Jenks Leadership Program

2017 Graduation Class

The Class of 2017 on Graduation Day


The Jenks Leadership Program (JLP) is the signature student leadership program of the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics and the Boston College community. JLP, named for Weston “Sandy” Jenks ’47, identifies and prepares undergraduate men and women to take up leadership roles in the service of others and the common good. Strongly influenced by Robert Greenleaf’s work on Servant Leadership, JLP provides a solid foundation to enable its graduates to become responsible leaders in a global society. This complements Sandy Jenks’s original vision and fits the motto he developed, “Learning for Leadership, Leadership for Service.”

The JLP consists of three modules with each module taking place over a semester:

Module One (Spring Semester I): Individual Leadership

Module one will consist of a series of workshops that work on developing participants’ individual leadership skills.

Module Two (Fall Semester I): Team Leadership
Module two’s workshops will focus on the dynamics of team leadership with participants being grouped into small teams (4-5 members) and each team planning a service project.

Module Three (Spring Semester II): Service Project
During module three, the teams will execute their service projects.

Did you know?

  • That Jenks students have performed more than 200 hours of community service.
  • That through the course of the program 20 hours are dedicated to leadership training.



This program is open to all Boston College freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from all schools. The goal is to admit 20-25 students into the program. Attend an information session to learn more about the program, meet the directors, and get information about the application process. 

Selection Criteria - Selection is based on:

  1. Commitment to and potential for leadership
  2. Strong commitment to service for others
  3. Ability to contribute to group learning
  4. Commitment to attend and participate in all program events

Applications for Jenks Class of 2020 will be accepted in Fall 2018

1st Module: Spring 2019 | 2nd Module: Fall 2019 | 3rd Module: Spring 2020