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Jeffry Fowley

Visiting Professor


Jeffry Fowley was a longtime attorney with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Boston/Region I Office, before retiring in 2017 and starting a new career as a teacher. Initially while at the EPA, he specialized in water pollution law and served as chief of the water section in the Region I legal/enforcement office from 1982 to 1995. As part of that job, he served as the chief EPA attorney on the Clean Water Act enforcement litigation which resulted in the cleanup of Boston Harbor. During the second half of his career, Fowley moved on to specialize in hazardous waste law. In that capacity, he worked with the six New England states to update their hazardous waste programs, as well as being the attorney on various matters directly implemented by the EPA, such as issuing federal permits to hazardous waste facilities and making regulatory interpretations.

Fowley became a teacher in order to pass on the diverse perspectives he has gained on matters of environmental law and policy at the EPA. He hopes that his teaching helps students specifically interested in environmental protection, while also helping those preparing for careers in the environmental area more generally.

Fowley initially served as an adjunct professor, teaching the toxics law course at the law school as well as an undergraduate pre-law seminar.  For the 2023- 2024 academic year, he has been appointed as a visiting professor, also responsible for the administration of the Environmental Law Teaching Program, in which law students from the Boston College Law School (and Boston University and Harvard) teach an undergraduate survey course at Boston College on environmental law.