Hebrew Bible, France, 1278

The Jewish Studies Program seeks to examine the multiple dimensions and complexities of Jewish civilization throughout its broad chronological and geographical range. In so doing, the program contributes to Boston College's efforts to internationalize and enrich its curriculum by creating a space for reflection on an ethnically and religiously diverse campus. Far from being a parochial field, Jewish Studies is a well-established academic discipline, drawing upon almost every area in the Humanities and Social Sciences in order to understand the myriad expressions of Jewish civilization over the course of thousands of years and in every corner of the globe.

Consonant with post-Vatican II teachings of the Catholic Church, Boston College's community of scholars and students fosters opportunities for serious academic dialogue between members of different cultural and religious traditions. A primary objective of the Jewish Studies Program is to create an opening for such conversation, enabling Jews and non-Jews alike to understand and appreciate the richness of Jewish civilization. At the same time, an examination of the specifics of the Jewish experience will provide students from a variety of backgrounds a unique opportunity to explore more fully their own religious practices and cultural heritage.