Lived Religion: “Religión Vivida”

Lived religion or “religiosidad vivida” is religion in action, in a particular cultural setting, as it is experienced and expressed by ordinary people in the context of their everyday lives. With this project, we seek to study the intersection of Faith and Daily Life. Focused initially on the lived experience of South Americans in Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, the project has since expanded to include partner sites in Spain, and Rome.


Ph.D. Gustavo Morello S.J.
Boston College


Néstor Da Costa
Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Site leaders

Ph.D. Hugo Rabbia- (Córdoba, Argentina)
Universidad Católica de Córdoba

Ph.D. Catalina Romero- (Lima, Peru)
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Ph.D. Nestor Da Costa - (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay

Ph.D. Miren Basterretxea (Bilbao, Spain)
Universidad de Deusto

Ph.D. Verónica Roldán Ph.D. - (Rome, Italy)
Universitá Roma Tré