Major Grant Awardees


Tara Gareau
Environmental Studies 2021/22 Lecture Series: Rewilding Planet Earth • $25,000

Joseph Nugent
Transatlantic Flann• $25,000

Emily Gates
Strengthening Capacity for Equity in New England Evaluation Collaborative • $9,330

Jaime Alejandro & Olayo Mendez
Realities and Challenges for the Accompaniment of Migrants and Refugees • $20,000

Nicole Eaton
The Veterans Project: War and Peace • $4,680

Richard Kearney
Peace Pedagogy • $15,000

Luke Jorgensen
Puppetry in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe • $6,000

Andrea Vicini 
Conference Reimagining the Moral Life of Lisa Cahill • $10,000

Andrea Vicini
The Rising Global Cancer Pandemic: Health, Ethics, and Social Justice • $10,000

Meghan Sweeney
PULSE "52nd" anniversary celebration • $20,000

Erik Owens
Global Citizenships Project • $17,510

Ryan Hanley
Montesquieu’s Persian Letters: A 300th Anniversary Commemoration • $10,000

Martin Summers
Blacks in Boston Symposium • $12,000