Regulations and Enforcement

Parking Regulations

The Boston College properties are private and the University reserves the right to control access at all times. To protect the University community and to provide optimal use of parking resources for community members, campus access is controlled via parking by permit only. Parking at Boston College is a privilege and regulations are strictly enforced. The University reserves the right to change access and parking regulations based upon major University events.

Regulations, rules, policy recommendations, permissions, and procedures concerning parking at Boston College are managed by the Department of Transportation and Parking, under the direction of the Office of Auxiliary Services.

The Office of Student Services distributes the parking permits.

Enforcement of the Massachusetts parking laws and Boston College parking regulations, rules and policies is managed by the Boston College Police Department. The Boston College Police Department manages the issuance of citations and the Parking Advisory Council reviews all appeals.


Authorized Parking Space

The responsibility of finding an authorized parking space rests with the driver. Lack of space, mechanical problems, and inclement weather conditions are not considered valid excuses for failure to comply with traffic and parking regulations.

Accidents and Criminal Activity

All vehicular accidents occurring on Boston College property must be reported to the Boston College Police Department immediately. Boston College assumes no responsibility for damage caused by others to any vehicle, person or personal property while on Boston College property.

General Parking Regulations

  1. Parking is by permit only in authorized lined parking spaces.
  2. All vehicles entering Boston College property with or without a permit must have a valid registration, valid emissions sticker and valid insurance.
  3. Overnight parking is NOT allowed except for J, SRF/SR2, SCA-1/SCA-2 and SGS-2 permits or via permission of the Transportation and Parking Department for designated parking locations.
  4. A, M, R, and G permits may park overnight for work related reasons ONLY. Notify the Transportation and Parking office prior to traveling in case of parking restrictions.
  5. All unlined areas on Boston College properties are considered fire lanes and may not be used for parking for any reason or any length of time unless directed by the BC Police Department. Parking in an illegal area may result in citations and/or towing. 

Vehicle Damage and Property Loss

Boston College assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or property loss for any reason while a vehicle is operated or parked on Boston College properties, including flooding or other weather-related incidents to vehicles and/or other content.

Inclement Weather

Winter Weather Emergencies

During snow or other weather emergencies, parking advisories may be issued to inform the campus community of parking changes via email, BC News, or signage.

  1. Snow clearance is a priority; any vehicle interfering with plowing will be ticketed and/or towed.
  2. Preferred Parking status will be suspended in all areas to accommodate the maximal use of garage parking.
  3. Garage parking is mandated to minimize parking lot usage for snow removal.
  4. Resident student permit holders must park where directed.
  5. Vehicles without BC parking permits or passes will be ticketed and/or towed.


  1. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to monitor weather conditions and Boston College parking advisories to avoid damage to vehicles and/or property.
  2. Boston College assumes no responsibility to warn permit holders of sudden or unpredicted severe storms that may cause flooding or property damage.
  3. During flood periods, parking may be restricted. Flood prone areas of the campus include the lower campus commuter lot and the first level of the Beacon Street Garage. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to place his/her vehicle in non-flood-prone areas during inclement weather events.