Major Grant Awardees


Meghan Sweeney
50th Anniversary of PULSE Program for Service Learning • $20,000

Jeffrey Cooley/David Vanderhooft/Michael Simone, SJ
The Spirit of Scholarship: Biblical and Mesotamian Studies in the Roman Catholic Academy • $25,000

Jeremiah McGrann 
BEETHOVEN 2020 • $25,000

Rhonda Frederick
Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric • $25,000

Phil Landrigan/Andrea Vicini, SJ
Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health • $10,000

Cristiano Casalini/Dennis Shirley
The Challenge of Formative Education: Mapping the Terrain • $20,000

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Rethinking South Asia: From Colony to Global Giant • $25,000

Stefano Anzellotti 
What constitutes intelligence? • $25,000

John Christianson
Neuroscience in the Liberal Arts • $21,115

Marcus Breen
Media-Technology Nexus: Chinese Culture and Society • $15,000

Ling Zhang
Conference: Problematizing Chinese Food: Politics, Economy, Ecology, and Culture • $25,000

Karl Baden
When Everyone is a Photographer: Street Photography, Freedom of Expression and the Right to Privacy In the Age of the Smartphone and Mass Surveillance • $4,500

Erik Owens
Global Citizenships: Past, Present and Future • $25,000

Richard Kearney
Narrative Peace Pedagogy • $15,000

C. Shawn Mcguffey
Race, Violence and Trauma • $25,000

Owen Stanwood
Early Americas • $9,000