The interdisciplinary minor in Ancient Civilization is designed to make the study of the ancient world available to students, in a programmatic way, without the requirement of learning Latin or Greek. Students learn about the history, literature, art and culture of antiquity in courses that emphasize the study of primary texts in English translation. As a minor, it naturally looks to students whose main interests lie in other areas, but who are curious about the ancient world, and who seek a program that is at once structured and interdisciplinary. It makes a good complement in particular to majors in English, History, Fine Arts, Philosophy and Theology, but is available to everyone regardless of their major.


The minor consists of six courses, two required and four electives.

Required courses:

  • One broad gauge course in the Greek world: either CLAS 1186-01 Greek Civilization, or
    CLAS 2205-01 Greek History
  • One broad gauge course in the Roman world: either CLAS 2262-01 The City of Rome, or
    CLAS 2206-01 Roman History


The four electives may be chosen from various offerings in the areas of literature, philosophy, history, art, and religion, taught in Classics and other departments. The department will provide a list of eligible courses each semester.


For questions about the Minor, including questions about the eligibility of particular courses from outside the Classics department, please contact:

Professor Mark Thatcher
Director of the Minor in Ancient Civilization
Stokes S245