BC offers preferred parking to commuters, bike racks and facilites for bicyclists, and easy access to the MBTA and other forms of mass transit. 


Bicycles on campus are a common sight, whether it is a student traveling between classes or a commuter taking a day off from the grind of traffic jams on a sunny spring morning. Boston College offers many services to the bicyclist to aid in his or her commute and in securing their equipment. Both campuses have several bike rack locations and locker areas with showers to prepare for the day after a long ride.

Where to lock your bike

All bikes must be locked on the bike rack. Make sure your bike is parallel to the rack and that it does not prevent people from using the sidewalk. If there's another bike parked at the rack, make sure not to accidentally lock the other bike with yours.

Bicycle safety

Visit the Boston College Police Department's Bicycle Safety page for helpful tips and to register your bike for free. 



Boston College urges all Faculty and Staff to consider carpooling to and from the University. Not only will this aid in taking many cars off the road, but it will be less expensive and helps reduce pollutants. It will also help the University introduce new carpool features for the long run.

Carpooling also rewards all commuters, because less parking is needed at BC, and all carpools will be guaranteed a prime parking location on campus. Additionally, it is cheaper for each person in the carpool. Please email transportation@bc.edu to see if there may be neighbors who work with you at BC and might be interested in sharing the commute.

Many frequently asked questions can be answered by calling our office at 617-552-0151 or by sending an email.


Frequently Asked Question

Q: If I get involved in a carpool, will we have to use the same person's car each time?

A: No! Every person in a carpool can have their own registered vehicle assigned to one hanging parking permit that can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Mass Turnpike

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority manages and operates the major interstate highway that travels east and west through the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Designated as I-90, it is a toll road that connects New York State with the City of Boston and terminates at Logan International Airport.

Other major interstate highways transect it along the way, connecting the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The State of Maine is accessed through New Hampshire.

Turnpike Maps
Many interactive maps show you the way.

Time/Distance and Tolls
How long will it take, how far is it, and what will it cost?

Where can I park and take advantage of commuting options available? MassRIDES services these sites and can be contacted by clicking on the name.

Service Centers
Where do I go for services such as repairs, fuel, and food?

Emergency Contacts
Should a problem arise or an accident occur, where do I call?


Park-N-Ride lots along the turnpike corridor are an important component of MassPike's ongoing traffic management initiative. To encourage ridesharing and thereby reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, MassPike has made it a priority to provide Park-N-Ride lots for its valuable patrons.

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority has over 2,000 commuter parking spaces available at Park-n-Ride lots in:

  • Ludlow, near Exit 7
  • Palmer, near Exit 8
  • Sturbridge, near Exit 9, on Rt. 131 at Bethleham Lutheran Church location
  • Auburn, adjacent to Exit 10 (2 convenient lots available)
  • Auburndale, Exit 14/15, Rt. 30 East to Auburn St. Lot on right
  • Worcester adjacent to Exit 10A
  • Millbury, adjacent to Exit 11
  • Worcester, Exit 11, Route 122 (Grafton Street)
  • Grafton, Exit 11, Rt. 122 South at Wyman Gordon
  • Westborough, Exit 11A, East on Rt. 9 & Rt. 135 – 222 Turnpike Rd.
  • Westborough, Exit 11A, East on Rt. 9 & Rt. 135 – 180 Turnpike Rd.
  • Framingham, near Exit 12 on Route 9
  • Newton (Auburndale), Exit 14/15, Rt. 30 East to Auburn St. Lot on right.
  • Weston, Exit 14/15, Rt. 30 at St. Demetrios Church
  • West Newton, Exit 16, Rt. 16 East, Washington St. Lot on left
  • West Newton, Exit 16, Rt. 16, Washington St. to Elm St. to Webster St. Lot on left

MBTA Commuter Rails

The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) runs the subway and street car system in Boston and the commuter rail lines that come into North and South Stations.

A variety of passes and fares are available to fit your commuting needs.

  • With the Charlie Card subway rides are $2.75, and the local bus fare is $1.70. Children 11 years old and under ride free when accompanied by an adult. 
  • Monthly passes allow for unlimited travel on all MBTA services and have built-in discounts and benefits such as reduced auto insurance rates.
  • Student discount semester passes are available up to one month prior to the start of each semester at Student Services in Lyons Hall, Room 103.

Learn more about program



T Green Line

The Boston College branch of the MBTA's "Green Line" (B Train) ends at the foot of the campus on Commonwealth Avenue.

  • Boston College Branch (B Train)
  • Cleveland Circle Branch (C Train)
  • Riverside Branch (D Train)
  • Heath Street Branch (E Train)

Green Line Info

MBTA Commuter Rail

MBTA Transit Passes

Boston College has a great Commuter Benefit Program for those who utilize public transit to get to campus.

You will be able to order your transit pass online and enjoy the benefits of a pre-tax payroll deduction.  By participating, employees make the purchase of their transit passes more convenient AND save money when purchasing them from the MBTA or other transit providers. 

While tax savings vary, the average is 25-30% of the pass cost.

Payroll deductions

A payroll deduction will be taken in the month before your Pass Month.  For example: a July Pass payroll deduction will be taken in June.

Passes mailed to your home

For MBTA Link and Bus passes, you will be mailed a new Charlie Card.  For each consecutive month in which you have an order, your pass will be updated on your existing Charlie Card.

For Commuter Rail and other transit passes (which are not the MBTA Link and Bus), you will be mailed a paper ticket or Commuter Check voucher each month. Passes will be mailed between the 23rd and 30th of the month prior to use.

Commuter Benefits—Frequently Asked Questions

UBER partnership with WageWorks

Electric Scooters, Hoverboards, and E-Skateboards

Electric transportation devices including electric scooters, hoverboards, and e-skateboards are not allowed on campus. The use, storage, and charging of these devices on Boston College property is prohibited.

Exceptions to this decision will be made for electric bicycles, provided that users follow all applicable traffic regulations, do not bring their e-bikes into any BC facility, and secure them in outdoor bike racks. Electric mobility aids for individuals with disabilities are also exempted.