Faculty Directory

Alan D. Minuskin

Associate Clinical Professor


Professor Alan Minuskin directs Boston College Law School's Civil Litigation Clinic in which he teaches and supervises student attorneys advising and representing clients in family law, housing, and public benefits cases. He has taught other litigation skills and ethics courses, including Introduction to Civil Litigation Practice (current), Negotiation, Pretrial Litigation, Introduction to Lawyering and Professional Responsibility, and the Law School's international externship program, formerly in London (now located in Dublin). 

Prior to beginning his career as a clinical legal educator in 1979, Professor Minuskin was a legal services attorney at Central Middlesex Legal Services and, through a small community practice he founded, a co-grantee of federal legal services funding for the provision of free legal services to the poor. From 1977 to 1984, he was a part time, volunteer staff attorney at the Cambridgeport Problem Center (now De Novo Legal Services) where he collaborated with mental health professionals in an interdisciplinary approach to solving the legal problems of indigent clients.

At Boston College Law School, Professor Minuskin has developed, written elaborate case materials for, and taught innovative litigation practice courses. In his Pretrial Litigation course, students litigate a complex civil case in a semester-long simulated-law suit, with roles of parties and witnesses played by accomplished actors; students work in teams comprising firms and are supervised and critiqued by Boston area litigators and judges. He developed his current first-year course, Introduction to Civil Litigation Practice, to give students an early, intensive, interactive exposure to litigation skills development and confrontation of ethics dilemmas common in practice. Seasoned actors play the roles of parties to a simulated litigation. Litigators guest present ethics situations from practice that students are challenged to help solve. 

Professor Minuskin has recurrently served as on-site director of the Law School’s Europe-based externship program in which selected students are placed with practitioners in various legal settings abroad.

In addition to writing materials for his courses, Professor Minuskin wrote, produced, and directed an advocacy ethics training video in a collaboration between the Law School and the University of California Hasting College of Law. Professor Minuskin has engaged in litigation training for practicing lawyers and frequently gives housing-rights training presentations to community organizations. He has been active in a variety of professional organizations whose purpose is the expansion and reformation of programs designed to provide wider access to legal services and justice for economically disadvantaged people. He is a member of the Massachusetts bar, and has twice been named Boston College Law School's Outstanding Professor of the Year (1999 and 2017).