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The Next Generation Parish: A Conversation with Dan Cellucci

The Next Generation Parish: A Conversation with Dan Cellucci

Dan Cellucci (Ceo for The Catholic Leadership Institute) has spent his career working with parishes to make them stronger and lead them into the next generation. Listen as he unpacks trends and generational and cultural shifts, discusses vocations, leadership and the increase in multi-cultural parishes while sharing examples of creative ministry in the backdrop of the Pandemic. 

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Breakfast with God

Summer Faith Feeds

Join us for a faith conversation every Wednesday and Friday at 1pm, during the summer months. To start, RSVP to any of the Summer FAITH FEEDS for the month of June:

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Breakfast with God

Breakfast with God

Enjoy "Breakfast with God." The 30 minute program is hosted on Zoom, Sunday mornings at 9 A.M. EST, and is designed to creatively engage children in the themes from the Sunday Gospel before families head off to virtual Mass. 

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Agape Latte | Steve Pope

How to have difficult conversations | with Steve Pope

How do you handle difficult conversations, especially with friends or family that you know you disagree with? In this Agape Latte, Prof. Steve Pope shares his thoughts on how to communicate a message you’re passionate about without judgement and how to use these conversations as an opportunity to learn about, connect with, and understand the other person. Steve Pope is a professor in the Theology Department at Boston College. 

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The Next Generation Parish: A Conversation with Dan Cellucci

Race in the American Catholic Imagination

The late Bishop George Vance Murry, S.J., former chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Racism of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops delivered a public lecture at Boston College entitled "Race in the American Catholic Imagination." Upon his appointment, Bishop Murry commented, "For too long, the sin of racism has lived and thrived in our communities and even in some of our churches. For those who have been watching, even with passing interest, it should be plain to see why we need a concerted effort at this moment.”

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C21 Resources Catholic Parishes: Grace at Work

Catholic Parishes: Grace at Work

This 32nd issue of the C21 Resources magazine focuses on the national Catholic parish landscape and the sharing of ideas that are shaping parishes for the better. While we were laying out the magazine, the Coronavirus gripped our world and quickly shifted parish life online. To adapt to this new way of ministering, we created a supplement to this magazine entitled,“Parishes in a Time of Pandemic.”

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