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The Church in the 21st Century Center
C21 Faith Feeds
C21 Faith Feeds

C21 Faith Feeds

The FAITH FEEDS program is designed for individuals in Catholic parishes who are hungry for opportunities to talk about their faith with others who share it. Participants gather over coffee or a potluck lunch or dinner, and a host parishioner facilitates conversation using selected articles from the C21 Centers's bi-annual magazine, C21 Resources.

Revitalizing Our Church: Ideas from University Presidents

Revitalizing Our Church: Ideas from Professors in the Pews

The third panel in the Easter series, "Professors in the Pews", will be focused on encountering ideas from lay Catholics, who are also Professors here at Boston College, on the revitalization of the Church. Ideas from Professors in the Pews | April 29, 2019 | Devlin Hall,  Room 110 | 7:00 P.M.


Ideas from University Presidents

C21 Easter Series | Revitalizing Our Church: Ideas From University Presidents

The second panel in the Easter series will explore ideas from presidents of Catholic colleges and universities about the Church’s tasks of reform and renewal.  The panelists will share insights from their experience leading and governing Catholic institutions of higher education. Watch Video

Ideas from Catholic Press

C21 Easter Series | Revitalizing Our Church: Ideas From the Catholic Press

The first Easter Series conversation will be focused on uncovering ideas from the Catholic press on the revitalization of the Church. Panelists will offer insights and analysis from their experience as editors of leading Catholic publications and multimedia platforms.
Watch Video

Picture of C21 Resources Spring 2018 Front Cover

Spring 2018 C21 Resources Magazine

Agapic love is love that is pure and simple. God is infinite agape toward us means God is our best friend. Explore and enjoy our Spring 2018 issue of C21 Resources magazine on "The Gift of Friends." (ISSUU)

Picture of C21 Resources Spring 2018 Front Cover

Poverty: Responding Like Jesus

Pope Francis has emphasized a vision of a “Church that is poor and for the poor.” But growing economic inequality continues to spread across the globe. This book takes a fresh look at the role of churches, and individual Christians, in relating to poverty and the poor among them. A strong focus is placed on the biblical and theological roots of the Church’s commitment to care for the poor.(Paraclete Press)

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STM Online

C21 Online is now Crossroads. The same high-quality content and conversation with a new name. Adult enrichment for spiritual renewal and on-going formation.
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