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The Church in the 21st Century Center
C21 Center
New Resources for Faith Conversation

New Resources for Faith Conversation

This fall, the Church in the 21st Century Center (C21) at Boston College is releasing two new resources to facilitate faith conversation. At a time when speaking about one’s personal relationship with God can be challenging, the C21 Center seeks to provide accessible and effortless tools for both children and adults to make those conversations easier and more frequent. These resources can be utilized in parishes, schools, homes, or wherever “two or three are gathered.”

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C21 Faith Feeds

C21 Faith Feeds

The FAITH FEEDS program is designed for individuals in Catholic parishes who are hungry for opportunities to talk about their faith with others who share it. Participants gather over coffee or a potluck lunch or dinner, and a host parishioner facilitates conversation using selected articles from the C21 Centers's bi-annual magazine, C21 Resources.

C21 Lent Devotional

Introducing the C21 Center Lenten Devotional

Welcome to Boston College's C21 Center Lenten Devotional. You are invited to spend a little time each day engaging in scripture and enjoying videos, podcasts, articles and more. Look for the flashing icon to discover the day's theme and resources.

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We All See God Differently

We All See God Differently

What does God look like? What does God feel like? Who is God? These are big questions for all of us, read what kids across the country and around the world had to say about how they imagine God. Their words, drawings and imagination were a powerful reminder of how we all see God differently.

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Young Innovators

Young Innovators Revitalizing Our Church

Young Innovators—Catholic entrepreneurs, using their ideas and innovations, to revitalize the Church. Featuring guest speakers, Nell O'Leary (Managing Editor of Blessed is She) Marcellino D'Ambrosio (Co-Founder of Catholic Creatives) and Molly Burhans (Founder of Goodlands)

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STM Online

C21 Online is now Crossroads. The same high-quality content and conversation with a new name. Adult enrichment for spiritual renewal and on-going formation.
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