Transfer Students

Welcome to Your Next Step

As a transfer student, your diverse experiences and achievements add vibrancy to the BC Law community.

We look at your unique learning history to find ways to help you transition. We’re ready to answer your questions about financial aid, our law reviews, advocacy programs, and more. We also assist with finding housing and getting around Boston.

To get a feel for our campus, you’ll benefit from attending orientation. We’ll also invite you to a special luncheon for transfer students held with faculty, staff, and current students.

Transfer Student Resources


The basics for transfer admission: 29 credits, one year of full-time study at an American Bar Association-approved law school. Advanced standing may be awarded for a maximum of 32 credits. The top criterion for admission is your law school performance so far.

Career considerations: You need two years of full-time study at BC Law for your JD degree. Please check the character and fitness requirements for bar admission in the state where you intend to practice.

Apply through LSAC. You’ll need:

  • Completed and signed transfer application
  • Letter stating your reasons for wishing to transfer
  • Letter of good standing from the dean of your current law school 
  • Transcript of all law school grades, including class rank if available
  • Letter of recommendation from a current law professor 
  • A copy of your CAS report from LSAC, sent directly to BC Law
  • Resume
  • $75 application fee


Financial Aid

Transfer students can be awarded up to $20,500 in the federal Direct Stafford Loan Program. Additionally, transfer students are eligible to apply for the federal Grad PLUS loan to supplement the Stafford loan and help pay for living expenses.  The FAFSA must be submitted in order to be eligible for federal aid.

Upon acceptance, an initial review of your processed FAFSA data will take place and the Financial Aid Office will determine your eligibility for federal Direct Stafford Loans. Award notifications are accessed via Boston College's intranet system known as the Agora Portal.  You will be mailed credentials for accessing Agora shortly after admission.


  • Visit our Housing page for information on listings, events, local neighborhoods, student groups, maps, testimonials, roommate searches, rental agents, and more.
  • Find resources, housing openings, and calls for roommates on Facebook. Search for a closed group for your graduation year: “Boston College Law School [class year]”
  • Contact our liaison for transfer students on the New Student Committee of BC’s Law Student Association for more help.

Law Reviews & Advocacy Programs

  • Law reviews: We try to reserve staff positions for transfer students on the Law Review. The Editorial board holds an annual transfer student writing competition, with winners receiving offers on an as-available basis. Three to five transfer students usually receive an invitation to join a publication.
  • Advocacy programs: Second-year transfer students are eligible to participate in the Wendell F. Grimes Intramural Moot Court competition. Students who participate in the Grimes Competition are eligible to try out for a position on one of our national moot court teams of third-year law students competing at regional, national, and international competitions.


In addition to faculty and administration mentors, the BC Law Students Association New Student Committee coordinates a peer-mentoring program for first-year students and transfer students. In the summer you’ll receive a survey to match you with a peer mentor. Contact the transfer liaison on the New Student Committee for more information.


Are scholarships available for transfer students?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any scholarships to transfer students.

How will I be ranked in my 2L year?

We don’t rank students. After each semester, we issue an approximate grade distribution, which includes your BC Law grade point average. We don’t factor grades from your original law school into our average. 

Does my LSAT score matter?

Academic performance in your 1L year is the top consideration, but we review all information.

How many transfer applications do you receive? How many students enroll?

The numbers vary every year. Typically, we receive approximately 100 transfer applications and enroll 10–20 transfer students each year.

Do you accept transfer students who were enrolled part-time at their previous schools?

Yes. However, we accept a maximum of 32 transfer credits from another ABA-approved law school. 

What if my law school is unable to submit my materials by the August 1 deadline?

We’ll accept documents from your law school after the August 1 deadline. We cannot, however, review your application until it is complete. 

Is there anything that I can do during my first year to enhance my transfer application?

Your academic success—demonstrated by your law school transcript and letters of recommendation from professors—matters most when transferring.

Are dual degree programs feasible for transfer students?

Under limited circumstances, transfer students can earn dual degrees from Boston College. Contact Academic Services for more information: 617-552-2527.

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