A Commitment to Inclusion

A Commitment to Inclusion

What makes Boston College Law School so special? It is an unbelievably supportive community, where faculty, administrators, students, and alumni come together for the benefit of creating a vibrant academic and social experience.

While this community appreciates the many aspects of diversity, that is only one part of the equation. We believe that a genuine appreciation of diversity is measured by the inclusiveness of a community--and the opportunities that inclusion offers. Are your opinions appreciated? Are there opportunities to participate in various settings? Are you encouraged to engage and grow academically, personally and professionally? These are the expectations for the Boston College Law School community.

BC Law recognizes the diverse demographics presented in today’s society and the need to reflect such diversity within our law school community. We strive to embrace and celebrate the similarities and differences our students bring to our campus, from our LAHANAS community [Lambda, African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and South Asian] to those with disabilities. As a result, students are encouraged to share their views, lifestyles and experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

We believe that our diverse community represents some of the strongest and most talented groups of students in higher education. We are also proud of our committed alumni, whose efforts to “give back” are greatly appreciated. Alumni have stated that this desire to mentor sooner vs. later is influenced by their appreciation of the efforts and initiatives BC Law provides to help with the transition to law school and into the legal profession.

At our annual LAHANAS retreat, offered before the official matriculation to BC Law, many strong, life lasting relationships are formed. This generous alumni sponsored event provides newly admitted LAHANAS students the opportunity to congregate with upper-classmen and faculty who welcome them to the law school community. As a member of the BC Law community, there is nothing more moving than attending an affinity group event and seeing members of all student affinity groups present, supporting one another, as we celebrate who we are.

For Boston College Law School, diversity is not about quotas. It is based upon the passion of our faculty and staff who are committed to nurturing the various perspectives, values and talents of true global citizens. We embrace the opportunity to share rich and vast experiences with you during your tenure here.



We recognize the importance of all identities, whether they are based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, age, national origin, or marital, family, or military status.

We acknowledge the complexities of identity in an increasingly intersectional and global world. We know that identity is multidimensional, with each individual possessing many interconnected and sometimes seemingly contradictory identities—and we believe that only through a holistic view of such intersectionality can we truly promote social justice.

We celebrate and engage the rich diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We continuously strive to foster and maintain an inclusive environment that ensures each member of our community enjoys equitable access to facilities, programs, resources, opportunities, and services.