student account billed for the entire amount.</p> <p>3. You can mail a check (no cash) to:<br> Boston College<br> Transportation and Parking<br> 129 Lake Street<br> 140 Commonwealth Avenue<br> Chestnut Hill, MA 02467</p> <h3>How do I appeal a ticket?</h3> <p><a adhocenable="false" href="https://parking.bc.edu/"><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Appeal Ticket</span></a></p> <p>Appeals must be submitted to the Transportation and Parking office within 14 calendar days of the violation. Please wait 2 business days for ticket information to be downloaded.</p> <p>Members of the Parking Advisory Council will adjudicate appeals. Rulings are final. No other submission of information will be accepted, including live appearances.</p> <p>Three unpaid tickets and/or fines not paid within 60 calendar days of violation date may result in vehicle towing at the expense of the owner.</p> <h3>What do I do if my appeal is denied?</h3> <p>If an appeal is denied, you are responsible for paying the citation.</p>
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Vendor & Contractor Parking Permits
<h3>How do vendors/contractors get permits?</h3> <p>BC project managers must email&nbsp;<a href="mailto:transportation@bc.edu">transportation@bc.edu</a>&nbsp;to verify that the vendor/contractor will be working on campus. The email must include the name of the permit holder, the beginning and ending dates of the project, the job location, and the name of the company.</p> <p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="http://parking.bc.edu">Order Permit</a></span></p> <h3>How much is a permit for contractors?</h3> <p>The price is $100 a month. The permits are repositionable and must have vehicle information associated with them. If a contractor would like to add a vehicle to the permit, please contact Student Services at 617-552-3300. There is a maximum of 3 cars per permit.</p>
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Visitor Parking Permits
<h3>How do I park in the garage without a permit?</h3> <p>Upon entering, take a ticket and the gate arm will go up. You must park on the third floor or above in visitors' parking. When entering from Beacon Street, you enter on the second floor and must go up one floor to park. Faculty, staff, and students cannot qualify as visitors.</p> <h3>I have friends coming to visit. Can they park overnight?</h3> <p>During the academic year, overnight parking is permitted on weekends only. Weekends begin on Friday at 5:00 p.m. and end on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Vehicles left after midnight on Monday are subject to ticketing and towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. Visitor parking is limited to white-lined spaces in the parking garages. Overnight parking is prohibited the night before a home football game and weekdays thoughout the academic year.</p>
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