About the Certificate Program

The WGS Graduate Certificate at Boston College provides students with the foundational tools to complete gendered analyses in their respective research endeavors, as well as critical lenses that intersect with other axes of identity -- race, class, sexuality, etc. The WGS Graduate Certificate is structured around a group of interdisciplinary courses offered each semester at BC in the social sciences and humanities, and also provides students with access to the courses, resources, and academic networks offered by the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies (GCWS) housed at MIT. Participation in the WGS Graduate Certificate program provides students with a vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars coming together across campus to engage with one another.

To earn the WGS Graduate Certificate, students must complete four graduate-level courses selected from the list of approved Women’s and Gender Studies Courses. These course offerings draw from various departments within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and are thus subject to change from semester to semester. Every approved course can also be used to fulfill requirements for the student’s M.A. or Ph.D. program. Students should contact the director of their program's department to confirm the requirements for the WGS certificate.

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