Parking Permit Rules

Permit Holder’s Agreement

  • Upon qualifying for and accepting a parking permit, all permit holders agree that they fully understand and will abide by all Boston College parking and traffic regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in penalties defined by infractions.
  • Parking permits are required throughout the academic year and summer and transponders are required for access to campus parking garages.
  • Limit of one permit per employee or qualified student, nontransferable to another person.
  • Faculty and staff annual renewal is in May for fiscal year June 1 through May 31.
  • Resident students and summer students renew each semester/year during open enrollment periods. 
  • Summer parking permits are required for summer resident and non-resident students, summer student-staff, conference members or others who may be qualified to park on campus during the summer months.
  • Prices of permits are based upon permit type.
  • Parking is permitted in designated areas assigned to specific permit category.
  • BC Service Vehicle designated spaces are reserved for BC owned service vehicles only.
  • Vehicle must be registered to the specific permit applicant or an immediate family member.
  • Permit display location: must be placed inside car on the front windshield driver’s side at the lowest corner. Must be legible from outside but not obstruct the driver’s line of sight.
  • Expired permits must be removed from vehicle display when a permit is renewed.
  • Lost permits, transponders or hanging tags must be reported to the Transportation and Parking Department before a new permit can be acquired. Filing a false report will result in the permit holder’s forfeiture of ability to acquire future parking permit privileges from Boston College.
  • Permit holders receiving an error message upon entering the garage should take a ticket to enter and contact the Transportation and Parking office for troubleshooting.

Parking Space Availability

There are sufficient campus parking spaces at Boston College for normal employee and student academic activity; however, the available parking spaces may not be in a preferred area or convenient to each specific user of the Chestnut Hill, Newton or Brighton campuses.

A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space in a particular lot or garage. Drivers should be aware that parking spaces are limited and available on a first come, first use basis within each parking area.

Event Parking

Parking access and permit areas may be altered to accommodate Athletic Department and other major events that will effect the entire campus community. Please follow posted Transportation and Parking web site directions and informational advisories on BC Info.

Payment for Permits

Faculty and staff will apply for campus parking permits utilizing the University Agora Portal and purchase via tax exempt payroll deduction in accordance with federal tax laws. Parking permit rates are noted on “Employee Permit Types & Pricing” list.

Parking payments will automatically be deducted from every paycheck as long as the employee is in the University payroll system, including vacation periods, paid sick time and other paid absences. Employees who are paid weekly will have weekly payroll deductions that equate to the specific monthly parking rates noted. Employees who receive monthly pay checks will have the specific monthly parking rates deducted from each monthly paycheck. In accordance with federal law, refunds from tax exempt parking will not be made.

Students will apply for campus parking permits utilizing the University Agora web site and pay for purchase via their student account. Parking permit rates are noted on “Student Permit Types & Pricing” list. Student parking permits are priced and paid for on an annual fiscal year basis except for residential and summer students which are to be paid by the full semester.

Employees or students who would like to discontinue payment for a parking permit must return the Boston College parking permit to Student Services for closing of his/her parking permit account.

Vehicle and Permit Changes

All parking permit vehicle changes must be recorded in your BC parking account. These revisions include, but are not limited to: make, model, color, new registration, plates, etc.

Changes can be made through the "Parking Permits and Citations" link in your Agora Portal. The BC parking permit is valid only for the vehicles which you have registered with the University. Vehicle permit informational data must match the actual vehicles the driver brings on campus or risk penalty of citation and/or towing.

A $35 fee will be assessed for lost or replacement parking permits without submission of active permit from former vehicle registered for BC parking permit. Proximity cards require a $20 replacement fee.