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The Church in the 21st Century Center
C21 Center
New Resources for Faith Conversation

New Resources for Faith Conversation

This fall, the Church in the 21st Century Center (C21) at Boston College is releasing two new resources to facilitate faith conversation. At a time when speaking about one’s personal relationship with God can be challenging, the C21 Center seeks to provide accessible and effortless tools for both children and adults to make those conversations easier and more frequent. These resources can be utilized in parishes, schools, homes, or wherever “two or three are gathered.”

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C21 Resources Catholic Parishes: Grace at Work

Catholic Parishes: Grace at Work

This 32nd issue of the C21 Resources magazine focuses on the national Catholic parish landscape and the sharing of ideas that are shaping parishes for the better. While we were laying out the magazine, the Coronavirus gripped our world and quickly shifted parish life online. To adapt to this new way of ministering, we created a supplement to this magazine entitled,“Parishes in a Time of Pandemic.”

The Hope of Easter

The Hope of Easter

C21 Director, Karen Kiefer recounts the loss of her beloved sister, Maureen. Kiefer reminds us that the love of God and our love for each other is all we need, fulfilling the hope of Easter.

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Finding God In Our Imagination with Paul Reynolds

Agape Latte: Hope that Someday it will be ok with Fr. Michael Himes

In a recent Agape Latte talk, Fr. Michael Himes shares a personal struggle and delivers a powerful message on hope, reminding us all to embrace hope as a gift.

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STM Online

C21 Online is now Crossroads. The same high-quality content and conversation with a new name. Adult enrichment for spiritual renewal and on-going formation.
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