Archived Grant Awards

ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021 

Meghan Sweeney
50th Anniversary of PULSE Program for Service Learning • $20,000

Joseph Nugent
Flann in the World: VI International Flann O'Brien Conference • $25,000

Jeremiah McGrann 
BEETHOVEN IX • $25,000

Rhonda Frederick
Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric • $25,000

Jeremiah McGrann
Beethoven's String Quartets • $21,330

Andrea Vicini
Conference Reimagining the Moral Life of Lisa Cahill • $10,000

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Rethinking South Asia: From Colony to Global Giant • $25,000

Shawn Mc Guffey
From Black Talent to African & African Diaspora Studies: 50 Years of Black Studies at Boston College • $10,000

John Christianson
Neuroscience in the Liberal Arts • $21,115

Judith McMorrow
International Human Rights Practicum • $5,000

Nadia Abuelezam
Critical race dialogues at Boston College: So You Want to Talk About Race? • $11,480

Anjali Vats
Communication and Media Studies Scholars for Change • $18,000

Erik Owens
Global Citizenships: Past, Present and Future • $25,000

Richard Kearney
Guestbook Project Symposoium • $15,000

Christopher Kelly
Conference on Honorable Ambition: The Teaching and Scholarship of Robert Faulkner • $10,000

Michael Russell
Designing an Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression/Decolonized Research Methodology Program • $15,733

Owen Stanwood
Early Americas • $9,000

ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 

Meghan Sweeney
50th Anniversary of PULSE Program for Service Learning • $20,000

Jeffrey Cooley/David Vanderhooft/Michael Simone, SJ
The Spirit of Scholarship: Biblical and Mesotamian Studies in the Roman Catholic Academy • $25,000

Jeremiah McGrann 
BEETHOVEN 2020 • $25,000

Rhonda Frederick
Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric • $25,000

Phil Landrigan/Andrea Vicini, SJ
Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health • $10,000

Cristiano Casalini/Dennis Shirley
The Challenge of Formative Education: Mapping the Terrain • $20,000

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Rethinking South Asia: From Colony to Global Giant • $25,000

Stefano Anzellotti 
What constitutes intelligence? • $25,000

John Christianson
Neuroscience in the Liberal Arts • $21,115

Marcus Breen
Media-Technology Nexus: Chinese Culture and Society • $15,000

Ling Zhang
Conference: Problematizing Chinese Food: Politics, Economy, Ecology, and Culture • $25,000

Karl Baden
When Everyone is a Photographer: Street Photography, Freedom of Expression and the Right to Privacy In the Age of the Smartphone and Mass Surveillance • $4,500

Erik Owens
Global Citizenships: Past, Present and Future • $25,000

Richard Kearney
Narrative Peace Pedagogy • $15,000

C. Shawn Mcguffey
Race, Violence and Trauma • $25,000

Owen Stanwood
Early Americas • $9,000


Robert Savage, History
1968 Making Memory, History, Story, Image • $9,550

Tiziana Dearing, Youth & Family
with Ruth McCoy, Teresa Schirmer & David Tekeuchi

Race, Place, Poverty and Outcomes- Exploring Intersectional Social, Economic, and Environmental Equity (RISE3) • $16,500

Richard Albert, Law
with Ryan Williams (Law)

Amending America's Unwritten Constitution • $24,725

Jenna Tonn, History
with Kathryn Lindsey, Sarah McMenamin & Emily Prud'homme

Women in STEM • $23,605

Owen Stanwood, History
Early Americas Seminar • $9,000

Ralk Gawlick, Music
Tadeusz Kantor—A Brief Topography of Representation • $7,075

Robin Lyndenberg, English
with Ash Anderson

Carrie Mae Weems: Strategies of Engagement • $25,000

Erick Owens, Theology
Global Citizenships: Past, Present and Future • $20,175

Scott Fitzgibbon, Law
Saint Alberto Hurtado Studies • $25,000

Catherine Cornille, Theology
Comparative Theology and Atonement • $11,000

Andrew Prevot, Theology
Memory, Freedom, and Solidarity: Celebrating the Work of M. Shawn Copeland • $16,635

Irene Mizrahi, Romance Language and Literatures
Review of Ethics and Criticism in Spanish Studies • $5,000

Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, History
Ghost Writers • $5,000

James Smith, English
Transitional Justice and Irish Studies: Knowledge, Truth and Legacy • $25,000

Sheila Gallagher, Fine Arts
Mysticism, Metaphor and Making • $22,000

Shih-Yuan Liu, Chemistry
16th Boron Chemistry Meeting in the Americas • $4,000


Ralf Gawlick, Music
with Claude Cernuschi (Art History), Sarah Ross (History), Rachel Freudenburg (German Studies), Mark Ludwig(Music)

Lecture-concerts, master classes, other class visits • $9,575

Min Song, English
Three-day residency for writer Viet Thanh Nguyen • $25,000

Owen Stanwood, History
Early Americas Seminar Series • $8,400

Martin Summers, History
with Karen Miller (History), Carlo Rotella (English), Anjali Vats(Law School)

Second biannual revival of “Blacks in Boston” Conference • $15,530

Natana Delong-Bas, Theology
with Kathleen Bailey (Political Science), Erik Owens (Boise Center)

Conference of the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies, on the topics "Islam in the Post-Obama Era" • $7,500

Paul Wilford, Political Science
with Susan Shell (Political Science), Julian Bourg (History), Douglas Finn (Theology), Jon Burmeister (Philosophy).

Two-day conference on political, religious, moral, and theoretical progress in the work of Immanuel Kant • $22,124

Erik Owens, Theology
with Mark Massa (Theology)

Conference: "Land o’ Lakes at 50: The State of Catholic Higher Education" • $10,000

James M. O’Toole, History
with other members of History Department.

Seventh Biennial Boston College Graduate Conference on the History of Religion • $7,975

Eileen Sweeney, Philosophy

Concert and panel discussion to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation • $11,667

Brian Gareau, Sociology
with Franziska Seraphim (History)

Support to develop a new introductory course for International Studies majors that will also be a Complex Problem course • $3,000

Richard Kearney, Philosophy
2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for Ricoeur Studies 

Zine Magubane, Sociology

Year-long reading/discussion group of faculty and graduate students on Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory • $11,000


Anjali Vats, Communucation
with Alfred Yen, Law School; Martin Summers, History

Conference on Critical Race Intellectual Property • $33,250

Ling Zhang, History
with David Mozina, Theology

New Englange Regional Conference for the Association of Asian Studies • $25,000

Prasannan Parthasarathi, History
with Ling Zhang, History; Penelope Ismay, History; Robin Fleming, History; Juliet Schor, Sociology; Brian Gareau, Sociology; Susanto Basu, Economics; Peter IrelandEconomics
Conference on Economic History in the Anthropocene • $22,911

Gustavo Morello, Sociology
with James Keenan, Jesuit Institute; Ernesto Livon-Grosman, Romance Languages & Literature 

Funding for a program focused on religion in Latin America • $17,050

Peter Krause, Political Science
with Ali Banuazizi, Political Science; Kathy Bailey, Political Science

Funding for the Northeast Middle East Politics Working Group • $16,850

Andrew Prevot, Theology
with Vincent Lloyd, Syracuse University, Department of Religion; M. Shawn Copeland, Theology

Symposium on Antiblackness and Christian Ethics • $13,328

Cynthia Simmons, Eastern European Studies
Funding for the speaker series "Faith Communities: Fostering Civil Society During/After Conflict • $13,250

Nancy Netzer, Fine Arts 
Three-day symposium "Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections" • $12,000

Kristin Heyer, Theology
Conference on public theology in honor of Professor David Hollenbach • $10,873

James Keenan, Jesuit Institute
with Christopher Staysniak, Graduate Student

Interdisciplinary conference on "Catholic Peacemaking: Creative Responses to the Globalization of Indifference" • $8,450

Joseph Nugent, English
with Stephanie Leone, Fine Arts; Robin Fleming, History

One-day colloquium on 3-D imaging and immersive technology • $8,420

Vanessa Rumble, Philosophy
One-day workshop on love, loss and transference in Lacan. • $7,675

Yonder Gillihan, Theology
Funding for the second year of the Maccabees Project Dialogue Series • $6,400


Thomas Oboe Lee, Music
with faculty from Law, Theology, History, and Fine Art
Funding for Concert Program featuring work by BC faculty composers and alumnus • $4,500

Eileen Sweeney, Philosophy
with Boyd Coolman, Theology; Steve Brown, Theology; Robert Stanton, English; Eric Weiskott, English; Robin Fleming
Conference on Anselm of Canterbury • $14,000

Richard Albert, Law School
with Ali Banuazizi, Political Science; Owen Stanwood, History

Conference on “The Age of Revolution: Political Revolutions and Revolutionary Politics” • $24,725

Prasannan Parthasarathi, History
with Ling Zhang, History; Penelope Ismay, History; Robin Fleming, History; Juliet Schor, Sociology; Brian Gareau, Sociology; Susanto Basu, Economics; Peter IrelandEconomics
Conference on Economic History in the Anthropocene • $22,911

Paul Lewis, English
Interdisciplinary course on “Boston: History, Literature, and Culture I-II” • $5,000

Mary Cronin, Information Systems
Planning for Interdisciplinary Minor, “Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good” • $7,500

James O'Toole, History
Funding for the sixth biennial Boston College Conference on the History of Religion • $7,600

Michael Noone, Music
Funding for week-long residency for Ensemble Plus Ultra • $20,000

Ralf Gawlick, Music
Funding for programming related to string quartet exploring issues of memory, identity, and Kurdish ethnicity • $20,000

Yonder Gillihan, Theology
Funding for Maccabees Project: Dialogue Series • $10,250

Brian Gareau, Sociology
Funding for events related to the Pope’s encyclical on the environment in fall, 2015 • $25,000

David Hollenbach, S.J., Theology
Funding to bring Michael Delaney of Oxfam to co-teach course on Human Rights, Humanitarian Crises, and Refugees • $6,750


Kathleen Bailey, Political Science
with faculty from Law, Theology, History, and Fine Art
Funding for project on Empowering the Women of Afghanistan through Education and Islamic Teachings. $17,500

Pamela Berger, Fine Arts; and Dana Saijdi, History
Funding for music programming in connection with an interdisciplinary course on the art, history, and poetry of the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures of al-Andalus. $3,200

Jeremy Clarke, History; Sheila Gallagher, Fine Arts; Patricia Riggin, Theater; and Vlad Perju, Law School

Interdisciplinary project  “China Watching,” amount to be determined.

Lisa Cuklanz, Communications
with Annabel Martin, Dartmouth College; MariaJesus Pando, University of Deusto, Maria Pilar Rodriguez, University of Deusto

Project on visual culture, media, and gender. In 2013 offering a three-day symposium on visual culture and gender focused on film and news media in international contexts. $20,000

David Deese, Political Science
with Jennifer Erickson, Political Science, and faculty from Economics, Law, Sociology, Theology, History

Continued funding for the project on human development, including lunch seminars on the state, society, and culture in development and a one-day colloquium with speakers from the Boston area. $14,700

Elizabeth Graver, English
with Regine Jean-Charles, Romance Languages and Literatures and AADS; Rhonda Frederick, English and AADS

Final year of funding for a three-day residency in creative writing, to bring Edwidge Danticat to give a reading and work with students. $25,000

Sandra Hebert, Music
working with Honors Program faculty

Second year of funding for the Callithumpian Consort in residence, $24,500. Core students in the residency. Otherwise, this is an excellent proposal that we’re happy to fund.

Michael Noone, Music
with Bridget Burke, University Librarian for Special Collections, and T. Frank Kennedy, the Jesuit Institute

Support for collaboration with Boston College Libraries to record a CD of and prepare pedagogical materials for a music manuscript, Morales’s Missarum Liber in Burns Library. Will bring the Ensemble Plus Ultra to campus and will involve students in the project. $25,000

Joseph Nugent, English/Irish Studies
with Marjorie Howes, English, and Christopher Boucher, English

Continued funding for the Boston area Joyce Forum events including the Finnegans Wakereading group  and an annual Boston area Joyce Symposium. $13,500

James O’Toole, History

Support for fifth biennial Boston College conference on the History of Religion. $7,704

Evangeline Sarda, Law School
with faculty from the Graduate School of Social Work and Lynch School of Education

Continued funding of course on Public Interest Leadership, Law, and Social Justice at Boston College as well as a workshop on Authority, Leadership, and Social Justice. We’re happy to provide continued funding, a total of $7,000, for those efforts.

Owen Stanwood, History
with David Quigley, History; Paul Lewis, English; and 
Carlo Rotella, English

Funding for field trips and other activities for a new year-long team-taught course on “Boston: History, Literature, and Culture.” $12,300


John Sallis, Philosophy
Conference in connection with the McMullen Museum exhibit, "Paul Klee: Philosophical Vision," October 17-19, 2012

C. Shawn McGuffey, Sociology, and Rhonda Frederick, English
Darfuri Research Workshop: Trauma, Law and Social Justice

Rosanna DeMarco, Nursing, and Thanh Tran, GSSW
Interdisciplinary evidence-based bilingual HIV prevention project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for undergraduates

Andrea Staiti, Philosophy
Workshop on Edmund Husserl, Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and a Phenomenological Philosophy

Fabio Ghironi, Economics
Continuation (final year) of International Economic Policy and Political Economy Seminar

Michael Noone, Music
Continuation (final year) of residency for Blue Heron Renaissance Choir

Ralf Gawlick, Music
Partial funding for composition and performance of song cycle based on the writings of artist Kathe Kollwitz in connection with possible future McMullen Museum exhibit of her works.

Sandra Hebert, Music
Residency for Callithumpian Consort, in connection with Paul Klee exhibit at the McMullen Museum

Sarah Ross and Virginia Reinberg, History
Interdisciplinary workshop on early modern artifacts, 1400-1800.

David Deese, Political Science, and faculty from Economics, Sociology, Law, and Theology
Continuation of collaboration on global human development

Joseph Nugent, English and Irish Studes
Boston Joyce Forum events, including a symposium on Joyce and technology

Amy Boesky, English, James Keenan, Theology, Cathy Read, CSON
Interdisciplinary symposium on Genetics, Narrative, and Identity (fall of 2013)


Fabio Ghironi, Economics
Continuation of International Economic Policy and Political Economy Seminar, $14,000 

Michael Noone, Music
Celebration of Tomas Luis de Victoria, $25,000

Michael Noone, Music; and Matilda Bruckner, Romance Languages and Literatures
Blue Heron Renaissance Ensemble in residence, one week, $12,500            

Jean-Luc Solere, Philosophy
Digitization of primary sources related to medieval and renaissance intellectual history, $4,500 

Stephanie Berzin, Graduate School of Social Work; Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, GSSW; and James Weiss, Theology
“Social Innovation Symposium” for A&S Capstone students

Jeremy Clarke, S. J., History
Continued programming related to the “Binding Friendship” exhibition, $6,000

David Deese, Political Science
Conference on International Development: seed money to fund a planning group to better organize a proposed conference, $1,000

Elizabeth Graver, English
Three-day residency for Junot Diaz, $17,500 

Paul Lewis, English
“Forgotten Chapters of Boston Literary History” exhibit at the BPL, $13,400

Michael Malec, Sociology
Conference on Athletics and the Academy, $8,000 

Marina McCoy, Philosophy and Kalpana Seshadri, English
Continuation of seminar on race, social justice, and ethics, $3,000

Joseph Nugent, Irish Studies, English
Boston Joyce Forum Events, $10,500

Vanessa Rumble, Philosophy
Conference on trauma, $12,500

Evangeline Sarda, Law School 
Speakers on public interest law (toward starting a program in public interest law), $3,600

Robert Savage, History with Richard Kearney and Sheila Gallagher
Three linked undergraduate courses on “narrative exchanges across borders,” $1,500 for a web assistant

Robert Savage, History
Editorial assistance for Eire-Ireland journal and Rural Ireland exhibit catalogue

Kalpana Seshadri, English; and Kevin Newmark, Romance Languages and Literatures
Seminar on Derrida and deconstruction for faculty and graduate students, $2,500