Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program sustained by faculty from eight MCAS departments with expertise in East Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia. It offers students the tools to pursue individual interests as they engage with coursework on a wide range of topics, draw inspiration from visiting experts, take part in Asia-related events on campus and around Boston, and study abroad in Asia. Additionally, the program offers an intensive Chinese language program beyond the advanced level including specialized courses in classical, business, and media Chinese; Japanese beyond the advanced level, including courses on pop culture; and Korean up to the intermediate level. Hindi/Urdu and Vietnamese language courses are available through the Boston consortium.

Regularly offered courses and events open up many worlds:

Topics of Interest

  • Asia as a World Region
  • Art & Architecture
  • History & Memory
  • Labor, Migration, Environment
  • Literature, Film, Music
  • Politics & International Relations
  • Race, Gender,  Sexuality
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Social Movements & Ethnography
  • War & Revolution

Participating Departments

  • Art History
  • English
  • History
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures
  • Sociology
  • Theology