The Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good interdisciplinary minor is a structured 18 credit program centered on one of three social impact focus areas:

  • Digital Economy, Social Innovation and Citizenship
  • Economic Development, Equality and Enterprise
  • Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Students must take the two required courses described below and earn at least 12 additional credits by taking elective courses approved for their chosen focus area. No more than three credits in this minor may be applied to fulfilling the requirements for another major or minor or Core requirement. The electives must come from at least three different academic departments, with the Carroll School counting as a single department.

Required Foundation Course

Managing for Social Impact (ISYS 3345) is offered in the fall and spring.

Required Senior Seminar

Leading for Social Impact (BSLW 6001) must be taken in the spring of the student's senior year.

Study Abroad

One elective towards the minor may be taken abroad if the course content is comparable to that of a Boston College elective listed for the student’s focus area. Credit for study abroad requires pre-travel review and post-travel course approval from the Faculty Coordinating Committee. Students interested in this option should email their request for minor credit, together with the relevant course information (course name, number of credits and syllabus) to one of the Co-Directors before going abroad. Ordinarily, credit for courses taken abroad will only be granted on the student’s return from the program, based on the graded work completed for the course.