The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at Boston College is an internationally renowned research center for the study of Chinese-Western cultural exchange. 

ANNOUNCING: Call for Applications for our new International Postdoctoral Workshop on the History of Christianity in East Asia, at the University of Hong Kong, SAR, China.
Application deadline: May 26, 2024
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Mapping the "World" or "All under Heaven"?Chinese Cartography in the 17th-18th Centuries

Prof. SONG Gang 宋剛
University of Hong Kong, SAR, China

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Dasan's Practice Of The Catholic Faith: A Historiographical Examination

With Prof. CHO Kwang 조광
Professor Emeritus, Korea University

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"God's Little Daughters" &
A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China

Prof. LI Ji 李紀, Ph.D.,University of Hong Kong, SAR, China

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Korean Women  
Philosophers And
The Ideal Of A Female Sage

With Prof. Philip J. Ivanhoe, Ph.D.,
Georgetown University

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Early Missionary 
Descriptions Of 
Chinese Language(s)

With Prof. Luisa M. Paternicò, Ph.D.,
“L’Orientale” University of Naples, Italy UHM Kookhwa, Ph.D. 

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Voice Recital 

A Refreshing Summer 2023 

With LIANG Yaoshen
UHM Kookhwa, Ph.D. 
Piano: Timothy Zimmerman


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Cross-Cultural Legacies through Catholicism in Korea

With speakers Brother Anthony of Taizé (寰摹營, An Sonjae) and Dr. Cho Kwang (褻 惜)

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East-West Scholars In Dialogue: Seminar I

From Meteorologica to Qixiangxue 氣象學: A Case Study of the Transmission of Western Learning to China in the Modern Era

Featuring Dr. WANG Hao 王皓, Associate Professor, Shanghai University
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Sister Teresa

East-West Scholars In Dialogue: Seminar II

Community and Conflict: Recovering the Lives of Four Chinese Sisters in American Missions in West Hunan, 1924-1951

Featuring Dr. WANG Lang 王浪, Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology.
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Mt Fuji

BC Ricci Institute–Harvard-Yenching Institute Joint Visiting Researcher Fellowship Program

The Boston College Ricci Institute and the Harvard-Yenching Institute invite applications for a Joint Visiting Researcher Fellowship for full-time faculty members at Asia-based universities or research institutions in Asia, regardless of citizenship.
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Pipa Recital: A Refreshing Summer

In this recital, Xiangyi Liu will perform both traditional and modern music compositions from China, Korea, Japan, and the U.S.
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From Matteo Ricci to Pope Francis: The Jesuits and Christian Diaglogue in China

The Ricci Institution in conjunction with the US-China Catholic Association is hosting a lecture with Prof. Anthony E. Clark in May.
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Ricci portrait

Ricci Institute coming to Boston College

The internationally acclaimed institute for Chinese-Western cultural history, and its library, will open at BC in early 2022.
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