Faculty & Staff Parking

Faculty and staff at Boston College who drive vehicles to the University are required to register their vehicles with the Office of Student Services and affix a valid parking permit to their vehicle. 


Faculty & Staff Permits

Employee parking permits are limited to current employees on the Boston College payroll system. It is the responsibility of the employee to remember to register his/her vehicle with BC and post the permit in the vehicle windshield for access to the Boston College campus. There is a limit of one permit per employee at any one time.

The employee parking permits are designed to allow flexibility for use on all four-wheeled vehicles registered to this single permit. This movable permit can be peeled and stuck to any clean windshield interior numerous times without being damaged. If the permit should fail to adhere or tear during the course of the year, please return the damaged permit to Student Services for replacement at no cost to you.

Permits will not be granted or renewed if outstanding unpaid campus parking citations are on the individual applicant's record.

Summer Parking

Option #1

Purchase a Permit for the Summer

  • Valid May 6 – August 29
  • Cost $322
  • Parking Locations:
    • Commuter Lot (Mod Lot)
    • Campanella Way lot (front of Yawkey)
    • Newton Campus in white-lined spaces
    • Large library lot on Brighton Campus 

Option #2

Purchase a Weekly Permit

Best for students, camp/conference attendees, and staff here for a portion of a summer session or only one summer session. (Examples: STM faculty or students, summer students, etc.)
  • Valid for one week after date of purchase
  • Cost $95 per week
  • Parking Locations:
    • Commuter Lot (Mod Lot)
    • Campanella Way (front of Yawkey)
    • Newton Campus in white-lined spaces
    • Large library lot on Brighton Campus
  • Temporary permits can be purchased for multiple weeks for those staying less than the entire summer.

Option #3

Pay Daily in Beacon Street Garage

Daily parking is available in the Beacon Street Garage and Commonwealth Ave. Garage. Overnight parking will be allowed for visitors from May 6—August 29, 2021.


Garage rates

How to Apply for Option #1 or #2:

  • All payments must be received in the form of a check.
  • To order a permit please submit request online using the Student Permit Parking Request Form.
  • Students working on campus over the summer must provide written documentation from their department, including dates of employment. This should be on department letterhead and signed by the student's supervisor.


For questions about which permit may be best for you, please email us at transportation@bc.edu or call (617) 552-0151.

Faculty & Staff

Employees traveling on work-related business may leave their vehicles overnight in the Commonwealth Avenue or Beacon Street Garage in permit designated areas. Employees must contact the Office of Transportation and Parking Services by email 24-hours prior to leaving.


Overnight visitor parking allowed in the garages during the summer only.  Please see our Visitors page for more information.